How to Repair Corrupted Outlook PST File

If anybody asks to us that which is the greatest information manager tool now a day, we are saying Microsoft Outlook. It is really factual that Microsoft Outlook is popular email client and one of the private information manager   applications. Most people who accustomed to send and receive emails frequently are switched towards the Microsoft Outlook because of its powerful internet browsing facility. Additionally, it may manage the information within an ordered structure. It can make very easy to manage emails, appointments, journals, contacts, meeting requests, calendar events, notes, Nourishes etc.

All data utilized to store on Outlook, are held in an individual file referred to as PST file. Initially once the user started to utilize Outlook, the PST file size is extremely less but now as technology changed, a growing number of data may be stored on Outlook. Nowadays the PST file size is up to 2 GB. When we store anymore data even after the PST file was reached its maximum size, then it can automatically get corrupt. Whether it happens, you might lose all emails as well as other data that you had stored on Outlook. It’s rather a heart breaking scenario for any Outlook user.

Only at that situation, generally people can pick scanpst.exe tool that’s offered with Microsoft Outlook. Nevertheless it may go perfectly only when it comes to minor damage to the PST files and not for oversized PST file. It can be used when the PST header is corrupted but it’s risky as it may delete corrupted data in the Outlook, rather than recovering them. To repair .pst file outlook 2010 successfully, you need to utilize reliable third party tool like Outlook PST repair tool.

Aside from oversized PST file, it may also get corrupt due to various other reasons are explained below.

Header File corruption: Header of PST files may get corrupted or damaged due to virus attack inside the system, improper exit of Microsoft Outlook or improper system shut down.

Sharing PST file over network: accessing the same PST file over network by the multiple users, with a same time, can make the changes inside the file and which may leads to PST file corruption.

Upgrading Outlook version: While upgrading the newest form of Microsoft Outlook, if you’re importing the PST file to latest version may cause incompatibility. This can lead to corruption of the existing PST file.

You don’t have to take stress is possible  to repair corrupted or damaged PST file and recovery all emails, using best Outlook PST Files Repair tool. There you can get many PST repair applications on the internet however you must be careful when selecting the recovery application. This care you will need as the inappropriate repair application can further damage your PST file and you may not do the repair using some other tools. So, it is strongly suggested to see the expert reviews about the repair software.

Outlook PST File Repair software programs are a strong and easy to use, this tool is designed especially for Outlook users. It may recover emails and additional information stored on Outlook, within couple of minutes because it features a quick recovery algorithm. It supports email recovery on Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.

You may also check performance of the software through demo version. The demo sort of the program allows you to view all Outlook recovered items but to save them you have to bye the license key of the software.

Application to recover data from usb drive

A pen drive is a data storage device that has flash memory that is integrated with Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. Usually these are moveable and rewritable usb drive. Pen drive got popular all because of its lightweight and reusable characteristic. Earlier user used floppy disk or CD, which were quite hard to handle and were very much prone to some mishap. However, it does not signify that loss of data cannot happen on pen drive. They too can loss data but potential are quite low in respect of floppy disk and CD. Any pen drive lose its contents due number of reasons including file system corruption, virus attack, etc.

Let us talk about some of the reasons of data loss on usb pen drive:

  • Virus attack: Any pen drive may be corrupted because of interruption of any virus to the pen drive. Many of strong viruses can hamper the file system thus leaving you no option then to format it.
  • Improper ejection: It is among the universal reasons of data loss on pen drive. When any pen drive is ejected vigorously while copy- paste is in progress might cause the file being corrupted. Therefore if transcend pen drive data recovery is required by utilizing the tool like USB Recovery Tool.
  • Abrupt turn off: If system gets shutdown while operating any file on pen drive then it may be corrupted. Any file which is active while abrupt turn off then possibility of file getting corrupt is fairly high.
  • Accidental Deletion: Any file may get accidental deleted while making changes to usb stick. Multiple people mistakenly delete file thoughts that it may be recovered from recycle bin folder. However, any file deleted from pen drive is lastingly erased. You can recover deleted files from usb stick by making the use of USB Recovery Tool.

