An advanced tool to repair corrupted PST file

PST files are the Personal Storage Files manufactured by Microsoft Outlook to save lots of all of its email communication data. Besides email messages, tasks, calendar appointments, contacts, and notes are saved in a same PST file. The utmost size allowed for a PST file is 2GB. However, PST files might be corrupted or damaged like other Microsoft files. When a PST file is damaged or corrupted, an error message is shown whilst the user looking to open it up though Outlook. This case definitely makes the important data kept in that PST file inaccessible. If your PST file is damaged as a result of any reason, we have to repair damaged PST files with Inbox Repair Tool. Imagine that the reason of PST file corruption will be the size of PST file plus it is not repaired by Inbox Repair Tool, then we should repair a large PST file by making use of third party tool. In such cases you should pick a better alternative PST repair tool that works a lot better than Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook. Some common reasons for PST file corruption are discussed below:

Few common causes of PST file corruption:

  • Oversized PST file: Each time a PST file usage crosses more than 2GB in size, then there may be chance to PST file become corrupted. As a result, the information stored on that specific PST file becomes inaccessible.
  • Sharing of PST file across a network: PST files can also be damaged while sharing them across a network on account of any modification or accidental deletion of PST file content.
  • PST file header corruption: Header of PST file might be corrupted because of various reasons like virus attack and inappropriate system shutdown, which brings about the corruption of the PST file. The PST file header can be corrupted on account of terminating the Microsoft Outlook abruptly.
  • An error encountered during PST file compaction: The PST file can be corrupt as a result of encountering of an error while PST file compaction process. This situation will bring about loss in important emails and other PST file components.

If several of your PST file contents are inaccessible because of any of the above reasons, you will be able to repair those corrupted PST files by utilizing Repair PST software. The benefit of applying this software is that, it never modifies the corrupted PST file while repairing it as well mainly because it keeps the PST file resistance to any virus attack. This software restores contacts, emails, folders, RSS feeds, tasks, appointments, journals etc from corrupted Outlook PST files. It repairs Corrupted PST files those are generated on various Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Even you can download trial version of this software before to buy the full version. The trial version will assist you to preview the recovered data before saving and permit you to examine the application performance and efficiency. Upon satisfying by the demo version, you can get the full version Repair PST software.