How to recover data from dead hard drive?

The hard drive is one of the fundamental parts of your computer which is used to store all of your programs and files. The hard drive is also known as HDD or hard disk drive. In hard drive the data is stored on mirror like platter which is covered with magnetic recording medium. These hard disk platters are usually made by aluminum or glass. The hard disk contains several platters which are stacked on top of other and data is stored on these surfaces magnetically. Since the data is stored magnetically, the data from hard disk is not deleted even after your computer is switched off.

However in many situations, the data from your hard drive may be deleted permanently. This may be due to hardware or software problem. In many instances the hard drive crashes and it leads to data loss. Then you may worry how to recover data from dead hard drive. Before you going to recover lost data try to understand the reasons of data loss, because it helps you to avoid data loss once again. Some of the scenarios of data loss are explained below.

  • Accidental deletion: The user error is one of the most common reasons for data loss. Every   user makes mistakes and these mistakes sometimesresults in data loss. That is you may delete data by using Shift + Delete key combination unintentionally.
  • Accidental formatting: After formatting a hard drive you will lose all the information contained in it. This is happen because when the user selected incorrect device while formatting another device. The lost data from accidentally formatted hard drive can be recovered but don’t use hard drive before lost data is recovered from it.
  • Logical errors: The logical error mainly occurs due to software problems and system or file system corruption. These errors sometimes results in unexpected shutdown of the system. Then the improper shut down of system causes unsaved data loss.
  • Firmware corruption: firmware is a software tool which controls the hard drive operations and it tell the hard drive how to carry out various tasks. But due to the corruption of firmware, the operating system is unable to access the hard drive.
  • Viruses and malware: many of the files from your computer are deleted by virus attack. And in sometimes the viruses and malware leads to data loss through hard drive crashes.

The data from your computer hard drive is lost due to all these above reasons. And also there is so many reasons other than these mentioned above. If data is lost due to any of these reasons, you can recover lost data by using Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software. This software recovers all your deleted items from dead hard drive effectively, because it has strong scanning algorithm. You can download this software from Remo website, install in a healthy computer and run it to recover lost data. All recovered data is shown on your computer screen before restoring it. Finally you can store recovered data in any storage media.