Files recovery after complete loss from hard disk

Users mentality about the data loss is like, they usually think that data disappears thoroughly once if are deleted from recycle bin, hard disk, USB etc and that is not totally true. In fact this concept is totally. All the users who are technically strong and know with which principle the data is saved, then they know this that format or deletion of files never deletes the files permanently cannot be recovered.

As format and deletion of files is only the way in which data is deleted temporarily but not permanently. Reading above passage, you will be cleared that  the files still resides on the hard disk and can be recovered. But the question is how to find deleted files when lost completely.

Hard disk that is the most prominent device to store the data, and is used almost by every user who is using computer systems.  So to find deleted files from hard drive could be like such easy task. But in only one condition you can lose your data and that is when the  data is overwritten with the new data then recovery will not be possible.

Therefore, you can do recovery and thinking that you are wiped with the data is absolutely wrong. As a matter of fact, deleted data is an issue for the innocent user as they don’t know the recovery part.

You will be further knowing that how come the data can be retrieved but apart from this what else could be the ways in which you can lose your data from the sources.

The foremost scenarios which causes loss of files is the use of shift delete option when deleting the files from a different medium, the use of third party tools can delete the photos from anywhere, if files deleted from Recycle Bin then can cause errors,  files if deleted from USB drives then that deleted files skips from recycle bin and are lost then.

Therefore you have almost all the scenarios which results in data loss. If these scenarios are taken care off then the data could be saved from lost and there will be no need of recovery Or else you create backups which will help you and restoring points in your system so that data could be retained as it was previously.

And if these scenarios failed to save the data then no bother as there are still ways to recuperate the data. You can download the software from the internet and can do the recovery of deleted files but only when there is no overwritten of data on the data which seems to be lost and present on the disk.

Document recovery from hard disk

Almost all users who are purchasing PC from the major brands like Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo then they will be using windows as their OS. And with all the stuffs they are providing also include one disc which is known as recovery disc of Windows. And if you are not provided by the DVD which contain the setup of windows by the manufacturer that might be because you doesn’t want to increase user’s expense by providing him the installation DVD of windows.

Window 7 is the latest OS which was launched by Microsoft. As there are many new features were included in the software as the new user interface, new and enhanced tools, some removal of features are also there like media player, window movie makers and many more applications were excluded from Windows 7.

Whatsoever the OS you are having but you need to use hard disk to keep the data safe in it. Most of the times these hard disk gets corrupted and corruption of files is the resultant. But any ways you can use best file recovery program to recover the files.

For example if you want to recover documents from hard drive then you can use particular software and can retrieve the files even after corruption you can do the repairing of files.

What this CD can do: The windows recovery disc which is available with the purchase of system can be used for recovering menu, it will also give you the option to use antivirus, restoring system option, option to create PC Backup, automatic system repair, and also it will facilitate you with the command-line prompt for manual advanced recovery.


But the thing is you cannot reinstall on windows again you only can repair it and if only the file is lost then this disc won’t work. The thing to know is how one can reach to that particular stage.


  • Hard drive crash or crash due to some file will definitely restrict your system from booting.
  • Partition if become inaccessible or lost in which your OS was installed.
  • System bootable part caught from virus attack.
  • Third party tool usage in the system can delete your file tools like antivirus, cracked version of the software.
  • Unsecured network can be the reason for corruption, if your system is connected to that particular network that can easily transfer the virus to the system.
  • Abrupt visibility of blue screen due to boot failure or some hardware failure.

But as every problem have a solution this problem can also be resolved by using download link from internet but rather using the software for recovery of Windows 7 we can use restoring points, backups, (restoring points and backups have to be created earlier), or by using bootable disk, but if any of the source is not present from above mentioned source then you can go for the third party tool usage as this is not reliable but will complete your work.

Useful tips to perform deleted file recovery from computer hard drive

The hard drive is a secondary storage device in the desktop and laptops. It’s logically partitioned into several units normally known as drives to be able to separate the person data to the system files. On Windows systems, Windows OS designates the ‘C’ drive with a primary partition on the hard drive by default. Total hard disk storage memory might be assigned to each of the drives created by the consumer. Automatically Windows allocates some storage space for the Recycle Bin. Usually this space is utilized for temporary storage of the deleted files. On Windows systems, the files deleted from your hard disk drive utilizing the ‘Delete’ command are transferred to the Recycle Bin. These deleted files can be easily restored from the Recycle Bin to their original positions whenever needed. Sometimes what happens that the files deleted from hard drive using some other controls are not moved into the Recycle Bin. In this particular situation you can’t recover the deleted files back without the use of any alternative software. However, don’t concern yourself it is possible to completely recover files from computer hard disk after deletion simply by using a relevant file recovery software. By making use of the file recovery software you can certainly perform deleted file recovery from computer hard disk.

