Application to recover data from usb drive

A pen drive is a data storage device that has flash memory that is integrated with Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. Usually these are moveable and rewritable usb drive. Pen drive got popular all because of its lightweight and reusable characteristic. Earlier user used floppy disk or CD, which were quite hard to handle and were very much prone to some mishap. However, it does not signify that loss of data cannot happen on pen drive. They too can loss data but potential are quite low in respect of floppy disk and CD. Any pen drive lose its contents due number of reasons including file system corruption, virus attack, etc.

Let us talk about some of the reasons of data loss on usb pen drive:

  • Virus attack: Any pen drive may be corrupted because of interruption of any virus to the pen drive. Many of strong viruses can hamper the file system thus leaving you no option then to format it.
  • Improper ejection: It is among the universal reasons of data loss on pen drive. When any pen drive is ejected vigorously while copy- paste is in progress might cause the file being corrupted. Therefore if transcend pen drive data recovery is required by utilizing the tool like USB Recovery Tool.
  • Abrupt turn off: If system gets shutdown while operating any file on pen drive then it may be corrupted. Any file which is active while abrupt turn off then possibility of file getting corrupt is fairly high.
  • Accidental Deletion: Any file may get accidental deleted while making changes to usb stick. Multiple people mistakenly delete file thoughts that it may be recovered from recycle bin folder. However, any file deleted from pen drive is lastingly erased. You can recover deleted files from usb stick by making the use of USB Recovery Tool.

However, before restoring any file some preventive steps necessitate to be taken, as we should not reformat or format disk drive, where we need to recover files, which are erased purposely/accidentally. Other thing that requires user’s consideration is that we should prohibit ourselves from using that drive. Sometime users accidentally install or download tool at site where recovery is to be done. When we apply tool at recovery place then chance of recovery reduces.

Some of the popular features of this tool are:

  • It works clearly for various versions of Windows
  • It provides you choice to preview of lost file just before restoring it on any storage device
  • Capable to recoup file based on date of creation, name, size, type, etc
  • It scans complete pen drive to reinstate data in a few minutes
  • Recover USB has the ability to restore photos of various file signature

Thus by reviewing at the top features of this software, we can affirm that it may be utilized for recovery of files from pen drive. You can get it from online for assessment purpose.