Easiest Way to Retrieve Back Data after Formatted External Hard drive

With the development of external hard disk and its portability feature, most of the people prefer external HDD when it comes to storing huge amount of information. External hard disks are the portable hard drives whose data storage capacity ranging from several GB to TB. It can be easily connected to the computer via USB connector.  However, sometimes many users commit mistake and accidentally format their external HDD without tanking backup of data stored on it. In such situations, you should not fret!! You can easily overcome such problems in case if you need data from accidentally formatted external hard disk. Using good recovery software is one such best solution for you problem. Data Recovery after Format is one of the finest software in the world when it comes to restore data from formatted, reformatted external hard disks,

Following are the few common scenarios which lead to data loss after external HDD formatting:

  • An error encountered during formatting of HDD can corrupt the entire hard disk and it can make hard drive data inaccessible. Forcibly turning off the computer during formatting process can encumber the formatting and hence it makes the particular hard drive corruption. Instant power failure during format of the hard drive also makes the process incomplete.
  • There are instances where file system of external HDD gets corrupt due to virus infection. In such cases your external hard disk becomes inaccessible and to use it further you need to format it. In case if you have not taken backup of data stored on external HDD, then loss of crucial data is certain.
  • Apart from over two factors there are other reasons like partitioning or repartitioning, errors occurred while doing file system conversion etc.

When you format external hard disk you will certainly lose everything stored on it, no matter which formatting method you take up. Consequently, it is very essential to back up the whole thing you might require later. Though if you don’t have a legitimate backup, you can still chances to restore data from formatted external hard disk drive.

To evade losing data from external hard disk due to any of the above factors you can take precautionary measures:

  • Before formatting external HDD or any particular volume you should take appropriate data backup.
  • If you’ve lost or deleted data already from your external hard disk then stops using the hard drive to circumvent enduring data loss. Because if you use that HDD further the lost data in that drive may be overwritten with new data which lead to permanent data loss.

To get back all your lost files from external hard disk you can use Formatted Data Recovery software. This tool rescues all data which has been lost due to formatting / reformatting / re-partitioning of external hard disks. It can easily restore files, text documents, audios, videos, photos, RAW pictures of cameras and many more. In addition to external hard disks, this application can be also used to restore data from various storage drives including computer or laptop hard disks, flash drives, memory sticks, pen drives, FireWire drives etc. To know more just click here http://www.datarecoveryafterformat.com/software-for-external-hard-drive.html


How to recover data after format

The storage devices that are available today to store various data vary in numerous aspects. The different storage devices are external hard drives, mass storage devices like memory cards, SD cards, CF cards, MMC cards, USB flash drives, etc and these are widely used in various gadgets to store precious data files. Each of the storage devices will be having file systems, it is the process in which the data is stored and fetched from the devices. The various file systems of storage devices are like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, FATX, HFS, HPFS, etc. And most commonly used storage devices are hard disk drives on computer systems.

The stored data from these storage devices can be lost under various circumstances like virus attack to the device, accidental deletion, format or re-format process, deleting with Shift Delete keys, etc. Now assume a situation that you accidentally formatted the external hard drive and you had no backup data. And you also lost the chance to undo the process because it already erased all the data stored on that system drive. Now to recover the formatted data that accidentally occurred the best way is to make use of data recovery software. You can prefer any of the third party recovery programs that will effectively help you to recover data after format and re-format. And here you can come across the other data loss situations:

  • Format / reformat of drives – Before performing drive format or reformat one has to be sure that there is required backup data. If no backup is there the data will be lost because both the processes erase the drive data such that even though the data is still present on the drive it will not be traced by the OS.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin / Trash folders – These folders i.e. Windows Recycle Bin and Mac Trash stores all the deleted files. Thus it includes the files that are deleted unintentionally too. So emptying Recycle Bin and Trash might cause data loss because if you have accidentally deleted any data files then emptying the folder without checking the content will lead to data loss.
  • Re-installation of OS – When performing re-installation of operating system on your system many times the process forces you to reformat the drive to remove any threats that are present. Without this the re-installation will not be continued. And thus the process will erase all the data stored on the drive.
  • Corruption of Registry file – Registry file is one of the important components on which the system performance is based on. Registry file holds all the basic information of the hardware and software components and issues of the system. And also the registry increases time to time and as the file increases it affects on the system performance. And if this registry becomes too big then you have to re-format the system that will in turn lead to data loss.

