Learn to repair Microsoft Word document

Has your MS word gets corrupted? Generally, the MS word is probably the best and powerful application packages of MS Office that are utilized to make text documents. This user-friendly tool provides many features on the users so it helps them to develop various documents without hassle. It becomes the just like that of everyone’s life because this application can be handy from a business expert to a student. MS Word gets the most advanced and precautionary features to protect the documents. Still, you cannot avoid corruption of the word document. One word document may get corrupt on many occasions that include virus infection, macro corruption, application malfunctioning etc. You don’t need to worry because you can have numerous alternatives for Microsoft docx repair tool. However, you have to spend some valuable to choose the best and compatible software to repair Microsoft word file.

Some of the scenarios for word file corruption can be explained below.

Virus infection: Malware or Virus will be the main cause of the corruption of Microsoft word document. Sometimes your PC may infect with the virus because of the installation of vacation tools you could possibly use for formatting it. In this case, you will find there’s potential for the phrase document corruption.

Sudden rebooting of the computer: It becomes an important reason for the corruption of MS word file. Let’s consider, if sometimes your personal computer may reboot suddenly because of an operating system crash. During that time, your word document can get corrupted.

Application malfunction: Here is the frequently encountered problem for anyone who is utilizing Microsoft word file. The malfunctioning of an application causes the corruption of a word document. Believe that, in case you are conflicted with application malfunction then there’s a chance of corruption of MS Word file.

Power surge: The power outage can be one of the main reasons behind the MS word file corruption. Suppose, sometimes if any power fluctuation happens suddenly along with your system got shut down abruptly after that your Microsoft Word file could get corrupted.

In the scenarios from the Microsoft word file corruption, you can use the most effective word file recovery tool. This is the innovative and compatible tool for repairs all sorts of document files. One can possibly easily to repair Doc files, which is not letting you open on account of any corruption. It is mainly designed for repairing and retrieving text, OLE objects, and hyperlinks from corrupt DOC files. This tool can support various versions of Windows OS as Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2003 etc. Download the demo version of the program to check the ease of repairing word file before purchasing the complete version of this tool. You will be in a position to save the retrieved file contents to any location of the host operating system.

Method to repair corrupt file using word repair tool

Docx is a file format of MS word 2007 text editor, the x coupled to the extendable points to the XML, on which it is really based. To relieve folders size, it uses a zip compression technique that is designed for XML structural design. The Docx file contains several types of objects like a template, style, fonts, layouts, page layouts etc. by means of a folder. You can easily access all folders and change their style as you like. By making use of word application or Microsoft office 2007, you can open these files anywhere, but those persons using lower versions of MS office cannot access Docx file. If you want to open the Docx file on an older version, you may use compatibility software.

However, in a few instances the file cannot open; on account of Docx file corruption. It may get corrupt due to a lot of reasons if that’s the case you can repair corrupt file to get back lost word document. To repair damaged .docx file, you should use one best reliable vacation tool, like word repair software.

Some of the scenarios where the file could get corrupt are explained below.

  • A rushed shutdown of the system: Sometimes it may stop to function suddenly, as a result of operating system crashes, once the files like Docx might be open on the system, it causes document corruption. Hence, this file may well not open once you start it again.
  • Virus attack: Another justification for word document corruption is the virus attack. The herpes simplex virus can corrupt Docx file partially or it often may delete the whole file. The major reason for the occurrence of virus in the system is that, the browsing of 3rd party websites and downloading contents through the unauthorized sites.

Docx file and other video files may also get damage as a result of some software errors like file system corruption, power failure, software conflicts, Trojan infection, a sudden termination of the software etc. After corruption or harm to the Docx file, you can’t read or access that file. If you attempting to access the damaged file, you will definitely get errors like document cannot open, can’t read word document files along with the document path is just not valid.

The Docx file might have your important info like account details, annual income report of your company, etc. Then it is crucial so that you can try to take a little necessary action to get back lost word document. The information recovery software will help you to repair damaged docx file and recover lost information with less effort.

The type of good word repair tool can be obtained through the internet. By using this software, you can easily repair various files like Doc and Docx. They have a user friendly interface that is it can be handled by a non – technical background persons also, it is not necessary to take assistance from computer technicians. The data which are recovered from your damaged file can be viewed, before storing them in a different storage device, by using “Preview” option. You can even download trial version of this software, if you want to estimate it, before buying a full version of the software.


