Appropriate procedure to recover lost photos from SD card on Mac

The use of SD cards is to store the user’s data in the digital information format. Most commonly the SD cards are used in various portable electronic devices like cellular mobile phone, digital camera, printer, PDA, laptop computer and video camcorder etc. SD cards are used to store the media files such as digital photo image files, music files, and video files. Sometimes you may lose the media files stored in the SD card due to accidental deletion or formatting when it is connected to the Mac computer. But nothing to worry the deleted or lost media files will not be removed until a new data is overwritten on them. In such kind of a situation you can recover lost photos from SD card on Mac by making use of a good memory card software.

SD cards are divided into three categories namely standard capacity (SDSC), high capacity (SDHC), and extended capacity (SDXC). The storage capacity of the SD card ranges from 2 GB SDSC card to 2 TB SDXC card. Secure digital card is developed and marked by several companies like SanDisk, Transcend, SanDisk, and Matsushita etc. However, photos from the SD card may get deleted or lost due to various situations like damage or corruption to the file system on the SD card, accidental deletion of photos, abruptly taking out the SD card during transfer of photo and accidental formatting the SD card etc.

Sometimes when you connect the SD card to your Mac computer, you may get the following error messages on computer screen.

“This card cannot be read.”


“This card cannot be used.”

This kind of a situation may be caused due to corruption of a file system on the SD card. A file system on the SD card may be corrupted due to various situations like accidental ejection of the SD card from a card reader or digital camera during transfer of photos, accidentally choosing the format option in the digital camera or on your Mac computer and suddenly cancelled it, and improper shutdown of the system when SD card being used by the computer etc. Such kind of a situation may lead to photos stored on the SD card become inaccessible.

The digital cameras will have an option to delete single photo as well as multiple photos at a time. For deleting all photos at a time you will get one option in digital camera called “Delete All”. While previewing the photos if you accidentally used this option then all photos stored on the SD card will be deleted.

Anyhow, you can recover lost photos from SD card on Mac computers by using a memory card recovery software. It also supports Mac recovery for OS X operating system. By making use of this software you can recover deleted or lost photos with various file formats like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD and also RAW photos with file formats like CR2, CRW, ARW, SR2, KDC, K25, DCR etc and other media files with various file formats from the SD card. You can download the demo tool to evaluate the recovery results by previewing the recovered photos.

Recovery software are there to recover the data from iPods

“There are a wide range of features that make iPod so good” what exactly are iPods, and what makes this device so much popular? There are lots of such features which makes device so well and also in demand, and all of this is manufactured truly by Apple Company. Stewart a teenager student and also a music lover, once in a class confronted with a question which has been asked regarding music technology and smartly he replied. I am a great fan of gadgets and technology which comes in one after the other and the latest gadget with which I am impressed that is certainly apple iPod touch 4.

Not simply Stewart there are many more users and fan of technologies that happen to be so concern about their hobbies and also the ways to kill time. IPod are the initial choice of users who all are excited about music as it is the very best mean. IPod’s features causes it to be so powerful device like portability, very easy to user, reliable along with the most prominent feature is it can save photos inside it. The technology has bought by Apple. IPods are receiving compatible, portable and last although not the very least facility to save pictures apart you can use it anywhere to savor the songs. And you can also watch HD videos and can watch them anywhere that suits you. It’s ease of saving media files can make it more robust. Latest versions from the iPods are also effective at clicking pictures as they are keeping the inbuilt cameras.

Being so powerful and a lot wanted device still suffers from data loss as every storing device suffers with. In addition to being it’s the sufferer of data loss most of the time the data sheds from it and therefore the user of the device confronts with all the loss. But there are several ways you can do iPod recovery.

User are supported to take a moment regarding saving data in iPod, there are numerous types of files which can be held in iPod but one most significant format in order to save the file is photo which can be saved in iPod but it’s not surprising object that individuals should have that is if photos are lost from the iPod as iPod recovery can be done so as you are able to recover iPod photos .

Answers to every problem exist and also the measures which are the precautions definitely are time-consuming but are lenient to save the data. So let’s see dos and don’ts.

Precautions (PRE) and Scenarios (SCE).

SCE • IPods are compatible if abruptly disconnected than have the risk to get rid of the data when transferring is going on.
PRE • gradually disconnecting the iPod must be done by using safely removal option from system.
SCE • Formatting of iPod intentionally or unintentionally that will delete all of the data inside.
PRE • Backup creation will be the sole method to recoup from format.
SCE • Virus attack through corrupted file already kept in iPods.
PRE • Always install antivirus within your system to prevent attack of virus.