The software can be easily used to recover formatted data on any system and here is the link for the software, http://www.recoverdataafterformat.net/. This software utility can be used for better recovery of all types of data files and here is the software features mentioned:

  • Easily helps to recover files that are deleted intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Retrieves all the data files after drive format or reformat processes on Mac and Windows systems.
  • Easily gets back the data files that get deleted due to the influence of any third party programs.
  • Helps to recover data from various hard drive file systems like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS+, NTFS5, etc

The software supports its working on various Mac and Windows systems that include Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2007, Windows 2003, Mac Lion, Mac OS Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Leopard. Here you can also use the demo version of the software. Go through the site that will provide you the option to download the demo software for Windows and Mac systems.

Best way to recover deleted data

Generally external hard drive users have a misconception that after any file is deleted from stored location it can be lost forever. But, actually it isn’t precisely correct, whenever any user deletes her or his file from hard drive only it’s pointer to that particular location is destroyed and also the stored data remain at saved location unless it’s overwritten by any other file. After, deletion of file system propagates an email to operating system that area can be obtained for saving any new file. Thus, if any user has lost her or his file then they may be able to recover them if Windows Hard Drive Recovery software is implemented before overwriting of internet data.

Occasionally external computer drives lose their data as a result of accidental format. Suppose you have attached your hard drive for modification along with storage drive like pen drive. One of several pen drive you have attached is virus infected and also since it doesn’t holds any important file, so you have decided to format it. But after a length of time you remarked that, as an alternative to formatting the pen drive you formatted external hard drive. Thus you’re left to accuse no person apart from yourself. Within this remorseful situation you are able to recover external hard drive data by use of Windows Hard Drive Recovery which exactly meets the given state of affair.

Another common basis for files loss from external hard drive occurs because of improper control over hard disk drive. Usually peripheral drive users remove there hard disk drive from computer without performing proper procedure, for this reason improper activity of users hard drive some time gets corrupted. This corruption of hard drive makes each one of the files on these storage location inaccessible, thereby leaving users to remorse upon his / her action. In case any user is in the same circumstance and require reassessing those files that are lost due to improper ejection the real key needs to use Windows Hard Drive Recovery application. In addition to aforementioned scenarios of internet data loss from windows hard drive are accidental format, partition table damage, mbr damage, virus attack, accidental deletion, etc.

Windows Hard Drive Recovery software has one of the better scanning algorithm which scans entire hard disk drive for that desired files in few minutes of the company’s application. Any user who may have lost his / her files from external hard drive may apply many for retrieving the anticipated data. Miracle traffic bot works with for focusing on different brands of hard drive including Toshiba, Dell, Transcend, Buffalo, etc. If user wants to recover any particular file from hard disk drive then he may also use its name, date of creation, or file type for recovery.

Thus by evaluating strongholds of Windows Hard Drive Recovery software we can easily suggest that technology-not only for file recovery from peripheral hard disk drive. Any user may get it from internet for evaluation purpose.

Best tool to recover file from hard drive partition

Any brand new system comes with a single partition of hard drive. It is upon the users that they can divide it into number of parts. Say if you have 500 GB hard drive it can be partitioned into five parts of 100 GB each. If in any case files from any of the partitions of hard drive, gets inaccessible than it can be restored by application, of recovery tool like Partitions Recovery. It easily scans all the hard drive and recoups all the lost files within few minutes.

