Recover Videos from USB

Did you just lose your videos from the USB? You accidentally formatted the USB drive instead of formatting another drive in the system? Well, you need not worry because you can easily recover videos from USB using Remo Recover.

USB drive or pen drives are one amongst the most used storage devices because it is portable. It is easy to use, any file of any size can be stored in a USB depending on the space availability. Nobody wants to lose videos because they are part of the entertainment.

A video can be lost or deleted accidentally, apart from losing a video what are the other situations faced by a user? Corruption of a pen drive file system may lead to Format Error, which will force the user to hit the Format button. Videos can get lost when the USB is ejected abruptly

Some other reason for loss or deletion of videos from USB drive:

  • Human mistakes like accidentally deleting video files from USB drive is one of the main reasons
  • Corruption of USB device file system might lead to “Format error” that force you to erase complete data stored in it along with your videos
  • Abrupt ejection of USB device or power failure while accessing or transferring videos may result in loss of videos that are under processing
  • Suspicious virus/malware attacks on the USB pen drive will result in its corruption and make its data inaccessible inducing your previous videos stored in it

USB Drive Recovery Software- Remo Recover

The lost or deleted videos from USB drives can be recovered easily by using a powerful USB Drive Recovery Software.  Remo Recover is powerful enough to recover lost video from USB on a Windows System. The Video File Recovery Software has a user-friendly interface which makes it simple. The application can also recover photos, videos, audios and other files from USB drives. You can also restore files from hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards and much more. The application is compatible in most of the Windows Operating System.

Steps to perform video recovery from USB drive:

  • Install and run the application Remo Recover to
  • Connect the USB drive to the system in order to recover videos from USB Drive.
  • Follow the main instruction, choose the option Recover Photos.
  • Then click on the option Deleted Photo Recovery to restore the deleted videos. You can also use Lost Photo Recovery option if you want recover missing or lost videos.
  • The tool will begin the scan process and display the logical and external drives.
  • Choose the drive from which you need to restore the deleted videos and click on the Next Button.
  • Select the videos that needs to be restored.
  • You can now save the recovered lost videos to the desired location. Do not save it in the same USB drive.

The working of the Video File Recovery Software is illustrated in the video given below:



Recover videos from sd card with ease

Does any recovery software that will recover my image files as well as my video files from my sd card including the folder structure of the lost files?

I need a tool to recover the formatted videos from my sd card  .It’s a 16 GB sd card data recovery and the tool must be good enough to recover all my deleted files in no time?

I want recovery software that should be capable to recover photos from sd card. It would be even better if it recover my other files additionally which are designed uniquely.

Yah!! Yah!! To recover deleted photos from sd card    is not a tough job after all it can be highly possible with the help of recovery software. Main thing that should be kept in mind is the scenario at which the video deletion takes place. There are several scenarios that lead to a deletion situation. Information lost can be recovered from all the scenarios except for physical damage to the sd card and the deleted video memory is rewritten i.e. the sd card is used again. For this we need to do only one thing just find a good recovery software, download, install it and start recovering the deleted images and videos from the sd card  by connecting the Memory stick with the PC. Only little recovery software is capable of recovering the videos and other datas with the directory structure choosing them will be a wise choice.

Sd card formatting:

SD card formatting is one of the major scenarios where the data is deleted at a large quantity. Here the entire data in the sd card is completely washed but there is one such possibility that the entire data is not washed away entirely. A portion of it does exist which is well useful for recovering the entire data files and folders. For this we have to make use of data recovery software because the data recovery tool that will rewrite the deleted data for the user.

Cards used:

So far the types of SD cards available in the market are SD.SDXC, SDHC, XD, MMC, CF and etc .Each of them differ each other in the way that data’s are stored in it, data retrieval and fetching. The File system used is depend on the size and the way the data is touched .To recover the information from those is an easy task by using a revival software. A renowned recovery tool must be capable of restoring the images from any kind of file system that are supported in both the operating system such as FAT, HFS+, NTFS and HFSX. It should be capable recovering the data even from SD card partition and change in file system structure. One of the kinds that provide valuable results while recovering the SD card for lost photos is mentioned below.

Superior reasons that support this data recovery tool are.

  • Ø Free of the type storage devices as it can be used in SD cards and other storage devices as well such as pen drives, fire wire drives etc.
  • Ø Has been a good recovery tool even for data that are affected by strong viruses and botnets. It skips the virus file and recovers only the necessary files.
  • Ø The select and recover option for the user which helps to recover only the necessary files which in turn saves time
  • Ø Formulated optimized search and recover algorithm that scan and deliver video files quickly which are not mostly found in others
  • Ø Most importantly recovers videos from lost and formatted volumes of the storage device.
  • Ø It recovers generic videos file types (like MOV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, 3GP etc.) as well as music file types (such as MP3, MIDI, MP4, AIFF, WAV, RAW, AMR etc.).

For getting and installing you don’t have to a précised field expert just follow the instruction

  • Ø Get and install it in a separate volume away from deleted data volume
  • Ø Run the tool select the type of file and how its lost then start recovering the files
  • Ø At once the file is recovered store it in a new location. Keep in mind that save option will be available only in full version