Email recovery software for Outlook express

Microsoft Outlook Express is available as a separate application and also as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Outlook Express stores all received emails in DBX file. It is used as a standalone application and can work with Microsoft Exchange server or Microsoft SharePoint server for various users in an enterprise. Outlook handles all data items and messages as objects in a data model. When an email is deleted from the Inbox of MS Outlook express it straight away moves to the “Deleted Items” Folder. This folder acts as a temporary storage for your deleted data in Outlook express. You can restore the deleted item back from it when you need them.

You are able to recover the deleted item if you are using Microsoft Exchange Server after removing it from the Deleted Items folder also. By default, Microsoft Exchange is provided with “Recover Deleted Items” option. If you are not provided with this feature you can ask exchange administrator to enable this feature. You can even specify Outlook express to automatically delete all messages from the Deleted Items folder when you exit from it. This helps to manage the size of your stored messages. Once, you have emptied the Deleted Items folder there is no chance to get back the data without using a third-party utility. These Outlook express recovery tool help you to recover deleted emails until they are overwritten by new data on the database. As soon as you recognize that an email is lost or deleted from your inbox or from any other folder, use the reliable DBX file recovery software to perform email recovery for Outlook express. Now the question comes how the tools are able to recover deleted or lost Outlook express data? Here the answer is, this can be possible with the help of a tool because when an email or message is deleted from the Outlook express it is not deleted permanently from the DBX file that is stored on your hard drive. The message exists on the database until it is compacted or email program cleans it up. So, using the best recovery software you can recover deleted Outlook express data.

One can use Repair Outlook Express (DBX) software to recover the deleted or lost emails from the corrupt or oversized DBX file. This supports repairing DBX and recovers emails from MS Outlook express. It is easy-to-use software that recovers emails efficiently. This software helps you to recover emails from emptied Deleted Items folder or deleted from any other Outlook express folder. This utility recovers email messages and all the other DBX file properties from Microsoft Outlook express. This software recovers email messages along with other attributes like contacts etc. Download and install the trial version of the software on your system. You can preview the recovered Outlook express data and check whether the software has recovered the data completely or not, using this demo version. Go with the full version when you are satisfied with the obtained results.