How to do Windows lost file recovery

Windows operating systems has many versions like Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows Vista. An operating system is a program, it provides services to application software and it manages computer hardware. Windows XP is an operating system which is used in personal computers, tablet PCs and laptops. Later Windows XP succeeded by Windows NT which has improved stability and efficiency. The different types of operating systems are multi-user, multi-tasking and real time operating system. In multi-tasking operating system you can execute multiple programs at a time. A system without operating system is useless.

In Windows computer a storage device is used to store different types of files. However the stored files may be deleted or lost in some situations. The reason for file deletion may be accidental re-formatting, partition deletion and virus attack. Windows lost file recovery can be done by using recovery software. The file recovery software recovers all types of files from storage media within few minutes.  Some important reasons of file loss from your Windows computer are explained below.

  • Accidental Re-formatting:  you may lose your important data due to accidental reformatting of your partitions. The partitions are re-formatted while reinstalling operating system. Re-formatting of logical drive may results loss of old data from that drive. So before reformatting your hard drive, backup your important files because you need to reinstall all files and any software you may use like Antivirus.
  • File system corruption: Sometimes the files from hard drive are inaccessible due to file system corruption. The file system is corrupted mainly due to unexpected shut down of your system. Therefore don’t shut down your system by turning off power, use options from windows for proper shut down of your system.
  • Partition deletion:  In some situations you may delete partitions from your hard drive by using Windows interface or command line. You will lose all files from deleted partitions or logical drives. The lost files from deleted partitions can be recovered by using advanced partition recovery software.
  • Virus attack: One more common reason for file deletion from Windows computer hard drive is virus attack. Sometimes the virus attack causes file system corruption. Therefore always keep antivirus software in your computer to avoid serious data loss situations.

However to recover lost files on Windows, you can use Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software which is especially designed for Windows file recovery. By using Windows file recovery software; you can recover all types of files from any storage device like hard disk, Pen drive, and Memory card.  This software recovers lost or deleted files effectively, because it has Turbo scan technology, it scans entire drive within few minutes. Also the recovery software can be used to recover lost files from formatted NTFS drives and FAT partitions. To recover deleted files, first you download this software in a healthy Windows computer and connect storage device from which you want to recover files. Before storing recovered files in a storage device, you can view recovered data by using preview option.

How to recover files from formatted drive on Windows

Formatting is nothing but preparing a drive or storage medium for data storage and it also creates one or more file systems. If you format a drive you will lose whole data from it and hence always keep a backup to avoid data loss. The hard drive is used to store all kinds of files like text, audio, video and photos. But you need to format your drive properly before storing any data in it. There are two types of formatting; first one is low level formatting and second one is high level formatting.

However in some situations, hard drive of your Windows computer may be formatted accidentally. Then the operating system erases complete data of your hard drive and sometimes you need to choose recovery software for Windows file recovery from formatted drive. Hence keeping data backup is the best way to avoid such type of data loss situations. Before recovery of file from formatted drive, let us see some of the circumstances of data loss.

  • Sometimes you may format incorrect drive while formatting another drive causes serious data loss situation. While reinstalling operating system you need to select a logical drive where operating system is stored. If you select incorrect drive to store operating system, it will result in overwriting of old data and you will lose your important information from drive.
  •  Firmware corruption is another reason for data loss. Sometimes your system is unable to detect hard drive due to firmware corruption. Firmware is one of the software programs which are used to control all activities of your hard drive like space management and configuration.
  • The most common reason for data loss is human errors like overwriting old data and emptying Recycle Bin. Sometimes you might delete files and format hard drive unintentionally and you will face serious data loss situations.
  • The failure of operating system causes serious data loss situations. The operating system manages your computer hardware and it enables to communicate with software. The communication between hardware and software is possible only if you have operating system in your computer.
  • Your Windows computer hard drive may be get damaged due to sudden crashes of software. This leads to sudden shut down of your system and you may lose all unsaved data. Therefore to avoid such type of data loss situations, save files frequently while creating files.

These are the common reasons of data loss and you should be aware of these things to avoid loss of your important data. In case if you lose your data due to accidental formatting of your hard drive or any other reason, use Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software to recover lost data.  It is a professional data recovery software and it is developed by many experienced data recovery engineers. To get details of this software go through Remo website and also you can download demo version. This software is developed especially for data recovery from formatted hard drive on Windows. This software also has the facility to display recovered data on screen before saving it in storage media.

