How to Erase Files Permanently???

In this crime growing world data security becomes more prominent. If you are intending to sell your computer to some third person, then you need to permanently erase your hard disk data. Crime is increasing day by day and we can’t guess the second face of the coin, so it became very necessary to erase the computer data permanently, before hand over it to some unknown person.  Usually, before selling or disposing old system, laptop or external hard drive, users erase data by using format option. But, they are unaware with this fact that formatting a hard drive is not at all sufficient.

Generally they think that clearing a file by using format option or deleting a file using “shift+ delete” keys, will removes the files permanently form the storage drive. This is totally wrong!! Because, when you delete any file from your system/storage drive or erase it by using format option, only the reference pointers directing towards the stored location of the file or a folder is removed and the removed files space is set as available to store new data.

The deleted files / folders can be easily recovered with the help file recovery software. If you want to sell your system, then this could be might dangerous for you. At this situation, make use of my file shredder to erase your file permanently. This tool empowers your with magic patterns, through which you can protect your personal data from being misused.

My file shredder is the best application available in the market to erase the file permanently from hard disk or any other removable drive. This outstanding tool makes use of nine different sanitization methods, which are approved by the government and defense groups worldwide. These standard sanitizing methods overwrite your system files and folders with junk or garbage values. If any mischievous mind person tries to recover personal files by using any proficient file recovery tool, then he will get only garbage or rubbish values.

This application also facilitates you to erase files from flash drive at your fingertips. With my file shredder program you can overwrite files maximum 38 times and it supports both Windows and Mac operating system. Its faster shredding speed helps in saving valuable time and system resources. Using this tool you can shred individual or selected files or folders from a logical drive.

In order to simplify the file shredding process, experts has designed the software named as my file shredder with a simple user interface. You can run this application on Windows XP/ Vista and Windows 7/Windows 2008. So, if you are planning to sell your system or any other flash storage device and want to erase its files completely then use this software. It’s free trial version is also available. You can download the free trial version of the software which has only three file shredding methods. To acquire all nine standard methods of file shredding you have to buy the licensed version of this software.

To eraser your confidential files permanently, launch my file shredder program on your system by clicking the shortcut icon from the computers desktop. On the left side of the open window, you will find all the drives present on the system. Select the drive from where you want to erase the files. As you select the drive, all the files present on the drive will displayed. Choose the files and click on file to add them into shredding zone. You can even go with the drag option and drop the files into the shredding zone. Click on erasing option from the tool bar to select the erasing pattern. There you will get nine different shredding patters. Select any one shredding pattern and click on ok button. After selecting the pattern click on erase files and folders option from the tool bar. Shredding process will start on the bases of selected shredding pattern. After the completion of shredding operation, a message would pop telling that your file is permanently erased.

Note: “Before download the software on your system drive make sure that it shroud have free disk space of 15 MB.”