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Hello friends! I am using Seagate external hard drive to store my important files. Yesterday I was checking my office files in that portable hard drive. At that time, I found some of files went missing from it. I don’t know how those files were deleted? Somebody please tell me how the portable hard drive recovery is performed?. Is it possible to get back my lost data from my Seagate Hard Drive?

You may save your important data are in your external hard disk as a backup. Most of you may think that the data stored in your hard drive will be safe and preserved. But the truth is, your data may get deleted from your HDD at any situation. Don’t worry. It is possible to perform portable hard drive recovery without any data loss. Recover Seagate tool recovers your lost or deleted data in a simple method using some advanced search options. This tool uses some advanced methods to recover data, that are lost or deleted from the hard disk drive. These are some of the situations, in which the data from the Seagate hard drive are deleted or lost:

  • Accidental File Deletion: Say for example, there some storage issues in your hard disk. You are forced to delete some of the unwanted files from your hard disk. During this time, instead of deleting an unwanted data, you may delete some other important data from your hard disk. This is one of the worst case in data loss scenario.
  • File System Errors: File system errors is also one of the reason for loss of data from the hard drive. Due to file system errors, your hard disk may become inaccessible and your files may also get deleted from the hard disk drive.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors present in the storage location of your data may cause deletion of data from the hard disk drive. These bad sectors are nothing but the damage in your storage disk.
  • Unintentional Formatting of Seagate Hard Drive: Sometimes, there are chances in which you may accidentally format Seagate hard drive instead of another drive which have to be formatted for some reasons. As a result, you may face huge data loss.
  • Other Causes for Data Loss in a Hard Disk: Switching off your system improperly, unplugging the hard disk without ejecting properly are some of the reasons for data loss from the hard disk.

Characteristics of this Recovery Tool:

Recover Seagate tool uses some advanced scanning algorithm in order to restore your lost or deleted files from your device. It creates disk images to prevent data loss, which may occur due to bad sectors. This tool provides “Save Recovery” method. Using this option you can proceed your recovery process without rescanning your files from the beginning. The recovered data can be stored in a separate storage device in order to avoid disk space occupancy. It also recovers data from hard drives, flash memory cards, Fire Wire Drives, USB Drives, etc. Data from drives that are not getting mounted or booted can also be retrieved.