There are many ways by which you may lose command over your files from hard drive by virus attack, file system corruption, power surge, accidental deletion, accidental formatting, software malfunction, etc. Suppose you are internet geek and due to this virus have attacked your file system. This attack has left all your hard drive inaccessible because MBR of the system has been corrupt. So if you wish to recover data from corrupt hard drive you need to install tool like partitions recovery. Any PC may also lose its file due power surge. Let’s suppose that you are working on system and due to power failure, the file on which you were working gets lost. So if you wish to recoup any file from hard drive you need to have tool which can recover under such circumstances.

Suppose you are having a lot of junk files in one of your partition of hard drive. So in order to remove them from system you implemented shift deleted command on them. Later after some time you realized that accidentally you have deleted some other file which had great importance. So if you wish to recover files from partition you need to implement tool Partition Recovery which all the features for such state of affairs.

But prior to recovery of files users need to emphasis on some issues, so that files are not lost permanently:

  • Prevent using the partition from where you need to recoup your files.
  • Do not install or download restoration tool at location where files need to be recovered.
  • Never reformat or defrag partition from were recovery is required.

Some of the other phenomenal features of this tool are:

  • It supports different hard drive such as HP, Samsung, Western Digital, Maxtor, etc.
  • This software can recover files lost from virus infected drive.
  • Scan entire hard partition to restore files within minutes.
  • Recovered files can be organized on the basis of name, size, type, date if creation, etc.
  • Supports different file system.
  • It supports partition recovery  for windows operating system.
  • This tool can easily recover files from hard drive which is lost due to MBR corruption.
  • It supports different formats of windows operating system.

Therefore by going through the features of this tool we can easily state that for recovery files from partitions of hard drive, this tool can be used for easy recovery of files. You can easily get this software from internet for trial usage.

A proper approach to recover files from flash drive

Formatting is the procedure of creating a new file system on the hard disk drive and erasing the present content of your hard drive. But we occasionally experience data loss situations because of various reasons. You could have find composite data loss situations due to formatting or reformatting external hard drive with no an appropriate data backup. In these disastrous scenarios very important data may be lost just in a couple of seconds. Some individuals might imagine that lost data in such cases is not recovered in any way. Nevertheless the simple truth is that you can recover data from formatted hard drive by using any superior removable media recovery software.

Some data loss situations through which hard disk may be formatted by accident are briefly described as follows.

  • Unintentional or accidental formatting: There are numerous solutions to format hard disk. While following any one of them data could be lost due to simple human error like unknowingly formatting a wrong drive or other storage device in error while trying to format a few other drives. Besides this data could be accidentally formatted while reinstalling new operating-system not having a proper data backup.
  • Improper or incomplete formatting: Loss of data could be occurred because of incomplete or improper formatting of the hard disk drive. This situation can cause corruption of your hard disk drive resulting in data stored on it becomes inaccessible.
  • Reformatting partition: If you are looking for conversion of one file system to another then you need to reformat the hard drive. However, encountering of the error during file system conversion will cause hard drive get corrupt and also this situation can result in making the data stored in it inaccessible.
  • Formatting of a hard disk with all the disk management utility: On Windows systems, a disk management utility allows you to perform several disk related tasks like format a drive, delete a previous partition, modify existing partition, and make up a new partition. Suppose you have accidentally formatted a single drive or complete hard disk simply by using a disk management utility, it might lead to the data loss.

It is suggested to avoid installation or storage of any other new program or file into the formatted hard drive. This avoidance will decrease a few chances of permanent loss of data and make your lost data resistant to getting overwritten. Anyhow, you will need to be worried about loss of data since you can completely recover files from flash drive even after accidental formatting through the use of Windows data recovery software. It really is specially designed for recovering your data which can be lost due to any of these data loss scenarios. This utility could also be used to recover data from flash drive, flash memory card, compact flash card, and portable hard disk drive after formatting them by mistake. Demo version of this file recovery software program is available for download on the net; with the aid of this you are able to preview the recovered data. After getting satisfaction with the trial version, you can go for purchasing the complete version software.