How to recover data from dead hard drive?

The hard drive is one of the fundamental parts of your computer which is used to store all of your programs and files. The hard drive is also known as HDD or hard disk drive. In hard drive the data is stored on mirror like platter which is covered with magnetic recording medium. These hard disk platters are usually made by aluminum or glass. The hard disk contains several platters which are stacked on top of other and data is stored on these surfaces magnetically. Since the data is stored magnetically, the data from hard disk is not deleted even after your computer is switched off.

However in many situations, the data from your hard drive may be deleted permanently. This may be due to hardware or software problem. In many instances the hard drive crashes and it leads to data loss. Then you may worry how to recover data from dead hard drive. Before you going to recover lost data try to understand the reasons of data loss, because it helps you to avoid data loss once again. Some of the scenarios of data loss are explained below.

  • Accidental deletion: The user error is one of the most common reasons for data loss. Every   user makes mistakes and these mistakes sometimesresults in data loss. That is you may delete data by using Shift + Delete key combination unintentionally.
  • Accidental formatting: After formatting a hard drive you will lose all the information contained in it. This is happen because when the user selected incorrect device while formatting another device. The lost data from accidentally formatted hard drive can be recovered but don’t use hard drive before lost data is recovered from it.
  • Logical errors: The logical error mainly occurs due to software problems and system or file system corruption. These errors sometimes results in unexpected shutdown of the system. Then the improper shut down of system causes unsaved data loss.
  • Firmware corruption: firmware is a software tool which controls the hard drive operations and it tell the hard drive how to carry out various tasks. But due to the corruption of firmware, the operating system is unable to access the hard drive.
  • Viruses and malware: many of the files from your computer are deleted by virus attack. And in sometimes the viruses and malware leads to data loss through hard drive crashes.

The data from your computer hard drive is lost due to all these above reasons. And also there is so many reasons other than these mentioned above. If data is lost due to any of these reasons, you can recover lost data by using Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software. This software recovers all your deleted items from dead hard drive effectively, because it has strong scanning algorithm. You can download this software from Remo website, install in a healthy computer and run it to recover lost data. All recovered data is shown on your computer screen before restoring it. Finally you can store recovered data in any storage media.


How to retrieve data from hard drive?

The hard drive is a non-volatile storage device which is used to store huge amount of data in your computer. The data stored in hard drive is retained even after your system is turned off. The saved data and installed programs in your computer are stored in hard drive. The hard drive manufacturers specify the storage capacity of hard drives in megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte. And also the external hard drive is connected externally to the computer to keep data backup or to store huge amount of data.

However the stored data from hard drive may be deleted due to hard drive corruption or any other unknown reason.  Then the hard drive retrieval is necessary to get back all deleted data, suitable recovery software is used for this purpose. Before getting the solution, let us discuss the reasons behind data loss from your hard drive. Some of the main reasons are explained below.

  • The virus attack is one of the main reasons of getting data loss from the hard drive. Therefore antivirus software is used to avoid data loss from virus attack.
  • The unexpected shutdown of the system causes hard drive corruption and hence data loss occurs. If you shut down the system without closing running applications, then the data from your computer may be corrupted.
  • The data from your hard drive may be disappears due to internal defect management. This is happens when hackers access your computer by breaking computer networks illegally.
  • If there is any program error in your computer then there is a chance of data loss from computer. The software error is mainly due to the designer mistake such as not confirming the delete command. Such type of software bugs results in accidental deletion of data from your computer.
  • The user mistake like selecting incorrect device to format leads to data loss. And also sometimes you may click on format option unintentionally, then within few minutes all data from your hard drive disappears.
  • One more common reason for data loss is power failure. The power failure results in loss of unsaved files and also files corruption. Therefore always keep uninterrupted power supply or UPS to avoid such type of problems.

There are so many reasons other than these mentioned above. Whatever may be the reason, you need not to worry about your lost data because Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition software helps you to recover all lost data. This software is very easy to use that is the nontechnical background person can also use this software easily. However sometimes you may have doubt on recovery software whether it recovers my lost data or not. You can also clear your doubt by using free trial version of this software. You can download demo version of this software from Remo website. After download just follow the given instructions and click to recover lost data. Finally you will see the recovered data on your computer screen. Then you can check whether your required data is there or not. If it is there purchase this software and start to recover lost or deleted data.

