How to do Windows lost file recovery

Windows operating systems has many versions like Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows Vista. An operating system is a program, it provides services to application software and it manages computer hardware. Windows XP is an operating system which is used in personal computers, tablet PCs and laptops. Later Windows XP succeeded by Windows NT which has improved stability and efficiency. The different types of operating systems are multi-user, multi-tasking and real time operating system. In multi-tasking operating system you can execute multiple programs at a time. A system without operating system is useless.

In Windows computer a storage device is used to store different types of files. However the stored files may be deleted or lost in some situations. The reason for file deletion may be accidental re-formatting, partition deletion and virus attack. Windows lost file recovery can be done by using recovery software. The file recovery software recovers all types of files from storage media within few minutes.  Some important reasons of file loss from your Windows computer are explained below.

  • Accidental Re-formatting:  you may lose your important data due to accidental reformatting of your partitions. The partitions are re-formatted while reinstalling operating system. Re-formatting of logical drive may results loss of old data from that drive. So before reformatting your hard drive, backup your important files because you need to reinstall all files and any software you may use like Antivirus.
  • File system corruption: Sometimes the files from hard drive are inaccessible due to file system corruption. The file system is corrupted mainly due to unexpected shut down of your system. Therefore don’t shut down your system by turning off power, use options from windows for proper shut down of your system.
  • Partition deletion:  In some situations you may delete partitions from your hard drive by using Windows interface or command line. You will lose all files from deleted partitions or logical drives. The lost files from deleted partitions can be recovered by using advanced partition recovery software.
  • Virus attack: One more common reason for file deletion from Windows computer hard drive is virus attack. Sometimes the virus attack causes file system corruption. Therefore always keep antivirus software in your computer to avoid serious data loss situations.

However to recover lost files on Windows, you can use Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software which is especially designed for Windows file recovery. By using Windows file recovery software; you can recover all types of files from any storage device like hard disk, Pen drive, and Memory card.  This software recovers lost or deleted files effectively, because it has Turbo scan technology, it scans entire drive within few minutes. Also the recovery software can be used to recover lost files from formatted NTFS drives and FAT partitions. To recover deleted files, first you download this software in a healthy Windows computer and connect storage device from which you want to recover files. Before storing recovered files in a storage device, you can view recovered data by using preview option.