However, before restoring any file some preventive steps necessitate to be taken, as we should not reformat or format disk drive, where we need to recover files, which are erased purposely/accidentally. Other thing that requires user’s consideration is that we should prohibit ourselves from using that drive. Sometime users accidentally install or download tool at site where recovery is to be done. When we apply tool at recovery place then chance of recovery reduces.

Some of the popular features of this tool are:

  • It works clearly for various versions of Windows
  • It provides you choice to preview of lost file just before restoring it on any storage device
  • Capable to recoup file based on date of creation, name, size, type, etc
  • It scans complete pen drive to reinstate data in a few minutes
  • Recover USB has the ability to restore photos of various file signature

Thus by reviewing at the top features of this software, we can affirm that it may be utilized for recovery of files from pen drive. You can get it from online for assessment purpose.

Best way to recover deleted data

Generally external hard drive users have a misconception that after any file is deleted from stored location it can be lost forever. But, actually it isn’t precisely correct, whenever any user deletes her or his file from hard drive only it’s pointer to that particular location is destroyed and also the stored data remain at saved location unless it’s overwritten by any other file. After, deletion of file system propagates an email to operating system that area can be obtained for saving any new file. Thus, if any user has lost her or his file then they may be able to recover them if Windows Hard Drive Recovery software is implemented before overwriting of internet data.

Occasionally external computer drives lose their data as a result of accidental format. Suppose you have attached your hard drive for modification along with storage drive like pen drive. One of several pen drive you have attached is virus infected and also since it doesn’t holds any important file, so you have decided to format it. But after a length of time you remarked that, as an alternative to formatting the pen drive you formatted external hard drive. Thus you’re left to accuse no person apart from yourself. Within this remorseful situation you are able to recover external hard drive data by use of Windows Hard Drive Recovery which exactly meets the given state of affair.

Another common basis for files loss from external hard drive occurs because of improper control over hard disk drive. Usually peripheral drive users remove there hard disk drive from computer without performing proper procedure, for this reason improper activity of users hard drive some time gets corrupted. This corruption of hard drive makes each one of the files on these storage location inaccessible, thereby leaving users to remorse upon his / her action. In case any user is in the same circumstance and require reassessing those files that are lost due to improper ejection the real key needs to use Windows Hard Drive Recovery application. In addition to aforementioned scenarios of internet data loss from windows hard drive are accidental format, partition table damage, mbr damage, virus attack, accidental deletion, etc.

Windows Hard Drive Recovery software has one of the better scanning algorithm which scans entire hard disk drive for that desired files in few minutes of the company’s application. Any user who may have lost his / her files from external hard drive may apply many for retrieving the anticipated data. Miracle traffic bot works with for focusing on different brands of hard drive including Toshiba, Dell, Transcend, Buffalo, etc. If user wants to recover any particular file from hard disk drive then he may also use its name, date of creation, or file type for recovery.

Thus by evaluating strongholds of Windows Hard Drive Recovery software we can easily suggest that technology-not only for file recovery from peripheral hard disk drive. Any user may get it from internet for evaluation purpose.

Easy method to unformat Windows Partition

MS windows are the ultimate series of operating-system that is used worldwide. Of all your computer users form of hosting and business purposes Windows OS is ranked high due to the gui based features. The hard disk drive on these OS operated systems stores each of the data of that laptop or computer by dividing the recollection with the hard drive into separate sections called Partitions.

Each partition will operate as separate drive for a passing fancy system. Using the storage capacity of every partition, data may be held in them. When the allocated memory of the partition is full and when you are trying to save lots of data into that partition then the message pop-up windows proclaiming that the memory is full. The amount of partitions on hard drive, storage capacity of each partition is conducted during installing the operating-system. We are able to create different partitions with different size. And the partitions might be formatted separately though all of the partitions reside about the same system hard disk. While formatting the partition, usually one prefers to backup the required data and after that perform format as the process will delete every one of the items in the partition. So, during partition formatting one must be very careful, else the data may be lost severely. Consider a situation which you wrongly formatted partition ‘E’ instead of partition ‘D’. Thus you lost most important files stored in that formatted partition. If you cannot perform any task with that system drive then you’ve got a chance to unformat partition data by making use of recovery software. Another conditions that bring about data loss while formatting any partition are:

