How to Recover Deleted Photo Files on Mac and Windows Computers

Deletion of important photo from Windows and mac based computers are very common thing. But, this doesn’t mean you will never recover your deleted photo. It is very simple to recover deleted photo within few steps. So, whenever you lost any photos on Windows and Mac computers, just make use of Recover Deleted Photo Software and easily recover the deleted photo with few mouse click.

recover deleted photo

But, if you take some precaution you will definitely avoid such kind of photo deletion scenario like first of all you have to create backup of all files or folders. While deleting some unwanted photo be sure about it because some users unintentionally select some important photo while deletion. But it is also not guaranteed that backup files will always be safe and secure. But you don’t have to worry because this recover deleted photo software is 100% safe and secure and you can recover photo very easily. This software is a read only software and easily recover the deleted photo without damaging it.

Scenarios behind deletion of photos:

  • Changing of photo file from one format to another file format, may leads to deletion of photo from Windows and mac computers.
  • Photos can also be deleted on Windows and Mac operating system due to unintentional formatting of the hard drive partition. Formatting can be done on various devices such as memory card, flash drive, USB drive, hard drive, etc.
  • The deletion of photo may also happen due to presence of bad sectors or due to improper removal of external device. Due to this the file system get damage and you are not able to access any file from hard drive. So, you can employ this tool for easy recovering process.
  • Your important photos that may be saved on the some hard drive partition get deleted due to reinstallation of operating system.
  • Other scenarios which results in deletion of photos on Windows and mac computers are repartitioning of hard drive, Master Boot Record corruption, file system corruption, header file corruption, etc.

Features of Recover Deleted Photo software:

This software has inbuilt advanced and smart scanning engine which helps to scan the entire system within few minutes and recover the deleted photo from Windows and mac computers. It also recovers RAW photos in hassle free manner. This software is also used to restore different photo file format such as JPG, JPEG, PSD, RAW, GIFF, CRW, PNG, CR2, GIF, TIFF, etc. With the help of this software you can easily retrieve photos from different storage devices such as USB drive, Pen drive, external flash drive, SD card, CF card, MMC card, XD card, FireWire drive, iPods, SDHC drive, external hard dive, etc. It also supports photo recovery from various brands of digital camera and camcorder. The recovered photo can be preview before saving it to the desired drive. See more scenarios to know the function and features of recover deleted photo software.

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