Different memory card corruption and retrieval of data from corrupted cards

Welcoming time using new inventions is a section of life. With respect to it, we were introduced with the diskettes, floppies to save the data which have grown old. The most modern and advanced method to save the data included SD cards, which can be mostly found in cameras. SD cards are more portable and compact to use and save data.

The majority of the cameras employs the SD cards to save the data. You’ll find a number of companies launched their cameras with all the inbuilt memory and featured it with all the extending memory capabilities. A card includes a different capacity to hold data.

A question which always arises: Will there be any the possibility to recover the data after a loss? What is anxiety now you asking? There are numbers of ways to recover the SD card, one among them is to use the card recovery software and how to do corrupted memory card recovery.

While there are flashcards, there must also be the recovery ways so as to recover data from flash card

These credit cards incorporate some advantages and disadvantages too, even as knowing already in regards to the data loss (one disadvantage). Let’s look at the good thing about using SD cards:

• The cards are so portable and compatible with different devices.
• The data can easily be extracted.
• Comes with assorted ability to retain the data (2 GB, 4 GB etc).
• Compatible with computer systems (adapter ensures it is less complicated to use for).

The card is a sufferer of data loss as another storage medium is. SD cards are linked to different systems to extract the data. Mac can be one of the OS which is trusted. So is SD card recovery is possible. Of course, the recovery on any OS is possible.

But easier to avoid this recovery process, because it’s not reliable constant, which could be carried out by using some precautions that happen to be mentioned below. Before that particular ought to know that, what could be the reason behind this loss?

Power surge and power failure have been in the limelight which can be always a large reason for data loss If SD card is coupled to the system and abrupt ejection of a card without using the safely remove option, card coupled to the system that is infected by viruses, Boot sector of cards if corrupted etc.
There are several tips to be followed which may avoid data loss.

• A strong power source supply to the system must be made so that while transferring of data abrupt de-activate of a system may be avoided.
• Always use updated antivirus inside the system in order to avoid the virus attack which refrains the data security and also regularity sometimes.
• Creating a backup of those documents and folders that are important.

Note: The recovery is just possible once the location of lost data is not overwritten with data.

Thought one has followed these precautions yet still facing the data losses then he/she doesn’t need to be concerned for the reason that recovery for SD can be done. These possibilities can be turned to the fact with the recovery software. You can find the quantity of trial version software download exist online and they are simple to use. Quite sure can recover the data easily.

Software to retrieve files from storage media

The most effective software which can efficiently recover files on Mac OS X or Windows operating system files recovery tool. Files recovery utility uses powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire drive of the storage device to identify the file types and restores the lost or deleted files by making of file attributes. You can run the software all the versions of both Windows and Mac operating system.

In this technological era, computers and laptops have become an integral part of society with people depending on them to save their activities in both business and educational field. These devices use a hard drive with various operating systems such as Mac OS X, Windows OS, etc. in order to boot the computers. The hard drive of the computer contains file system which is used to keep the important data in a proper manner.

Based on the OS which you are using in your computer there are various file systems like for Mac OS X HFSX and HFS+ file system is used and for Windows FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT file system is used. But under some situations, the data stored in Mac or Windows hard drive may be lost due to various reasons like accidental deletion, emptying Trash (Mac)/ Recycle Bin (Windows), formatting and many more unknown reasons. Below are some of the data loss scenarios which are commonly faced by the regular users of the computer.

Reasons which are responsible for file loss from computer hard drive:

  • Unexpected termination of a computer when some of the applications are not closed properly leads to file system corruption causing data loss.
  • While trying to free up hard drive space you might accidentally delete files some of the essential files from Recycle Bin which in turn results in loss of files from Recycle Bin.
  • Any type of interruption during partitioning of a hard drive may cause loss of files from that particular hard disk partition.
  • Malware attack the computer can corrupt the files which are important for booting the OS resulting in loss of data.
  • Emptying Mac Trash without checking the contents stored in the files may make you suffer severe data loss.
  • People format their drive in order to remove viruses and speed up their system performance which erases the entire data and leads to loss of data stored in it.