  • Unintentionally formatting – Before formatting any drive you have to make certain that there is certainly proper backup of information. And if the drive is formatted without backup i.e. by mistake then the access links for the data will be lost and the memory will be marked as free.
  • Complete drive format during OS re-installation – While re-installation of os a number of times wherein the process ask one to format complete drive. And without performing format you can’t proceed. Thus you’ll forcefully format the drive and lose all of your data.
  • Spyware/ Virus – If the product is infected by virus then you perform certain actions to eliminate those threats and safe guard the system from virus. However, if performed actions don’t remove the virus then this affected partition should be formatted to remove those harmful threats. Thus results in loss of data.
  • Installing multiple OS on one system – Users take advantage of multiple operating systems using one system so that they can use the system utilities for greater extent. Although installing the multiple OS in the event the process requires perform partition format then this data from that partition is going to be lost.

In all the series of errors mentioned here you are going to lose data from partitions. Also to restore them back you need to unformat Windows partitions or drives which might be formatted. And if you lose data from formatted drives or partitions, the data isn’t deleted from the hard disk memory. OS loses every one of the access specifics of your data so data remains invisible to the OS as well as the storage is going to be marked as free, hence if any new info is stored onto that drive then it overwrites the previous data and therefore lost data cannot be restored back with any recovery software. Here are the features of the partition recovery software:

  • Recovers each of the lost data from accidentally formatted Windows partitions.
  • Restores all re-formatted partition data for the system having multiple OS.
  • Extracts the information that is certainly lost on account of formatting errors.
  • Recovers data from various file systems of Windows like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.
  • It can recover data on different storage devices like hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, iPod devices, etc.

The software can restore back various lost data like files, folders, video files, photos, audio tracks, etc with simple steps. The software program can be employed for trial purpose in a way that when the trial version is a useful one then you can definitely purchase the complete software.  

How can you restore deleted Word files?

Due to tremendous aspects, Windows systems become the crucial part of our life. We require computers at every moment of our life to deal with our personal and official related information. We collectively desire Windows Systems to attain our necessities. Windows system has many beneficial applications which user may apply to preserve their information using Word file application. Word file’s application provides textual technique to uphold our data. Word files that are formed by you could enclose much desirable information associated with your official or personal info. When you encounter with a data loss cases in Windows systems, you might certainly go for third party recovery program.  Windows recovery tool is capable to beat all data loss circumstances to restore deleted Word files. This recovery tool not only recovers Word files and also has the competence to pick up more than 300 file types on Windows systems. This recovery utility can be used on all data loss scenarios on which you may come across.

Common Windows system’s data loss circumstances:-

  • Lose data from Outdoor drives: – When you deleted any files from external drives when associated to Windows computers using “Shift Delete” keys then it would directly bypass the Recycle Bin folder. Hence you might be helpless to re-establish it.
  • Fortuitous human faults: – You might erase any preferred files unpredictably, you may perhaps format the drive unsuspectingly or sometimes stored files may turn into inaccessibility due to any system logical errors.
  • Virus bothers: – Your whole stored data from Windows system might be vanished due to virus attack. It could go on when you connected your system to server.
  • Partial Upgrading: – You may possibly desire to update your system switching from lower version to higher version, in such a case you might forget to keep proper back up. If upgrading process stops swiftly due to power loss or any other reason could make it to stop, and then there is likelihood to mislay data.

You can frequently come across above listed errors; you might drop data including valuable Word files. Once you miss data means attempt do not overwrite it with fresh data to turn away from permanent miss. Constantly keep up the back up of much required files.

It’s easy to restore all deleted files on Windows XP and other versions of Windows systems using this recovery software, basically employ this recuperation tool to bring back all deleted and omitted data. This software is much capable to recover all type of data. It helps you to refurbish deleted and disappeared files from inaccessible drives and supports recuperation of data that is vanished from different storage devices like flash hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, iPods etc.  All recovered files are sorted on the basis of their inimitable signatures. It has the capacity can return back all files deleted from above stated real life errors and arrange them with other file type. You can use this software regardless of different versions of Windows computers to secure all deleted files. This software lets you to scrutinize all recovered files previous to re-establish them.

This revival tool is offered generously in trial sort to evaluate its recovery aptitude. Just download and run the trial sort, it scans complete drive of your computer to convalesce all deleted and vanished files. Once scanning process is over means all files will be pretend a view. In order to save all these recovered and files, you have to buy complete version of this tool.



