The fundamental features of quality data recovery programs

So what qualities must the best data recovery programs possess?

The first quality to look for in a data recovery tool is user friendliness. As with almost every piece of software in existence the designer of the program seems to have assumed everyone already knows how the program works. So a good data recovery program should include two features. These are a complete set of easily understood instructions and a user-friendly wizard style interface. A wizard style interface will let anyone with even the slightest amount of computer experience follow simple steps and run recover data software. You answer questions by checking boxes and the program does the rest.

Of course this is all for naught if the program you purchase is not built for your computer operating system. Better data recovery companies have a specific program for the various generations of Windows as well as other operating systems such as Linux and MAC OS X.

So, make sure you find Windows recovery software for your PC and Mac for your MAC.

Next the program we select for our data recovery project must have a certain degree of speed. Modern hard drives are huge, some over a terabyte in size. An obsolete program will take a full week to search a hard drive of that size. Search algorithms vary greatly from one data recovery tool to the next. You must find a program that can deep scan a hard drive at a rate of at least one GB per minute.

In data recovery, you get what you pay for

A final factor in choosing the best data recovery program is price. Don’t be misled by programs promising to do it all for just $34.95. These are always obsolete programs that can only accomplish a simple fast scan for recently deleted files. Look to spend from $99.00 to $449.00 for a quality data recovery program that can completely scan a large drive in around three hours and will return around 95% of all files even from a reformatted drive.