Many times you utilize the ‘Shift + Delete’ key command to delete files from the hard disk drive. In this process, the files deleted from the hard drive bypass the Recycle Bin. Whenever you delete some files through the hard drive unintentionally with all the ‘Shift + Delete’ key combination, then the situation often leads that you lose quite files. Deleting files from the command prompt may also cause you to face the same situation. Due to these two reasons you could possibly lose several important files from the hard drive and consequently lead to the loss of data. Besides these situations, you could possibly lose the files because of improper file transmission process, an unexpected system shutdown, power failure, accidental emptying the Recycle Bin and files deleted by certain alternative party applications.

Anyhow, the files deleted from the hard drive will never be removed permanently. Instead of that the memory space is reallocated for storing the new files and the pointers that happen to be pointing for the deleted files are reset. So you have chance to recover files from computer hard drive in the face of deleting files and emptying the Recycle Bin. For carrying out this, you may use an excellent file recovery software. A file recovery software lets you to execute deleted file recovery from computer hard drive. It’s also possible to make use of this software to recover deleted or lost files through the various storage devices like flash memory cards, compact flash cards, portable hard drives and USB flash drives etc. It’s recommended that to download the demo tool initially as a way to appraise the file recovery process prior to buying the complete version software. After you get satisfaction while using trial version, you can buy the complete version file recovery software.

Erase deleted files forever

If you delete a file or a folder, then it will get stored in recycle bin automatically. The majority of the users believe that if your file or a folder is deleted from the recycle bin by using shift + delete keys combination then the file is deleted forever. But, the fact is that the file is still present on the hard disk drive where as the index of the file system will be marked as free space. All of the deleted files can be easily recovered with the help of file recovery software. The files which got deleted or lost because of formatting or re-formatting are not erased permanently. Usually, formatting is performed so as to reuse the disk space. But, it won’t delete the files permanently. Therefore, you can also recover the deleted files due to formatting by using file recovery software.

In some situations, you want to delete the confidential or sensitive data from the system so that it won’t be accessed by anyone. Or some business related data which contain the customer’s details should be removed from the system permanently. Although, you have deleted all those files from the computer with the aid of the methods like formatting or re-formatting, etc. But still all the deleted files are not yet safe. All the files which got deleted by any of the above process could be entirely retrieved until and unless they’re overwritten with some other contents. To delete forever the deleted files, you may make use of file eraser program like Drive Wipe Software.

This software helps you to delete forever all files from the computer. It will unlink all the recycle files in addition to overwrite all the files with garbage values so that, it can’t be restored by utilizing any file recovery software. The nine different sanitization standards are used by this tool for overwriting purpose. Additionally, it may delete the data from the hard disk forever. Even, you can delete the web history with the help of this tool.

The file eraser software overwrites the contents of your hard disk repeatedly with some data a minimum of three times so that all those overwritten files cannot be recovered. There are various disk sanitization methods followed by this software are Random Overwrite, US Department of Defense, Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion, Fast Zero Overwrite, Gutmann method etc.

This software works together with Windows such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows server 2003 etc. on both 32 bit and 64 bit system. It removes the private or confidential files from the hard drive by providing maximum drive wipe methods. This software also supports the file erasing from FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS, and NTFS5 formatted partitions. You are able to download this utility for the recovery results.


How to Unerase Deleted Files?

Windows is the widely used operating system across the world and many applications are exclusively designed for Windows OS. Windows Os uses two major file systems namely FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) to hold files on hard disk. Information is generally stored in form of various file types like docx files, PPT files, excel files, Zip files, photos, audio files and lot more. You might lose these files in different data loss scenarios, out of which mostly users press “Delete” button to erase files. However, there is no problem as files that are deleted by using Delete button will be saved in Recycle Bin which are restored back to their normal state.