It is always advised to create a proper backup of crucial files and store it in some reliable external drive so that when you lose your data it can be easily retrieved by making use of the created backup file. If you do not have a backup of the lost data then only files recovery tool will help you to get back your lost files. This software is easy to use, proficient data recovery tool which can recover files deleted from Recycle Bin, memory cards, USB drives, pen drives, external HDD and more just in few basic steps.

You can get the demo version of this software by simply clicking here. After downloading it install the software on your computer and start the recovery process by double-clicking on the desktop icon. In case you find that the software had restored all your lost files you can buy the licensed version of the tool and retrieve your data from Mac or Windows computer.


Methods to recover MOV file from Mac

MOV file is a commonly used video file extension by Mac users. This file format is usually played on Quick Time player produced by Apple Inc. This file format is popularly known because of it is easy to use and fast streaming option for audio and video over the internet.

This video file type supports all the versions of Mac OS X like  Sierra, El CApitan, Ypsemite, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, lion etc. It is used in different electronic devices like iPods, iPhones, MacBook Pro laptops, digital cameras etc. However, the hard disk of your laptop or computer stores these MOV files safely but losing data from MOV files has now become a major problem. This is because of some unknown reasons and you may end up losing all your valuable data stored in it.

Look at a scenario where you recorded a video of your best friend’s birthday party by making use of professional DSLR camera. One fine morning, to view the video file with your friends you connected your camera to MacBook laptop through the USB port. But while viewing the videos accidentally you removed the camera without using safely remove hardware option. Later when you reconnected if you were unable to access the video file as the file got corrupted. Now you must be upset and wondering how to restore MOV files, Mac?

No worries, it is easy to restore MOV file Mac by making use of file recovery tool. The best data recovery software is Mac recovery tool which helps you to get back all your important files stored on the Mac computer.

Apart from the above loss scenario mentioned there are some more cases of data loss which you may come across while making use of Mac devices:

Common data loss scenario:

  • In case if the user plugs the data storage device improperly then it may corrupt the MOV file stored in it which results in loss of data.
  • In Mac computer, catalog file is used to store and manage the files in proper manner. If this file gets corrupted it damages the file header of your video file which causes huge data loss.
  • If you turn off your digital camera or laptop while transferring file then it may damage the files stored on it and you may lose data stored in it.
  • In the event, if the antivirus software is not updated on your Mac computer and you connected any of the data storage devices then the files may get infected by the malicious virus causing data loss.
  • There are situations where external data storage drives which are utilized to store video files malfunctions due to some unknown reason, this damages your video file resulting in loss of data.
  • Generation of errors while creating new partitions by using unreliable third party partitioning software also leads to data loss.

If you want to get rid of any of the data loss scenario described above then you need to follow some of the protective steps like Eject your data storage device using proper exit option, regularly updated your computer with antivirus software to remove deadly viruses, Take a regular backup of important Mac files.

Even after following the necessary precautionary measures there is an instance where you still come across data loss from Mac. Thus there are many data recovery software which is now available in the market to recover my files MacBook Pro with ease. This tool is specially designed to repair unplayable video file types like.MOV or.MP4 on Quick Time application and restore data from it.

This tool is capable of restoring deleted images from Mac computer of various file types like JPG, GIF, PNG and other RAW file formats. This software comes up with an inbuilt tool called “Find Tool” that allows the user to find the restored files in the recovered data list. It also helps you to retrieve important files deleted from Mac operating system like Leopard, lion, Snow leopard etc. This software identifies different file types and recovers them on the basis of their unique signature. This utility can also restore data from lost /deleted volumes, formatted or reformatted volumes and re-partitioned drives. This software helps you to recover files from a variety of secondary data storage devices on Apple Mac.

Following are the few simple steps which you need to follow in order to use the software effectively.

Install the demo version of the Mac file recovery software on the hard disk of your Mac computer. Now run the tool and select the appropriate recovery options which you face while using the software. When you are done with your recovery process you can judge the functionality of the recovery software and if it meets your requirement then you can purchase its full version available online.


How to retrieve files from Mac trash folder?

Word files loss from any Mac hard disk drive is the last thing users want. Usually when any user deletes or loses his or her data from the hard drive then they think that they won’t be able to use it again. However, this is not actually true. Whenever we delete any file like word doc files from hard drive only pointer to that memory address is wiped out. Therefore if any user wishes to recover any of such files then he needs to use a tool like Recover Mac Trash. This software restores Mac trash within a couple of minutes of its application.