Recover videos from sd card with ease

Does any recovery software that will recover my image files as well as my video files from my sd card including the folder structure of the lost files?

I need a tool to recover the formatted videos from my sd card  .It’s a 16 GB sd card data recovery and the tool must be good enough to recover all my deleted files in no time?

I want recovery software that should be capable to recover photos from sd card. It would be even better if it recover my other files additionally which are designed uniquely.

Yah!! Yah!! To recover deleted photos from sd card    is not a tough job after all it can be highly possible with the help of recovery software. Main thing that should be kept in mind is the scenario at which the video deletion takes place. There are several scenarios that lead to a deletion situation. Information lost can be recovered from all the scenarios except for physical damage to the sd card and the deleted video memory is rewritten i.e. the sd card is used again. For this we need to do only one thing just find a good recovery software, download, install it and start recovering the deleted images and videos from the sd card  by connecting the Memory stick with the PC. Only little recovery software is capable of recovering the videos and other datas with the directory structure choosing them will be a wise choice.

Sd card formatting:

SD card formatting is one of the major scenarios where the data is deleted at a large quantity. Here the entire data in the sd card is completely washed but there is one such possibility that the entire data is not washed away entirely. A portion of it does exist which is well useful for recovering the entire data files and folders. For this we have to make use of data recovery software because the data recovery tool that will rewrite the deleted data for the user.

Cards used:

So far the types of SD cards available in the market are SD.SDXC, SDHC, XD, MMC, CF and etc .Each of them differ each other in the way that data’s are stored in it, data retrieval and fetching. The File system used is depend on the size and the way the data is touched .To recover the information from those is an easy task by using a revival software. A renowned recovery tool must be capable of restoring the images from any kind of file system that are supported in both the operating system such as FAT, HFS+, NTFS and HFSX. It should be capable recovering the data even from SD card partition and change in file system structure. One of the kinds that provide valuable results while recovering the SD card for lost photos is mentioned below.

Superior reasons that support this data recovery tool are.

  • Ø Free of the type storage devices as it can be used in SD cards and other storage devices as well such as pen drives, fire wire drives etc.
  • Ø Has been a good recovery tool even for data that are affected by strong viruses and botnets. It skips the virus file and recovers only the necessary files.
  • Ø The select and recover option for the user which helps to recover only the necessary files which in turn saves time
  • Ø Formulated optimized search and recover algorithm that scan and deliver video files quickly which are not mostly found in others
  • Ø Most importantly recovers videos from lost and formatted volumes of the storage device.
  • Ø It recovers generic videos file types (like MOV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, 3GP etc.) as well as music file types (such as MP3, MIDI, MP4, AIFF, WAV, RAW, AMR etc.).

For getting and installing you don’t have to a précised field expert just follow the instruction

  • Ø Get and install it in a separate volume away from deleted data volume
  • Ø Run the tool select the type of file and how its lost then start recovering the files
  • Ø At once the file is recovered store it in a new location. Keep in mind that save option will be available only in full version

Creation of backup of PST files can prevent you from data loss.

The folks use Outlook for various reasons like to keep important Contacts, Emails, Documents, e-mails etc. This Outlook allows the user to gain access to the characteristics easily at that time when needed. Foremost reason of utilizing Outlook is for contacting, and that is done mostly in computers. You will find different products exist that supports Outlook versions. Outlook configuration in system sometimes produces problems.

Loss of data may be the primary things with computer that may create problem for customers. Sometimes when there’s loss of data could be bared when the files aren’t important but when they’re then can make severe problem. Loss of files are extremely common factor and can’t be missed. Files lost from hard disk drive might be media files, documents, and software files etc that are almost essential for everyone. PST file is other file that’s a part of data that is often used as a back end to keep the data safe. PST file consists of many characteristics like signatures, calendar products, email folders, tasks, journal, Nourishes, contacts, records, notes, E-mail accounts,  junk e-mail lists, configurations, rules that are required for Outlook.

Crashed hard disk drive, inaccessible hard disk drive, lost partition or some horrible word for the hard disk drive. For those who have had set up your Outlook and then eventually you discovered that your hard disk drive facing a loss of data situations then. This might remove your PST file or characteristics and configurations of Outlook. The event can create sever problem for you personally if you work with just the hard disk drive to maintain your data. That one medium you use to keep the files isn’t enough within the situation of complete loss of data. Nonetheless, yet another choice is to keep the backup that you can do by creating backup Outlook Address Book.