So if these precautions fail whilst and still one want to do recovery than one need to download the software from online and after that she or he is going to be facilitate you while using feature to recuperate the data from iPod.


Picture recovery from different digital cameras

Cameras were invented in order to preserve precious moments of life in the form of crystal clear image for life time. Many cameras are there in market to compete with each other, camera make the moment precious. Years had been spent to cross the way from hard copy negatives to digital photo negatives. Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Samsung brands are there which assures for the best click with best picture quality.

Camera uses memory card or flash memory cards to save photos. Every camera have its own format to save the data, and these picture are saved in different ways. Digital picture are saved on different medium after they are extracted from camera. The photographers have RAW photos option which is used to give the best quality of picture. NIKON have extensions NEF where as there is some other format to save the files and they are ARW, SR2, ORF, RAW.

Different sources are there to save photos as stated above, simultaneously all these medium suffers from data loss once in a life time. Even though there are various security procedures to save the data and preservation but still they either get deleted or get corrupted. Then if these data is corrupted in device then what is left to do the thing left is recovery. So if you are having Nikon camera and have lost the file then what can one do.  Nikon photo recovery can be done by using some recovery tools.

Nikon is having various launches of cameras, and they are different in style, quality etc, etc. Like, coolpix is one of the model name. What so ever the model is but they do have to suffer from the data loss. Nikon coolpix picture recovery can also be done but talking about recovery or doing recovery is not that reliable.

All people must know why they are losing their data, so have a glimpse to avoid data loss.

  1. Photos if deleted accidently while previewing.
  2. Transferring of photos lead to deletion as there is less battery in the camera while transferring.
  3. Memory header card corruption or format of card can lead to loss.
  4. Unwillingly/unknowingly pressing delete all button.
  5. Removal of memory card not done gradually or not done properly.

Precautions which are meant to deal to save the data loss.

  1. Check cameras battery while using camera (transferring of photos, clicking photos etc).
  2. Keep a check on battery and if not that enough then try to avoid transferring of photos.
  3. Do keep good battery back so that function can be performed vigorously.
  4. Do have a back up of stored photos or keep backups before formatting.
  5. Avoid changing cards within cameras.

As these precautions and scenarios are known to you but there are some other scenarios which are not known to you and which corrupts data in the storage media and you can’t even skips from it. So if you are suffering from loss then don’t worry as there is still one option left and that is of recovery. Download the software from internet which will give you feature to do the recovery.

Guidelines to recover photos from external hard drive

External hard drive is a storage device which can be connected to a computer using USB cable. Every computer has an internal hard drive to store data. However in sometimes, the internal hard drive may not have enough space to store data. In this situation, you can store extra data by connecting external hard drive to your computer. The external hard drive is portable that is you can carry it anywhere. You can also transfer data from external hard drive to your computer or even laptop. In external hard drive you can store any type of data such as audio, videos, images, photos, pictures, text document etc. The different types of external hard drives are SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. However in some situations you may lose your important photos from external hard drive due to software errors. The deleted or lost photos may be your marriage photos, your child’s first birthday photos, your vacation trip photos or any other memorable photos. Then the photo recovery from external hard drive can be done by using third party utility software.

Some of the important reasons for photo loss from external hard drive are discussed here. Most of the times photos from external hard drive are get deleted due to human errors such as accidental deletion of photos by using “Shift + Delete” key combination and unintentionally deleting photos from Recycle Bin. If you have deleted any photos from Recycle Bin, then you will lose these photos permanently. Another human mistake is improper ejection of external hard drive from your computer. The removal of external hard drive while transferring data causes hard drive corruption. Then all photos from corrupted external hard drive become inaccessible. One more important reason is accidental formatting or re – formatting of external hard drive. Sometimes you may get error in your computer after connecting an external hard drive like “your external hard drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now”, then all data from your external hard drive disappears within few seconds if you select format option. The photos from external hard drive are also lost due to file system corruption. The main reason for file system corruption is improper shut down of your system. If you turned off your system while running any application software causes file system corruption. In all these above scenarios, you will lose photos from your external hard drive. Whatever may be the reason for photo loss, you can recover them by using “Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition” software.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition is a good media file recovery software available in market. By using this software you can recover photos from any type of external hard drive. This software supports to recover different types of photos such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF and PSD. You can also recover RAW photos from different types of cameras such as Canon, Nikon, SONY, Panasonic, SAMSUNG etc. This software also has “Preview” option to view recovered photos before restoration. You can download demo version of this software to evaluate recovery results.