Quicktime Not Playing Mov File on Mac

MOV is a video file format that comprises of dozens of numerous video and audio codec’s. In addition, QuickTime media player supports only MOV file encoded with MPEG-4 or H.264 video and AAC audio. However, sometimes when you record MOV video file from digital camera or downloaded from website are not playable on QuickTime player compatible with Mac operating system. Are you not able to play various memorable MOV video file on QuickTime player running on Mac machine? To solve such undesirable situations, one should quickly employ MOV Repair tool to repair MOV video file that will not play in QuickTime player on Mac computer.

However, with the support of codec algorithms in QuickTime player, one can easily attain this compression process efficiently. In spite of this superior flexibility and video quality, you will be unable to play MOV video file in QuickTime player on Mac due to some reasons including header corruption, codec errors, incompatibility issues, etc. In some situations, QuickTime player stops responding making you unable to play MOV video file. To get over such undesirable circumstances, simply use MOV Repair utility to fix Quicktime not playing MOV file on Mac computer with utmost ease.

Why MOV Video File won’t play in QuickTime player on Mac?

  • Sometimes, due to missing or corruption of video frames in MOV file can lead to mismatch between these entities. In such situations, MOV video file cannot be played in QuickTime player on Mac
  • There might be instances when MOV video file is unresponsive in situations such as header corruption due to severe virus attacks, improper termination of MOV file
  • At times, because of codec errors in MOV video file make it unplayable on QuickTime player on Mac machine
  • Sudden power surge or abrupt termination of Mac machine while transferring or downloading MOV video file become problem for playing MOV video file in QuickTime player on Mac

In order to overcome the above-mentioned reasons behind unplayable MOV file in QuickTime player on Mac, one should backup your precious MOV video file on other storage device. Always, try to use compatible versions of QuickTime player to play MOV file on Mac machine. Otherwise, you can use this ready to use software to repair corrupt or damaged MOV files that won’t play in QuickTime player on Mac computer. It has automatic repair option separate out video and audio data streams and adjoins them to create relevant playable MOV video file in QuickTime player on Mac with ease.

Besides, you can employ this professional software to repair corrupt MOV, MP4, file unplayable in QuickTime player on MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac at your fingertips. This software is capable enough to repair MOV video file that are truncated or get abruptly finalized by the camera due to faulty firmware. Further, to grab information about how to repair corrupt Canon MOV file, simply tap here www.movrepair.net/corrupt-canon.html . It facilitates you to preview repaired file before saving to the desired storage location. With the help of this award winning software, it’s possible to fix unable to play QuickTime MOV file on Mac OS X Lion,, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc.