How to recover files from formatted drive on Windows

Formatting is nothing but preparing a drive or storage medium for data storage and it also creates one or more file systems. If you format a drive you will lose whole data from it and hence always keep a backup to avoid data loss. The hard drive is used to store all kinds of files like text, audio, video and photos. But you need to format your drive properly before storing any data in it. There are two types of formatting; first one is low level formatting and second one is high level formatting.

However in some situations, hard drive of your Windows computer may be formatted accidentally. Then the operating system erases complete data of your hard drive and sometimes you need to choose recovery software for Windows file recovery from formatted drive. Hence keeping data backup is the best way to avoid such type of data loss situations. Before recovery of file from formatted drive, let us see some of the circumstances of data loss.

  • Sometimes you may format incorrect drive while formatting another drive causes serious data loss situation. While reinstalling operating system you need to select a logical drive where operating system is stored. If you select incorrect drive to store operating system, it will result in overwriting of old data and you will lose your important information from drive.
  •  Firmware corruption is another reason for data loss. Sometimes your system is unable to detect hard drive due to firmware corruption. Firmware is one of the software programs which are used to control all activities of your hard drive like space management and configuration.
  • The most common reason for data loss is human errors like overwriting old data and emptying Recycle Bin. Sometimes you might delete files and format hard drive unintentionally and you will face serious data loss situations.
  • The failure of operating system causes serious data loss situations. The operating system manages your computer hardware and it enables to communicate with software. The communication between hardware and software is possible only if you have operating system in your computer.
  • Your Windows computer hard drive may be get damaged due to sudden crashes of software. This leads to sudden shut down of your system and you may lose all unsaved data. Therefore to avoid such type of data loss situations, save files frequently while creating files.

These are the common reasons of data loss and you should be aware of these things to avoid loss of your important data. In case if you lose your data due to accidental formatting of your hard drive or any other reason, use Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software to recover lost data.  It is a professional data recovery software and it is developed by many experienced data recovery engineers. To get details of this software go through Remo website and also you can download demo version. This software is developed especially for data recovery from formatted hard drive on Windows. This software also has the facility to display recovered data on screen before saving it in storage media.