How to recover data from hard drive

We all use computers to store our useful information. The information stored can be financial reports of the company, spreadsheets, important documents etc. Many times we may have deleted these data accidentally or may have deleted it to make way for new data. There is no need to panic as data deleted can be easily recovered using recover hard drive software.

Hard disk is the core component (secondary storage device) of the computer where all the data is stored. It can store large amount of data. The data storage capacity of the hard disk varies from 250GB to 2TB. We can store any kind of digital information on it, such as texts, photos, videos, audios etc. There are instances where these data from the hard disk might have lost or deleted due to some human errors. Hard disk data recovery software comes to help in these cases. Even you can recover crashed hard drive data by making use of these tools.

There are many scenarios where the data from the hard disk can be deleted or lost. Some are mentioned below

  • Virus attack: – Viruses are some program which get installed on the system without the knowledge of the user and destroy important files.
  • Accidental formatting: – The hard disk may get accidental formatted by the user. In this way he may lose his data.
  • File conversion: – During conversion of the file system from FAT to NTFS, an error can occur. In such a case there are chances of the data being deleted.
  • Partition error: -While partitioning the hard disk by using third party tool there is possibility of occurrence of error. In this way loss of data can happen.

There are many other cases where the data loss can happen such as improper shutdown of computer, sudden fluctuation in power when computer in use, corruption of file system etc.

There is no reason to worry in any situation of logical data loss, as the data lost can be easily recovered without any hassle. There are many data recovery applications available; one must choose a user friendly application to recover the deleted data. Hard drive recovery software is one such application which can recover lost or deleted data from any hard disk. It uses a powerful algorithm to scan the disk and display all the files which were deleted or lost for some reason. No technical or soft skills are required to use this application, as it is simple to use and efficient to work. It supports recovery of data from all the file system used by Windows OS. It can recover any type of file and gives you a preview option to view the files before restoring. The restored file can be saved on CD/DVD or any storage device and can be accessed as per the convenience of the user. There is an option to use smart scan which can recover the files even though the file system has been changed many times. To know more about the software you can download the trial version from official website and use it for free.



Software for Hard Disk Recovery

In today’s scenario, everyone has PC or laptop. Computer became a fundamental element for every individual. Small fault within our computer raises a major problem for us. Hard disk corruption is among the most common problem which people face usually. Hard drive is like a heart of a system, in the event it fails it leads to the device crash.

What happen should your hard drive get corrupt? Or accidentally you delete any partition? As hard drive holds all your system data, if it is corrupted, you lose all your crucial information. If you are suffering from the hard disk corruption problem, then don’t worry. Every problem has its own solution, because the slogan says this issue also offers a fix, i.e. Disk drive recovery software. This software can certainly straighten out your computer data loss problem and support all major brands of hard drive. Seagate is among the most popular brand for hard disk. Quite sure could also restore lost files from corrupted Seagate external disk drive due to bad sectors, virus attack, and file system corruption and so on. Along with the recovery, if you understand data loss scenarios then, recovery becomes simpler. There are lots of scenarios, which cause loss of data like-

Accidental Deletion of Partition:-Sometime while setting up a new partition by using Windows Disk Management tool, we accidentally delete old partition. Once a partition is deleted, you will lose all of your vital data, which it holds; the only way to recover the data from the deleted partition is disk recovery tool. It can recover that delete partition along with its lost files/folders.

Formatting of hard drive or logical drives:-Sometime, while formatting your E drive, you accidentally format D drive. And you lose all your important data, which held in the D drive. By utilizing Disk recovery tool, you are able to retrieve your drive data back. As once you format drive, this doesn’t mean data loss. Formatting means you’re only clearing the drive for storing new data. Your old info is actually not deleted permanently; it is there inside drive itself.

Crashed hard drive:- When a hard disk crashes it doesn’t boot and you will see blue screen of death in your system. This happen as a result of virus attack and malware which comes while accessing internet or by connecting every other corrupted device to the system. Abrupt shutdown of system is another excuse as a result of which hard drive crashes.

