Best Solution to Recover Files from WD External Hard Drive

“Last week I bought a WD i.e. Western Digital external hard drive so that I could carry lots of data while travelling and use it whenever I want. As it was connected to my Mac Book one of my family members suddenly pulled it out and I think it got corrupted due to which I am not able to access my precious data anymore! Can anybody please advise me on how to retrieve WD external hard drive data?”

If you have lost data in similar way as in above mentioned scenario or due to any other reasons then don’t worry you can still get back files from WD external hard drive as the data in it is never deleted only reference addresses of the data is deleted.

Western Digital commonly abbreviated as WD is the most preferred hard drive of almost every user due to its compact size and high data storage capacity. So people often store lots of data in it but WD is also prone to data loss similar to any other storage devices and they suffer massive data loss whenever they accidently format it or the hard drive gets corrupted due to unavoidable circumstances. Due this type of data loss the user is always tensed about how to get back files from WD external hard drive. As said earlier your data has not gone anywhere as it still resides in the hard drive and you can still perform file recovery from WD external hard drive using some good and trusted recovery tool such as Mac Hard disk recovery tool.

Following are the list of scenarios for the data loss in Western Digital

  • Sometimes the data in the WD hard drive may get lost whenever you connect it to some virus infected computer in which the virus will infect the files present in the hard drive making it inaccessible.
  • When you are performing some data transfer operation from the WD hard drive to the computer and if you suddenly disconnect it then the files may get lost.
  • The data loss may also occur whenever you are trying to convert file system of the WD hard drive in which file system of the hard drive may get corrupted leading to unreadable data.
  • The files may get lost whenever you accidently format it when it shows the message like “The drive is not formatted. Format it now? ” while you are accessing the data in it.

How to get back files from WD external hard drive?

You can recover files from WD external hard drive by using Mac hard drive recovery tool as it designed with very easy to use interface so that even a non technical user could easily use it. The tool is enabled with “Save Recovery Session” option that will allow you to save the recovery session process so that you can resume it whenever you want. Apart from WD hard drive recovery the tool can also perform file recovery on different types of storage devices such as XD card, SD card, SSD, etc. The Mac hard drive recovery tool is developed in such a way that it can recover different types of data such as audios, videos, images, documents, presentations, etc. The software is equipped with efficient and dynamic algorithms which will perform effective file recovery from the WD drive.


As soon as the WD hard drive gets corrupted or the files stored in it are lost/deleted immediately stop using that hard drive as this will prevent the overwriting of lost data due to addition of any new data which would result in permanent loss making the file recovery impossible.

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