Usually users of mac lose their data like word file from trash folder of Mac hard drive due to an implementation of third-party software. Suppose that you are a regular user of internet and due to which a number of temporary files on Mac hard drive get accumulated so in order to wipe them out on regular basis you have installed a software which erases files from a location such as a temporary folder, trash folder, recent folder, etc. Recently you had deleted some of the word files from hard drive by mistake, so you left them in the trash folder. Since you had third party software installed by you, it wiped them out of trash folder as it was scheduled. Hence you are left to remorse on such an action done by this software, but if you wish to retain them, then you should not panic since restoring deleted word documents can be done by use of Recover Mac Trash software.

When operating system of the computer gets damaged then trash folder contents of mac also gets unreachable. Thus, if any users face such an issue and wish to recoup such files from the hard drive then it is better to use a tool like Recover Mac Trash, which is recommended by a number of Mac experts. Along with above-described scenarios of data loss from a hard drive of mac trash other states of an affair are MBR damage to the hard drive, Catalog table damage of hard disk on which os is installed, etc. However any user can rescue their data in an optimal manner only if there are certain precautionary measures taken care of like they should not format or reformat the system, installation of recovery should not be done on the disk were recovery is required and usage of hard drive should be minimized. If the aforementioned preventive measures are taken care of, then data can be secured in an optimal manner from mac trash folder.

It has got one of the best scanning algorithms which backtrack each of the essential files from a hard drive in the same format as it was earlier. Apart for recovering word files, it can also restore other formats of files from Mac trash. This software supports different versions of Mac operating system such as Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc. Recovery of files can be performed by use of file name, file extension, a creation date of file and file size. Recover Mac Trash supports two file system such as HFS+ and HFSX equally.

Therefore by going through the features of Recover Mac Trash, we can suggest that it can be used for recovery of files from Mac trash. Any user can easily download this software from internet for evaluation purpose.

Helpful tool to perform Mac file recovery

Mac OS is an operating system developed by Apple Inc and it is totally based on Graphical User Interface (GUI). Mac OS original referred to simply as the system software. Mac OS X take the place of “Classic” Mac OS, that is compatible with only PowerPC processors from version 10.0 (Cheetah) to version 10.3 (Panther). Mac OS X is the most recent version of Apple’s Mac OS (Sierra) line of operating systems and even though it is officially elected as simply “version 10” of the Macintosh operating system. However, in some unfortunate situations, you may lose the files on Mac system due to some unexpected reasons. However, nothing to worry it is possible to recover deleted or lost Mac files from storage media by making use of good Mac file recovery software.

There are six significant releases of the client version Macintosh operating system and the most recent one is Mac OS X 10.7, referred to as Lion. Mac systems, running Mac OS X operating systems, are prone to numerous problems in which loss of Mac files may take place. The loss of files on Mac system may take place due to various situations. That varies from avoidable reasons, which are in our control, such as accidental deletion of files, deletion of files from Trash folder to unavoidable reasons, which are beyond our control, like files deleted by certain applications, files lost due to journal corruption, and accidental formatting of hard drive etc. Few typical case scenarios in which loss of Mac files can take place are briefly explained below.

  • Accidental deletion of Mac files: Suppose you have accidentally deleted the important files on Mac system and emptied the Trash. In this situation, deleted files will not be stored in the Trash folder and hence resulting in loss of Mac data.
  • Catalog file corruption: Catalog File is a most significant component of Macintosh operating system. File manager uses the catalog file in order to maintain the information about the pecking order of files and folders on a Mac volume. The catalog file is a data structure provided with HFS+ file system of Mac operating system. The catalog file nodes maintain the catalog files in a specific order and they are very helpful in finding and accessing any file or folder from a Mac volume. If the catalog file nodes are damaged or corrupted then you will not be able to find certain files or directories. However, this situation may result in loss of Mac data.
  • Accidental formatting or reformatting of hard drive: Formatting of Mac hard drive includes erasing of all files and installing new file system. However, accidental formatting or reformatting of Mac hard drive will lead to loss of important files.