Deletion of files happens when you use “Shift+Delete” key combination or by emptying files from Recycle Bin. Accidental deletion of files might happen from Windows command prompt or by improperly using cut and paste commands to move the files. When you re-size or use some inefficient partitioning utility to create new partitions on hard drive could cause partitioning errors as a result of which file can get deleted from existing partition. When you use Windows Disk Management utility to delete partition from hard drive, files may get deleted from existing partitions. Accidental formatting and reformatting of hard drive partitions could erase files from computer hard drive.

Additionally, crash of hard disk due to bad sectors present onto it, file system corruption, improperly turning off the computer because of power failures or operating-system crash might lead to loss of valuable files from Windows. Files which are deleted due to previously mentioned scenarios can’t be unerased using any of manual methods; you should employ some good file recovery utility like unerase erased files to get back lost files with ease. You will need to take few precautionary measures to prevent files loss from Windows PC. Don’t use inefficient tools to create or delete partition on hard disk drive and avoid using “Shift+Delete” button to prevent accidental deletion of files. Stop accessing files when there are constant power variations or when file system is corrupted to stop loss of data.

Whatever may the reason behind loss be of files on Windows OS, you can obtain back your deleted files with the use of unerase erased files software. This best software has ability to unerase files from FAT and NTFS formatted drives and from drives having RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array. It has the special in-built algorithms to find and recover more than 280 file types by using their unique file signatures. You can comfortably employ this effective file recovery tool to unerase files from Recycle Bin without damaging the structure of file system. It extends its help to unerase files from flash memory cards, external USB drives, various iPod devices, etc. It restores all sorts of text files, multimedia files, and animation files. It works compatibly on all recent versions of Windows operating systems viz, Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Download the trial version of unerase file recovery utility and estimate its performance over the recovery results you obtain at end.

Optimal method to recover deleted files from flash card along with other storage devices

Storage devices for example flash memory card, portable hard drive, hard disk drive, and USB drives stores an individual data in the digital form. Usually, flash cards can be used for storing the files including word document files, excel sheets, office work, study materials and also other data. Nowadays people own their desktop or laptop for individual use. Hard drive can be a secondary storage device used in the desktop and laptop computers. However, lack of files on the various storage devices may occur as a result of several devastating situations. Let’s see how data loss may occur on the storage medium and how to recover deleted files from windows 7 installed systems.

Accidental deletion of files may occur on various portable storage devices like flash card, USB drives, and external hard drives if they are connected to your personal computer. Will come your way the files stored on the flash cards by connecting them to computer through USB port. Most often people loves to use flash card and USB flash drive (pen drive) to handle their data. However, the files may get delete or lost from your flash card or pen drive as a result of various situations like accidental deletion of files, files lost due to abruptly ejecting of flash card, missing of files when the Cut command has been used, files deleted by certain alternative applications, and files deleted as a result of antivirus scanning etc.

Most crucial case scenarios by which loss of data on the flash card or pen drive might be occurred are the following:

• Incomplete file transmission process: Suppose you might have connected the flash card through USB port, using card reader, for your computer looking to put some files from this into computer’s disk drive. Consider you might be using Cut and Paste command to locate files and unexpectedly the device gets shutdown on account of power outage during file transfer. This sort of a scenario will result in incomplete file transmission process. However, you can find chances for missing of files on the flash card because of incomplete file transmission process.

• Virus attack: The virus is a piece of computer program or perhaps a collection of instructions that can itself replicate and spread from one storage device to a different. Suppose your hard drive has virus and you are not using the updated antivirus software within your computer. In case you connect the pen drive for a computer then there is an opportunity to spread virus from computer’s hard drive to your pen drive. During these moments, the computer virus can corrupt the files stored on the pen drive. Even files can get delete from the updated antivirus software once you scan the pen drive.

Anyhow, the accidentally deleted files usually are not permanently erased from your storage media. Because of this, there is a chance to recover them until a new data overwrites onto it. As a way to recover deleted files from flash card or pen drive, you should take advantage of file recovery software. Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic edition is the foremost file recovery software for Windows, which can be devised to get back deleted or lost files from your various storage devices. You can also download the demo version so you can get fair idea about fully featured software.

Restore the deleted files from Windows 7

Windows 7 is the advanced version of Windows vista released with a lot of extras integrated by Microsoft Inc. Windows 7 includes few advanced features like advancement in touch, handwriting recognition, performance improvement of micro-core processors, improved boot performance, direct access etc. Users save their data on hard drive where they manipulate, and retrieve data whenever required.

