Free Download File Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

recoveryNow a day, people using computers for their professional and personal work. People save their every day work in the form of files. These files basically contain the information which is created by people and saves in system hard drive. Apart from computer hard drives there are a number of other storage devices which are also used to store these files. These external storage drives are available with different storage capacity, size, performances, comparability and durability. These portable drives are flash memory cards, pen drives, thumb drives, external hard drives, etc. These drives are most commonly used for saving files in order to carry files from one system to another.

Sometime people face some file deletion or loss issue from their storage drives. There are a number of causes behind file deletion or lost from storage devices. Once file get deleted or lost from external drives, it goes permanently. To recover these important deleted or lost files from storage device, people need an advanced recovery program which allows users to get back their deleted or lost files because there is no manual way to restore such deleted or lost files. Best File Recovery is one of the such efficient file retrieval program which is capable to get back files without any difficulty.

Before proceeding with the features of this application let us talk about some most common reasons which may lead to file deletion or loss from storage drives:

    • File deletion by using an untrusted third party software.
    • Malware and virus attacks on the system.
    • File system corruption of storage drives.
    • Volume map corruption due to improper system shutdown.
    • Incorrect formatting the storage drive.
    • Hardware malfunction or application conflicts lead to OS file corruption.
    • Occurrence of power outage at the time of working with system.

After deletion or loss of precious files from storage drive, firstly people should avoid to make the use of that storage drive because once the deleted files get overwritten with new one, then the possibility of file recovery is very less. Once the file gets deleted or lost from the storage drive, it does not delete permanently, only the pointer of that file gets removed from the memory and the memory location made free for new files. These deleted or lost files can be recovered by using Best File Recovery tool. It is such an efficient program which is capable to successfully carry out the files from various versions of Mac and Windows operating system.

Best File Recovery program supports file recovery from storage drives which having bad sectors by creating disk images. It also allows users to perform file recovery from hard drive partitions which supports various file systems including FAT, NTFS, HFSX, HFS+ etc. This app can identify the file type with the help of “Find” option and get back various types of files with the help of file attributes. This application provides all the necessary data recovery modules to retrieve files with complete folder hierarchy. Demo version of this application is also available by which people can check the performance and capability of this tool.