Don’t be a Tech Geek to Repair PST using this Software

PST (Personal Storage Table) is a Microsoft Outlooks database file which contains all the data in the attribute Email folder, Contacts, Calendar, Journal and Tasks.

This files contains very important data of the person so it should be kept very securely. But unfortunately due to the circumstances the file can be corrupt or damaged and because of this heavy loss can occur to the user.

Now the question arises in the mind of the user that is there any way to fix the PST file. If you think it is impossible then you are wrong in today’s time variety of repair software are present in the market that can repair or fix your PST file.

Now the questions arises what are the circumstances due to which the PST file gets corrupt? We should know the situations and all the reasons why our PST file gets corrupt or damaged, we are a tech geek so we should know the scenarios where PST file may become corrupted or damaged when using Outlook.

There are so many circumstances due to which the PST file gets corrupt. They are as follows:

  • When your hard disk has some bad sectors and PST file saved on that bad sectors then there are the chances of your PST file to be corrupted.
  • If you are importing or exporting your PST file form the network and due to any interruption occurs in the PST file may lead to the damage of the PST file.
  • When you are working on the Outlook and power failure occurs, this leaves your PST file damaged.
  • Using the third party software to recover your files may also corrupt your PST file.
  • Virus can also harm your PST file by changing its header or modifying it.

Precautions we can take:

  • Always take the backup of your data y saving copy of PST file.
  • Close your Outlook in proper manner specially when send/receive operation is going.
  • Always keep updating your antivirus to avoid your PST get corrupted from different viruses.

Surprising features for instant PST repair:

  • The software repairs the file of all versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • It repairs PST file which gets oversized.
  • It effectively repair PST when Scanpst fails.
  • You can also recover deleted messages from PST file.
  • Encrypted PST file can also be repaired by using this software.
  • The new repaired file is compatible with all version of Microsoft Outlook.
  • It provides three options “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and select “Outlook profile”. Find PST option can help you when you don’t know the exact location of the PST file.
  • It recovers email messages, folders, RSS feeds, contacts, appointments, meeting requests, calendar items, journals, tasks, and notes from Outlook PST file.

How the software repairs PST file?

The software does not modifies the original file. Instead of modifying, it only reads the content of the original file and copy to the new PST file so that original file will not damage further. This software works on the automated process to repair PST file, it will find your PST file automatically and fix PST file.