Tips to recover lost files from NTFS partition

Data loss can happen due to various scenarios, which may result in data loss. Some of the main reason for data loss are accidental deletion, deleting a file using Shift + Delete keys, deleting command prompt, formatting or re-formatting drive, accidental deletion of partition, file system corruption, OS crash and improper system shutdown etc. sometimes If you accidental delete files from your hard drive it does not get deleted from hard drive permanently. You can still restore those deleted file from Windows Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin provides acts as storage medium for all your deleted files, which you have deleted from you computer. If your deleted files are in Recycle Bin it is easy to restore them, but sometimes it is very difficult to find those deleted files in Recycle Bin. If the deleted file is too large in size compare to your Recycle Bin the files get deleted exceeding Windows Recycle Bin, if you delete a file using Shift+Delete keys the files get deleted surpassing the Windows Recycle Bin. In such cases it is not possible to recover files from the Recycle Bin. In such case to recover deleted NTFS files you need good file recovery software, which recovers deleted or lost files from NTFS partition.

How to recover lost files?

It is possible to recover lost files from NTFS partition only by using good file recovery software, which helps you to scan and recover files from NTFS partition. This software helps you to recover deleted or lost from emptied Recycle Bin. This software scans the entire hard drive within minutes to recover deleted files. It supports various file type recovery like doc, docx, xls, jpg, png, bmp, avi, mp3, mp4 etc. the software allows you to preview recovered files before saving. This preview option helps when you want to recover images, you can easily identify the deleted images. Now, you can try using this software at free of cost Download Remo Recover (Windows) Basic edition software, to recover your deleted or lost files from NTFS partition.

There are many recovery software available in the market, make sure that you are selecting good recovery software by reading many articles, blogs and reviews about the product. Make sure the selected software can recover data from various complex data loss scenarios. Ensure the software retrieves files from the both Windows and Mac Operating System. You can download the demo version of the software to check the capability of the software in recovering deleted files. If you are happy with the recovery results you can buy the full version of the software to recover deleted from Recycle Bin. Follow the few simple steps given below to recover deleted files

  • Stop using the hard drive once you recognize your files have been lost, it may overwrite your deleted or lost files
  • Do not try to restart the computer, which may result in permanent data loss
  • Do not try to install any new data recovery software
  • Remove the hard drive and connect it a well working computer as a secondary storage device
  • Download and Install Windows file recovery software to the computer, to which you have  connected your hard drive
  • Run the software to recover deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin
  • Follow the instructions and according to that recover deleted files from Recycle Bin
  • Make sure that you saving your recovered files in a save location

How to recover deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin?

Hard drives can be prone to data loss from various scenarios like accidental deletion of a file, deletion of partitions, accidentally formatting or re-formatting partition or drive, file system corruption, OS crash, Virus attack and emptying Windows Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin acts a storage medium for deleted files and later allows users to restore their deleted files. When you delete a file or folders from the hard drive or partition those files are stored in Recycle Bin. In such situations you can easily able to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin. It is possible to restore lost or deleted files from Recycle Bins until, unless the files are available in the Recycle Bin.

You will not be able to find the deleted in the Recycle Bin. If the deleted or lost files are too large in size compare to Recycle Bin size to hold, the files get deleted exceeding the Windows Recycle Bin. In such case you cannot be able to retrieve files from the Recycle Bin. It is possible to recover those deleted files you need a good Recycle Bin recovery software, which helps to retrieve files from Windows Recycle Bin.

Tips to select good Recycle Bin recovery software

Select a good Recycle Bin recovery software by reading the articles and blogs about the software from internet.  Check the selected software can restore deleted files from various data loss situation. Make sure the software supports deleted file recovery from various file types. Make sure the software lets you to preview recovered files before saving. Make sure the software recover laptop HDD, flash memory cards, USB drives and extern al hard drives, iPods and FireWire drives etc.  Download the demo version of the software to check the chances of recovery using this software. Based on the demo results buy the software to recover deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin, follow the few simple steps to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

  • Once if you recognize your files are deleted / lost from the hard drive immediately stop using the hard drive. if you make use of your hard drive further it may overwrite your deleted files
  • Do  not try to install any new data  recovery or deleted file recovery software, because it might overwrite free space in your OS
  • Do not try to re-start the computer, your deleted files may permanently gets deleted
  • Connect a hard drive to another healthy computer as a external drive
  • Install Recycle Bin recovery application to the system, which you have connected your hard drive
  • Run the utility to recover deleted files.
  • Follow the instructions and according to that recover deleted files from recycle bin.