Corruption due to Bad sectors:- Hard disk having bad sectors makes the file inaccessible and intensely slow in displaying the files. If you’re continuously using this corrupted disk, it could corrupt more data and damage the drive. To cope up from such situation, disk drive recovery software creates a disk image of files on your hard drive. Creating disk image is sort of a cloning a hard drive. From this disk image, you can actually fetch your lost files back.

Reformatted hard disk: -While reformatting hard drive, we customize the file system on our existing partitions or hard disk, as if you want to upgrade the file system from FAT32 to NTFS. As the drive has new file format the data that was earlier on FAT will be lost because of formatting. By using Disk recovery tool, you can retrieve your data easily.


Such as this there are so many data loss scenarios which result in loss of data from hard drive. Are you looking for drive recovery tool then without worrying much, go for Disk Drive Recovery Software. Download its free trial version; possess a preview of the recovered files, and save recovery session. To save your recovered partition or drives, go for its full version and recover your lost data.

Data recovery from deleted partition in Mac OS

Tools are built with different hardware combination, and to communicate with these different hardware combinations, we want Operating System. Based on this requirement, most of the companies have started developing their OS. With the current economic scenario, we have been having countless systems like Windows, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX etc. Away from these, Macintosh is easily the most popular OS manufactured by Apple.
Mac OS is incredibly common nowadays. It had gained popularity in very a shorter time due to its advance features like Magic Mouse, Magic Track pad, Wireless Keyboard, Time capsule etc. Its different versions can be found in the market like Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion. In Mac OS, hard disk is called as volume. Hard disk drive is partitioned into various sections like volume1, volume2, and the like according to requirement. What happen if you accidentally delete volume?
In this case, you start worrying as you don’t the way to get back the deleted partition / volume? You shouldn’t have to bother with the deleted partition as Mac recovery from deleted partition is possible by using Mac recovery tools. By utilizing this equipment, you can actually recover your deleted partition. Additionally, it helps one to retrieve data from corrupted or damage volume. Using this tool, it is possible to recover data from your external removable drive also. If you lose data from the external hard drive, don’t worry because this software will also support Mac recovery from USB drive. Let’s have a glimpse of some data loss scenarios that made you to understand the cause’s of data which helps in file recovery.
Scenarios which results in data loss

  • Practice utilizing Command Delete combination for deletion to skip the garbage
  • Commonly corruption occurs in volume header or sometimes in Catalog File eventually causes the data loss
  •  If the deleted files size exceeds the size of Trash
  • If Apple Partition Map get corrupted
  • Disk verify and repair tool is failed
  • Improper shutdown of system

Precaution to avoid data loss situation

  •  Use “Safely Remove Hardware” option while ejecting the drives.
  • Backup creation is amongst the best choices to refrain from the information loss whilst how often of information.
  • Better to use a trust worthy storage media to avoid wasting the backup.
  • Updated antivirus can begin to play natural part to refrain the grade of data.


However, there are some more scenarios, which end up in loss of data. In like manner recover those files; you don’t have many options. Best is Mac recovery software. Once you are sure to the recovery you’ll be able to opt for the Mac Recovery Software entirely on internet, which ensures the partition recovery. Installing the software program is very basic and they come in the snap shots that offer a clear look at recover file. Download the free demo version of the software if you find yourself delighted by the results then you can download the full version of the software and can easily undelete the actual required partition or desired files and folders.

Best method to recover Seagate hard drive data

Nowadays most of the people prefer Seagate hard drive to store data. Seagate is a most popular hard drive used over the globe and this manufacturing organization is established in 1978. The first hard drive which was released by Seagate is ST-506 and its size is 5 MB. After this, Seagate has released various hard drives, with different sizes.

Whatever may be the brand of hard drive that you are using, sometimes you will get difficulties when you lost data from hard drive due to software errors or user mistakes. The files from the hard drive might be disappeared from their stored location. Then you cannot recover Seagate hard drive yourself, without using third party tools. There are many recovery tools available on internet, so that you can easily recover Seagate hard drive data through downloading best reliable software in your computer.

