Easiest Way to Retrieve Back Data after Formatted External Hard drive

With the development of external hard disk and its portability feature, most of the people prefer external HDD when it comes to storing huge amount of information. External hard disks are the portable hard drives whose data storage capacity ranging from several GB to TB. It can be easily connected to the computer via USB connector.  However, sometimes many users commit mistake and accidentally format their external HDD without tanking backup of data stored on it. In such situations, you should not fret!! You can easily overcome such problems in case if you need data from accidentally formatted external hard disk. Using good recovery software is one such best solution for you problem. Data Recovery after Format is one of the finest software in the world when it comes to restore data from formatted, reformatted external hard disks,

Following are the few common scenarios which lead to data loss after external HDD formatting:

  • An error encountered during formatting of HDD can corrupt the entire hard disk and it can make hard drive data inaccessible. Forcibly turning off the computer during formatting process can encumber the formatting and hence it makes the particular hard drive corruption. Instant power failure during format of the hard drive also makes the process incomplete.
  • There are instances where file system of external HDD gets corrupt due to virus infection. In such cases your external hard disk becomes inaccessible and to use it further you need to format it. In case if you have not taken backup of data stored on external HDD, then loss of crucial data is certain.
  • Apart from over two factors there are other reasons like partitioning or repartitioning, errors occurred while doing file system conversion etc.

When you format external hard disk you will certainly lose everything stored on it, no matter which formatting method you take up. Consequently, it is very essential to back up the whole thing you might require later. Though if you don’t have a legitimate backup, you can still chances to restore data from formatted external hard disk drive.

To evade losing data from external hard disk due to any of the above factors you can take precautionary measures:

  • Before formatting external HDD or any particular volume you should take appropriate data backup.
  • If you’ve lost or deleted data already from your external hard disk then stops using the hard drive to circumvent enduring data loss. Because if you use that HDD further the lost data in that drive may be overwritten with new data which lead to permanent data loss.

To get back all your lost files from external hard disk you can use Formatted Data Recovery software. This tool rescues all data which has been lost due to formatting / reformatting / re-partitioning of external hard disks. It can easily restore files, text documents, audios, videos, photos, RAW pictures of cameras and many more. In addition to external hard disks, this application can be also used to restore data from various storage drives including computer or laptop hard disks, flash drives, memory sticks, pen drives, FireWire drives etc. To know more just click here http://www.datarecoveryafterformat.com/software-for-external-hard-drive.html