Undelete files from formatted NTFS drive

NTFS is the “New Technology File System”, this file system is supported by windows – 2000, windows-2003, windows-XP, windows- vista, windows-7 operating systems. Some times, you may accidentally format your NTFS partition and then realize that you have lost valuable data or files, which are stored on it. Before trying to recover files from formatted NTFS partitions, you have to take certain precautions so that the files / folders are not lost forever and can be retrieved with ease using various data recovery softwares.

The precautions to be taken are – Avoid using the system any further for writing / saving any new data as it may over write the previous contents or files. In fact, files are not deleted / lost when you delete them or format the drive, the link to the particular file is removed from the address table. After deletion the space in which the deleted / lost file was stored is just marked as “available” or “free space” until or unless this free space is overwritten by new data, previous files can be retrieved back, if these precautions are not taken it becomes difficult to recover formatted NTFS files from the drive.

Formatted data recovery software allows the user to recover your valuable data from formatted NTFS partitions, memory cards, USB drives, external hard disk drives etc. instantly. Formatted data recovery software helps to undelete SD card files, corrupted hard drive data. This software is capable of recovering and restoring data from formatted SD cards, XD cards, CF cards, MMC, FireWire drives and iPods quickly and efficiently.

It will allow you to recover office files, photos, email archives, audio and video files from corrupted or damaged NTFS partitions / drives, corrupted / formatted SD cards, formatted memory cards, USB drives etc. The recovered files can be stored to the hard drive of the laptop or PC, to another removable storage device or any accessible drive or can be burnt to CD / DVD.

Tips to Recover Deleted Photos Mac

Apple provided a new feature for Mac OS X known as Mac Photo Booth.  This software application with inbuilt webcam can be used to capture pictures and videos. This application has a single window with a large viewer that helps you to preview the photos and video clips immediately. By double clicking on the thumbnails displayed along with the window the photos and video clips can be viewed. Moreover, the software has advanced features that permit the user to import the digital files to iPhoto Library, or can be emailed to someone and can be used as icons for iChat.

The two sets of image effects provided by the application can be added to the captured photos. The diversity of features has made the Mac photo booth a conventional application and become popular among the users. Similar to the Digital camera, all the family events, special occasions and events can be taken using this application. The chance of deleting photos is considerably high even though the application provides easiness in taking photos. Accidental deletion of photos or videos can be happen in different occasions. A proper backup of the stored data can be used to get back all your lost photos. However, if you do not have proper backup or if the backup is not functioning well, an efficient Photo recovery software Mac can be used to retrieve the lost or deleted data.

The music player iPod which stores songs, photos and video files has a disk similar to the computer hard drive. When you erase some files from the iPod, the device will not delete the files permanently, instead the disk mark the space as free and the actual data stays in the device as intact. However, it is recommended you to act immediately to recover deleted files from iPod, since the data which are overwritten cannot be recovered using powerful iPod recovery software.

Steps to recover files deleted from windows recycle bin

Windows Operating System enables an enhanced feature like Recycle bin that helps to save accidentally deleted files.  When accidentally delete a file from the hard drive it does not get deleted completely from the hard drive. Still you can able to restore files from recycle bin. Recycle bin helps you to save accidentally deleted files and allows you to recover deleted files from it.  When you delete a files from your computer it directly sends those files to recycle bin, in such cases you can easily recover deleted files from recycle bin. It is possible to retrieve deleted files from recycle bin until the deleted files are get overwritten by new files.

However, if you delete a file using Shift+Delete keys the files gets deleted bypassing the recycle bin, and also if the deleted file is too large in size it gets deleted bypassing the recycle bin. In such cases you cannot able to recover files deleted from recycle bin. If you want to recover deleted files you need to use any good recover software which recovers recycle bin.  Recycle bin recovery is completely depended on the usage of hard drive. Follow the steps given below for success full recycle bin recovery

  • Once you recognize the data has been deleted stop using the hard drive further
  • Do not try to install any new recovery software to the system this could lead to overwritten you deleted data by new data.
  • Do not attempt to restart the hard drive this could lead to permanent data loss from computer.