There are numerous situations where loss of data occurs from the hard drive due to many technical and basic reasons. Few instances are hard drive crash, accidental deletion of files, formatting the drive, corruption of files, files infected by virus, reformatting the drive, power surge, improper shutdown of the system as well as other more. When a user loses his files as a result of one of the reasons, he’d be wondering as, how to recover deleted files from Windows 7. There are recovery tools, that may with few simple clicks.

Many users face the issues of information loss and a few of the very most common scenarios for their loss of data are as given below

• Data loss because of human faults: – Human faults would be the most popular way in which the precious files from storage device might delete, when user accidental presses delete option while previewing the photos on digital camera.

• Files lost due to synchronization: – While synchronizing files from memory card to computer sudden power surge or occurrence of error can result in loss of photos.

In order to avoid the information loss scenarios, make sure you backup essential files in external storage devices like USB drive, CD, DVD, as well as other storage devices. In case there is data loss situation you’re in, then you can certainly restore the data from the external storage devices back to your pc.

Suppose when you have lost your data despite following precautionary measures, absolutely nothing to worry. There are many recovery utilities available in the market that may recover the lost data whatever ‘s the reason. One should have concern in picking right third party software for data get over hard drive. Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition is one such software, that has integrated algorithm made to scan the whole drive while recovering your data. This software can retrieve deleted files from memory card, USB flash drives, external storage devices and also other storage devices. This software posseses an advanced choice to preview your recovered files before data restoration. This software has feature to create disk images of bad sectors and you’ll recover your data from the created images later. This software can manage your disk space by compressing the files using compression tools. You’ll be able to recover the required files determined by file size, name, etc. If you wish to learn, more to do with the characteristics of the software try to download the demo version. In case you are content with the software , then choose the full version and save the recover lost data.

How to do Windows lost file recovery

Windows operating systems has many versions like Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows Vista. An operating system is a program, it provides services to application software and it manages computer hardware. Windows XP is an operating system which is used in personal computers, tablet PCs and laptops. Later Windows XP succeeded by Windows NT which has improved stability and efficiency. The different types of operating systems are multi-user, multi-tasking and real time operating system. In multi-tasking operating system you can execute multiple programs at a time. A system without operating system is useless.

In Windows computer a storage device is used to store different types of files. However the stored files may be deleted or lost in some situations. The reason for file deletion may be accidental re-formatting, partition deletion and virus attack. Windows lost file recovery can be done by using recovery software. The file recovery software recovers all types of files from storage media within few minutes.  Some important reasons of file loss from your Windows computer are explained below.

  • Accidental Re-formatting:  you may lose your important data due to accidental reformatting of your partitions. The partitions are re-formatted while reinstalling operating system. Re-formatting of logical drive may results loss of old data from that drive. So before reformatting your hard drive, backup your important files because you need to reinstall all files and any software you may use like Antivirus.
  • File system corruption: Sometimes the files from hard drive are inaccessible due to file system corruption. The file system is corrupted mainly due to unexpected shut down of your system. Therefore don’t shut down your system by turning off power, use options from windows for proper shut down of your system.
  • Partition deletion:  In some situations you may delete partitions from your hard drive by using Windows interface or command line. You will lose all files from deleted partitions or logical drives. The lost files from deleted partitions can be recovered by using advanced partition recovery software.
  • Virus attack: One more common reason for file deletion from Windows computer hard drive is virus attack. Sometimes the virus attack causes file system corruption. Therefore always keep antivirus software in your computer to avoid serious data loss situations.

However to recover lost files on Windows, you can use Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software which is especially designed for Windows file recovery. By using Windows file recovery software; you can recover all types of files from any storage device like hard disk, Pen drive, and Memory card.  This software recovers lost or deleted files effectively, because it has Turbo scan technology, it scans entire drive within few minutes. Also the recovery software can be used to recover lost files from formatted NTFS drives and FAT partitions. To recover deleted files, first you download this software in a healthy Windows computer and connect storage device from which you want to recover files. Before storing recovered files in a storage device, you can view recovered data by using preview option.

How to recover files from formatted drive on Windows

Formatting is nothing but preparing a drive or storage medium for data storage and it also creates one or more file systems. If you format a drive you will lose whole data from it and hence always keep a backup to avoid data loss. The hard drive is used to store all kinds of files like text, audio, video and photos. But you need to format your drive properly before storing any data in it. There are two types of formatting; first one is low level formatting and second one is high level formatting.

