How to Recover Files from RAW partition

RAW partition is the disk partition. RAW file types do not contain any known Windows file system. We can easily access data on any mass storage devices directly at the single byte level. There is no need to go through its file system. A RAW file system is not used to store data because it does not contain any file system on the drive or there is no files or folders available on the drive. Sometimes, the RAW partition of the file system gets damaged, in such cases the operating system is not able to identify whether it is NTFS or FAT so you are not able to access the partition.

File system helps maintain data on the hard drives. It is beneficial to us because we can easily access the files or folders on the hard drive. File system helps to create an index of different files on the hard drive. But when file system damaged you lose all your various data which is saved on the hard drive partition. This leads our computer unbootable. The file system fails to work and makes all drive partition inaccessible.

So, if such kind of situation arises don’t get panic because there is a software which helps you to recover raw partition. This software is certified and trusted so you can easily use this software for recovering raw partition.

Factors responsible for raw partition:    

         Virus or malware attack: This is one of the reasons behind raw partition or file system damage. A virus attack can even damage your whole operating system.

         Third party interruption: During an exchange of data from an external device to a computer and vice versa, third-party interruption like virus attack can damage the whole partition and file system.

         File system error: While accessing the file system sometimes you are not able to open it because the file system is corrupted and makes the partition raw.

         Power surge: During transferring any file or folder sudden power surge can corrupt the hard drive. So, in such situation do not get rid of it because you can easily retrieve raw partition.

         Operating system reinstallation:  During reinstallation of an operating system it might damage the file system

Apart from this, there is also some identified scenarios which is responsible for raw partition like partition table corruption, improper shut down of a computer, damage in the boot record and so on.

Different types of error messages are display on your computer screen if the partition becomes RAW like file name show ‘uncanny or unnatural’ character, file system displayed as RAW, media drive is invalid, sector not found, etc.

Features of recover raw partition software:

This is the best software to recover raw lost partition. This software recovers up to 300 files type. It helps to recover raw partition even after reinstalling. You can easily preview the file before recovering raw partition. There is a ‘Find Option’ given in this software which helps to locate a file on the basis of file name, date of creation, size of a file and so on. Apart from recovering raw partition, this software has the ability to recover files from USB, FireWire drives, memory cards etc. It recovers RAW photos also. It can also recover data from RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partitions.