There are different reasons, but the result is always same that is loss of files from the hard drive. Let us discuss some of the important scenarios of data loss from the Seagate hard drive.

  • Accidental deletion: Normally, the deleted files are stored in Recycle Bin, so that when you realize that the deleted file is important then you can restore it from the Recycle Bin. But sometimes the deleted file bypasses the Recycle Bin, which causes the permanent loss of file. It happens when the deleted file size is larger than Recycle Bin or if you have deleted a file using Windows command prompt.
  • Accidental formatting: The data can also get deleted or lost due to accidental formatting of drive or partition.  Sometimes you want to format a partition, but mistakenly you might format another partition in which you have stored important files. In this scenario also you will end up with data loss from Seagate hard drive.
  • Virus attack: Virus attack is a big threat to computer, and because of this most of the computer users facing serious data loss situations. Virus can corrupt files partially or often it will delete complete file.  Virus can occur due to browsing of some third party websites and downloading contents from unauthorized sites. So, it is highly recommended that you can avoid occurrence of virus using quality antivirus software.

There have been also other reasons of data loss such as file system corruption, hard drive corruption, operating system crash, partition corruption etc. whatever may be the reason, you can recover Seagate hard drive using some third party software like hard drive recovery software.

Hard drive recovery software is a best data recovery tool available on internet. No matter how the data was deleted or lost, you can recover Seagate hard drive data with ease. To recover files, first it scans entire hard drive using strong inbuilt scanning algorithm. You can also view the different types of files based on their signatures, using “File Type View” option. You can also use this software, even if you have deleted files from Recycle Bin. One can also download demo version of this software and estimate hard drive recovery.

How to recover lost data after format?

These days most of the people facing the issue of lost or deleted data due to formatting the hard drive , pen drives , USB drives , memory sticks , etc. Hard disk or hard drive can be a storage device where all the files along with the programs are stored. The several types of computer drives are as follows: IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics, SATA , SCSI , SAS – Serial Attached SCSI. When the hard drive gets corrupted on account of some reasons, you should format it to make it accessible. Generally, the files stored on the drive get deleted once we format the drive.

Whenever we format drive , we’re going to lose the important data , photos , videos from the partition. With the help of formatted data recovery software, we can easily recover lost data partition which has been accidentally formatted or reinstalled operating system. It is the most favored partition recovery software. It can recover over 300 file types unique signatures.

The scenarios
through which data will likely be lost after formatting hard drive partition are:

• File system conversion:
Throughout the file system conversion, errors may occur and might corrupt that partition. So, perform formatting so as to make it accessible. lead to loss of precious data.

• Partition errors:
If we attempt to create new partitions, partition errors will be encountered due to which perform the formatting that leads to huge data loss.

• Virus attack:
Because of virus attack, hard drive partition could be corrupted which is required to format the hard drive that results the loss of data.

• Accidental format:
It can be one of the common problems faced with the users due to which they lose their important data. You could possibly format a partition accidentally while formatting another partition for that complete data present on the particular partition will probably be deleted and you would require recover file software.

• OS re-installation: Re-installing formatting of
hard drive partitions. If you had taken the backup of your important data then it’s fine, or maybe you need a competent recover file program to recover deleted data.

You should take some precautions before installing the OS on your computer & while formatting partition on the hard disk drive. First, you have to take the complete backup of the important data on any removable storage devices. Secondly, check your hard disk drive to repair any bad sectors on hard drive. Still, if you find deleted or lost data on your own hard drive, then download this software.

Whatever may be the scenarios, we can easily recover lost data after format by using formatted data recovery software. This software can establish disk images to skip bad sectors. It recovers the data from formatted or re-formatted drives. It recovers the information from re-partitioned drives. It recovers the missing data from your deleted, lost and corrupt partitions. It recovers the missing data through the deleted, lost and corrupt partitions. This software also supports recovery data from external hard disk drives, USB drives, memory sticks, pen drives etc.