However in some situations, hard drive of your Windows computer may be formatted accidentally. Then the operating system erases complete data of your hard drive and sometimes you need to choose recovery software for Windows file recovery from formatted drive. Hence keeping data backup is the best way to avoid such type of data loss situations. Before recovery of file from formatted drive, let us see some of the circumstances of data loss.

  • Sometimes you may format incorrect drive while formatting another drive causes serious data loss situation. While reinstalling operating system you need to select a logical drive where operating system is stored. If you select incorrect drive to store operating system, it will result in overwriting of old data and you will lose your important information from drive.
  •  Firmware corruption is another reason for data loss. Sometimes your system is unable to detect hard drive due to firmware corruption. Firmware is one of the software programs which are used to control all activities of your hard drive like space management and configuration.
  • The most common reason for data loss is human errors like overwriting old data and emptying Recycle Bin. Sometimes you might delete files and format hard drive unintentionally and you will face serious data loss situations.
  • The failure of operating system causes serious data loss situations. The operating system manages your computer hardware and it enables to communicate with software. The communication between hardware and software is possible only if you have operating system in your computer.
  • Your Windows computer hard drive may be get damaged due to sudden crashes of software. This leads to sudden shut down of your system and you may lose all unsaved data. Therefore to avoid such type of data loss situations, save files frequently while creating files.

These are the common reasons of data loss and you should be aware of these things to avoid loss of your important data. In case if you lose your data due to accidental formatting of your hard drive or any other reason, use Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software to recover lost data.  It is a professional data recovery software and it is developed by many experienced data recovery engineers. To get details of this software go through Remo website and also you can download demo version. This software is developed especially for data recovery from formatted hard drive on Windows. This software also has the facility to display recovered data on screen before saving it in storage media.

Tips to recover lost files from NTFS partition

Data loss can happen due to various scenarios, which may result in data loss. Some of the main reason for data loss are accidental deletion, deleting a file using Shift + Delete keys, deleting command prompt, formatting or re-formatting drive, accidental deletion of partition, file system corruption, OS crash and improper system shutdown etc. sometimes If you accidental delete files from your hard drive it does not get deleted from hard drive permanently. You can still restore those deleted file from Windows Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin provides acts as storage medium for all your deleted files, which you have deleted from you computer. If your deleted files are in Recycle Bin it is easy to restore them, but sometimes it is very difficult to find those deleted files in Recycle Bin. If the deleted file is too large in size compare to your Recycle Bin the files get deleted exceeding Windows Recycle Bin, if you delete a file using Shift+Delete keys the files get deleted surpassing the Windows Recycle Bin. In such cases it is not possible to recover files from the Recycle Bin. In such case to recover deleted NTFS files you need good file recovery software, which recovers deleted or lost files from NTFS partition.

How to recover lost files?

It is possible to recover lost files from NTFS partition only by using good file recovery software, which helps you to scan and recover files from NTFS partition. This software helps you to recover deleted or lost from emptied Recycle Bin. This software scans the entire hard drive within minutes to recover deleted files. It supports various file type recovery like doc, docx, xls, jpg, png, bmp, avi, mp3, mp4 etc. the software allows you to preview recovered files before saving. This preview option helps when you want to recover images, you can easily identify the deleted images. Now, you can try using this software at free of cost Download Remo Recover (Windows) Basic edition software, to recover your deleted or lost files from NTFS partition.

There are many recovery software available in the market, make sure that you are selecting good recovery software by reading many articles, blogs and reviews about the product. Make sure the selected software can recover data from various complex data loss scenarios. Ensure the software retrieves files from the both Windows and Mac Operating System. You can download the demo version of the software to check the capability of the software in recovering deleted files. If you are happy with the recovery results you can buy the full version of the software to recover deleted from Recycle Bin. Follow the few simple steps given below to recover deleted files

  • Stop using the hard drive once you recognize your files have been lost, it may overwrite your deleted or lost files
  • Do not try to restart the computer, which may result in permanent data loss
  • Do not try to install any new data recovery software
  • Remove the hard drive and connect it a well working computer as a secondary storage device
  • Download and Install Windows file recovery software to the computer, to which you have  connected your hard drive
  • Run the software to recover deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin
  • Follow the instructions and according to that recover deleted files from Recycle Bin
  • Make sure that you saving your recovered files in a save location