To avoid complete loss of data you may create backup of you important files like backup of PST files. However, you will find choice to create backup copies as it is also done by hand, this really is simple to do but it couldn’t save characteristics like signatures, templates along with other essential characteristics. To avoid this small loss you should use more sensible choice, that is to produce backup using software.

Deliberately using software can create backup for the PST files. Apart from backup, it is really strongly built to create backup of different kinds of configurations along with other characteristics data. This can’t be done if backup is produced by hand. You should create backup copies, then you definitely do not need to fret as you’ve had backup copies after corruption/deletion of PST file you are able to recover all of your data.

Therefore, it’s usually suggested to make use of the backup tools to produce backup copies. The development of backup of files is extremely easy if made by software. You will find quantity of software that may create backup of files but couldn’t return your setting of Outlook, thus finally you will lose the information. Easier to download the program and make backup of files.

Steps to retrieve pictures from crashed hard disk drive

HDD (Hard disk drives) are the most popularly used data storage media across the globe to store or save their crucial information. Information contains precious pictures, video files, audio songs, movies as well as other data files. Hard disk drive allows customizing of information according to the need of the people. Pictures are highly preferred by the people to remember wonderful memories of their life time moments. They are captured by using different digital cameras and are stored in hard drives so that it can be retrieved whenever required.

However, if these hard drives are damaged or corrupted due to any logical or physical reasons then it will result in loss of all of your precious memories stored in the form of pictures. In case you are going through such data loss situations no need to be panic, it is simple to retrieve photos from crashed hard drive deleted or lost by making use of photo recovery software. This recovery tool scans the entire hard drive and recovers the deleted files by using its unique file signature. Just take a l ook on below mentioned some more scenarios which result in data loss.

Causes of data loss from hard drive are:

  • Hard drive crash because of virus attack corrupts the stored data and leads to loss of data.
  • Corruption of Master Boot Record (MBR) is the other main reason for hard disk drive crash.
  • Improper shutdown of the personal computer might lead to corruption of system files which also causes hard drive crash resulting in data loss.
  • Any kind of interruptions during re-partitioning of logical hard drives leads to loss of data.
  • Software malfunction of the computer as a result of some reason when the memory card is connected to it results in corruption of SD memory card and causes data loss.

Well, if you have a backup of your deleted or lost data then you’re lucky!!! You can restore the data with utmost ease. But, in case you don’t have a backup!!! Now you must be worried and thinking that data recovery is not possible? Just relax!!! This is not the case, when you delete any data from the hard drive; just the links pointing to the location of deleted files are erased from the file directory structure. You will be surprised to hear that the deleted files are still present on the same memory location until you store new files over that storage space. Thus, don’t use the crashed hard drive space before recovering all of the deleted data. This avoids overwriting of original data and makes the data recovery possible.

File recovery is possible with the help of some powerful data recovery tool such as photo recovery software. This utility is capable of restoring more than 300 various file types from different data storage devices. This software can successfully recover images deleted from SD card, MMC card, CF card, SDHC card and other types of memory cards without facing any difficulty. This tool can even retrieve files from formatted or missing partitions and from inaccessible hard drives in just a few basic steps.

First evaluate the trial version of the photo recovery software and install it on the hard disk drive of your PC. After installation of the photo recovery tool just double click on the desktop icon to launch the application and then choose appropriate recovery options. Once you are done with the photo recovery process you can preview the list of recovered files. In case you are pleased with the recovery results you can buy its full version available in the market.




Best Software to Recover Photos from Memory Cards

Photos are the sweet memorable things in everyone’s life which will help to reflect & relive past activities. But perhaps you have accidentally lost precious photos? and seeking to bring back deleted photos? If yes, then this article definitely helps you to recover images. Daily lots of people lose their photos from memory card, system hard disk, USB drives etc. as a result of lack of knowledge to deal with device or because of some silly mistakes. Consider a scenario, “you are using Kingston SDHC card in your camera and you wanted to transfer some captured photos from SDHC card to Windows system. While transferring your photos suddenly you detached adaptor and removed SDHC card ahead of the process was completed. As a result of such reaction, process gets interrupted and also you face loss of photos from Kingston SDHC card”. This is just about the most common reason with the result that great deal of people loses photos, audio recordings, video files from storage device, USB drive iPod etc. But now what you will really do? How you can recover images from Kingston SDHC card? In these instances, to recover deleted or lost photos you should use the best photo recovery software. In this manner you can retrieve photos from SDHC card on Windows OS.