Anyhow, in order to perform lost or deleted Mac file recovery, you need to make use of good Mac file recovery software. Mac File Recovery software provides all necessary data recovery modules, which allows you to recover lost or deleted Mac files from hard drive. This software lets you recover deleted, lost, or formatted Mac files from HFS+ and HFSX formatted Mac volumes. This tool also allows you to perform Mac file recovery from Trash. You can download a demo version of Mac file recovery tool, which is available on the internet to understand software features.

Email recovery software for Outlook express

Microsoft Outlook Express is available as a separate application and also as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Outlook Express stores all received emails in DBX file. It is used as a standalone application and can work with Microsoft Exchange server or Microsoft SharePoint server for various users in an enterprise. Outlook handles all data items and messages as objects in a data model. When an email is deleted from the Inbox of MS Outlook express it straight away moves to the “Deleted Items” Folder. This folder acts as a temporary storage for your deleted data in Outlook express. You can restore the deleted item back from it when you need them.

You are able to recover the deleted item if you are using Microsoft Exchange Server after removing it from the Deleted Items folder also. By default, Microsoft Exchange is provided with “Recover Deleted Items” option. If you are not provided with this feature you can ask exchange administrator to enable this feature. You can even specify Outlook express to automatically delete all messages from the Deleted Items folder when you exit from it. This helps to manage the size of your stored messages. Once, you have emptied the Deleted Items folder there is no chance to get back the data without using a third-party utility. These Outlook express recovery tool help you to recover deleted emails until they are overwritten by new data on the database. As soon as you recognize that an email is lost or deleted from your inbox or from any other folder, use the reliable DBX file recovery software to perform email recovery for Outlook express. Now the question comes how the tools are able to recover deleted or lost Outlook express data? Here the answer is, this can be possible with the help of a tool because when an email or message is deleted from the Outlook express it is not deleted permanently from the DBX file that is stored on your hard drive. The message exists on the database until it is compacted or email program cleans it up. So, using the best recovery software you can recover deleted Outlook express data.

One can use Repair Outlook Express (DBX) software to recover the deleted or lost emails from the corrupt or oversized DBX file. This supports repairing DBX and recovers emails from MS Outlook express. It is easy-to-use software that recovers emails efficiently. This software helps you to recover emails from emptied Deleted Items folder or deleted from any other Outlook express folder. This utility recovers email messages and all the other DBX file properties from Microsoft Outlook express. This software recovers email messages along with other attributes like contacts etc. Download and install the trial version of the software on your system. You can preview the recovered Outlook express data and check whether the software has recovered the data completely or not, using this demo version. Go with the full version when you are satisfied with the obtained results.


Best Software to Retrieve Lost Data from Macintosh

In day-to-day official work, you are using so many applications in our working domain and in business environment. You will use different applications such as MS word, MS Power point, Excel to generate work sheets, documents, presentations, notes, etc. It’s very important to ensure that the documents we are using are stored in Personal Computers, Laptops, Note books etc. These computing devices will use various Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux etc. The most expensive and secure OS is Mac introduced by Apple. This Operating System has good graphical user interface.

Let us consider scenario for data loss in Mac OS. Imagine that you have prepared a report for your company’s financial growth. You have collected a lot of data to prepare the result. Once you completing this report, you have deleted the undesirable files stored in your system in order to enhance the system performance. After some time you observed that you have deleted some subsidiary files of your report. Without these supportive documents you may unable to present that report. It may continue many days for you to rebuild the supporting documents again. Do you need to recover lost data on Mac? You can easily recover that data because when you delete a file or a document, it is not completely removed from the hard drive of your Mac system. The directory which shows the address of the data is only deleted. The space is allocated to some other data to be over written. If you not read/write anything over that data, it can be recovered. You can recover them by efficient Mac Data Recovery tool.

The data loss occurs in Mac OS due to following reasons:

  • Sometime accidentally delete multiple documents or single document by performing “Command + Del” operation leads to data loss.
  • Virus attack makes you to format infected volumes in you Mac OS. If you don’t have backup of that volume, then tends huge amount of data loss.
  • Due to improper shut down while file transfer to external devices leads to loss of data.
  • Corruption of Mac volume header leads to inaccessibility of that volume.
  • And many more reasons like power failure, Master boot Record Failure, and catalog file corruption etc. leads to data loss in Mac OS.

To avoid the data loss, use UPS system to avoid sudden power loss to computer, use updated anti-virus program and close the applications properly.

The foremost important feature of Macintosh recovery software is its user friendly interface. To use this software you do not need to have any technical knowledge, all you need to do is install the software in your Mac Operating System and run it. This application restores the data which is deleted unintentionally through deletion, reformatting, formatting, partitioning errors, virus attack, files emptied from trash, etc. It supports file systems like HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, etc. It works with MAC OS X 10.5x and above which includes Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.

It possesses strong algorithm, designed by experts in the field. Data lost from USB drives, external hard drives, micro SD cards, memory sticks, etc. can also be recovered easily by this software. Various brands of USB drives like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, etc are supported. It supports hard disk types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. It is also available for Windows OS. It presents the recovered data in a Mac Finder styled interface. It requires only 50MB free space to be installed. It recognizes basic file formats through unique signatures. It has the ability to add or edit new signatures.

The “Preview” option allows one to see the recovered data. Even encrypted and compressed data can be recovered easily. The “Find Tool” option helps to find files in the recovered files list. The recovered data can be sorted on the basis of date, format, size and name.

Use the demo version and check the performance through preview option. You can download the demo version of the software but it only shows the data. To store data in some other location you need to purchase licensed edition of the application. While installing the software, do not install it on the volume where you have deleted the data. This may leads to overwriting of data.

Software for restoring contacts on PST file

Are you looking for software which can be used to restore outlook contacts? When any user loses his or her contact from PST file of Microsoft Outlook faces same type of problem as faced by mobile user who loses contacts. Outlook Contacts consist of the list of people along there details in address book. Outlook contacts keep track of phone number; email address and much other information along with it are stored like Rolodex. Indifferent to address book it stores different data on each contacts, which make users working easy and user friendly. Therefore if by any reason if such contacts get erased due to any reason from PST file of MS Outlook then, it may disturb personal and professional life. So, if any user is facing such a problem and want to get out of it, then he or she need to use Fix PST tool, which regenerates each of the lost file as anticipated.

Mainly people who have got old version of Outlook face a problem related to size of PST file. When PST file gets oversized then chances of it getting corrupted increases. Once PST file gets oversized a PST file shows different types of error messages to its user like “xxx.PST can’t be accessed-080040116” and “the file could not be added to the folder. The action could not be completed”. Such when messages when pop up can be rectified by the use of Fix PST, which not only rebuilds a new PST from corrupted one but also allows users to divide PST file into two parts while making a new PST file from old one. Apart from aforementioned message other message which pops up are “The file x.PST has reached its maximum size. To decrease the amount of data within this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (Shift + Del) delete them”, “Task ‘Microsoft Exchange Server – Receiving’ reported error (0x8004060C): ‘Unknown Error 0x8004060C” and  “Can’t copy the item”.

Other common reason for contact loss is due to accidental deletion from deleted folder. Suppose your PST file have reached its saturation and that’s the reason you have decided to delete some of the useless data from the PST file. You deleted number of emails as well as contacts which were no longer required by you from trash folder or deleted item folder within Outlook. But, later you realized that by mistake you had deleted some of the contacts from deleted folder which you had deleted few days back and thought of restoring them, but you forgot about it and now you are left to remorse upon your action. However such state of affair can be rectified by use of tool called Fix PST, which retrieves each of the deleted files in few minutes.

Apart from abovementioned scenario of fixing PST file it also works under other circumstances such as accidental deletion due to use shift delete command, deletion due to anti-virus, importing at wrong location, etc. But in order to have 100% restoration users need to insure one thing that is PST usage should be stopped immediately after contact loss.

Fix PST software has got one the best graphic user interface which can be used for restoring contacts by novice as well as expert unequivocally. This software scans entire PST file which got corrupt and rebuilds a brand new one keeping entact the password with it, which depicts that any one can’t get access to PST file whether it is corrupt or not. Apart from recovering contacts it has capability to restore different attributes of Outlook such as email messages, folders, the calendar items, RSS feeds, tasks, journals, appointments, meeting requests and notes from Outlook PST file; in that way we can say that it has command over any problem which occurs over PST file. This software performs retrieval of different attributes of Outlook having different versions such as 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Thus by going through the features of this software we can state that it can be used for restoring contacts and other attributes of PST file. Anyone can download this software for trial usage.