More reasons behind loss of image files:
• Accidental deletion of files using “Format” or “Delete All” option.
• Improper handling of device e.g. removing storage device from camera without switching it well.
• Corruption of file system of hard drive, memory cards, iPod as a result of virus or malware effect.
• While transferring files in one device to other, just about any interruption inside the transfer process contributes to loss of data.
• Restoring iPod to the factory setting brings about deletion of media files.
• While accessing files unexpected device shut off causes severe loss of data.

Precautions in order to avoid loss of photos, or other media files:
It really is well written that, precaution is better than cure, so that you can look after following steps to prevent data loss.
• Keep updated antivirus in system.
• Don’t remove memory cards, iPod etc. abruptly.
• Keep a backup of important files.
• Before capturing images ensure camera batteries are charged.

How you can recover photos including videos, audios on Windows OS?
The very best photo recovery software program is probably the most reliable and professional recovery softwares. This software means to recoup lost/deleted or formatted media files from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, iPods etc. So it’s ultimate way to make use of best Photo Recovery Software (compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2008). With this particular Windows photo recovery software you are able to retrieve photos, audio files and videos very efficiently. Regardless of you formatted, lost or deleted media files because of human errors or another reasons; the most effective photo recovery software only takes few minutes to recover it.  Employing this evaluation version you can look at for recovery and preview recovery results before purchasing this software.


Software to recover pen drive data

Generally, when you purchase computer you think that inbuilt memory is enough for you, but after having made a fine collection of different formats of files, you think to transfer data from one device to other that you require a device, which is proficient to transfer data from one device to other. So in order to meet data portability requirement you must to buy pen drive. Pen drive is commonly used to transfer file from one PC to another. So due to any reason it gets corrupt you need to install software like Unformat Drive. Thus, tool has immense scanning algorithm, which helps in recovery of any format of file from pen drive and also capable to unformat hard drive data.

There are number of reasons, which can lead to lose of files from pen drive such as File System corruption, improper removal, virus attack, accidental deletion of files, etc. Let’s go through some conditions where one can lead to loss of data from pen drive while performing any task on pen drive. Assume you are making certain adjustment in the setting of pen drive. While doing so you unintentionally formatted your pen drive, so what you will do now in order to recover files from pen drive?? The loss of data from pen drive may happen when you are deleting some of unwanted stuff from pen drive. While doing so you can accidentally deleted important data files from pen drive. There is no need to panic in such condition! You can easily recover data from formatted pen drive by make use of Unformat Drive software.

Sometimes, due to more usage of pen drive in various types of computer systems resulting in the corruption in file system. So in order to use that pen drive back you will have to format it first. Since you recently went out for a trip with your family, and all the pictures are on it, so you don’t want to format it because it may lead to loss of the entire picture on it. You are in problem what to do next in order to recover files from pen drive to overcome from this circumstance, you need to opt Unformat Drive software, which can recuperate all crucial files from pen drive even after the formatting of pen drive. This software can get back files from damaged pen drive without any toil.

Some of additional features of this software are:

  • It has got easy and simple GUI
  • It rapidly scans the entire pen drive and provide grid view of the files that can be recovered
  • Recovers files lost because of regular utilization of same pen drive on different device for example computer, Laptop, etc
  • It has preview option to make sure that files which are recovered

We require addressing certain subject before restoring files are:

  • Do not format your pen drive after data loss.
  • If you have lost/deleted pernicious files pen drive then stop utilizing it immediately.
  • Do not store new file on the pen drive because it may leads to the permanent loss of data.

Therefore, by measuring the above-mentioned features of this tool, we can say that this tool is proficient to recover files from pen drive in any severe condition of the data loss. If you have lost data from pen drive, so that you can download the demo version of this tool from internet in order to recover files from pen drive.