How to recover lost data after format?

These days most of the people facing the issue of lost or deleted data due to formatting the hard drive , pen drives , USB drives , memory sticks , etc. Hard disk or hard drive can be a storage device where all the files along with the programs are stored. The several types of computer drives are as follows: IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics, SATA , SCSI , SAS – Serial Attached SCSI. When the hard drive gets corrupted on account of some reasons, you should format it to make it accessible. Generally, the files stored on the drive get deleted once we format the drive.

Whenever we format drive , we’re going to lose the important data , photos , videos from the partition. With the help of formatted data recovery software, we can easily recover lost data partition which has been accidentally formatted or reinstalled operating system. It is the most favored partition recovery software. It can recover over 300 file types unique signatures.

The scenarios
through which data will likely be lost after formatting hard drive partition are:

• File system conversion:
Throughout the file system conversion, errors may occur and might corrupt that partition. So, perform formatting so as to make it accessible. lead to loss of precious data.

• Partition errors:
If we attempt to create new partitions, partition errors will be encountered due to which perform the formatting that leads to huge data loss.

• Virus attack:
Because of virus attack, hard drive partition could be corrupted which is required to format the hard drive that results the loss of data.

• Accidental format:
It can be one of the common problems faced with the users due to which they lose their important data. You could possibly format a partition accidentally while formatting another partition for that complete data present on the particular partition will probably be deleted and you would require recover file software.

• OS re-installation: Re-installing formatting of
hard drive partitions. If you had taken the backup of your important data then it’s fine, or maybe you need a competent recover file program to recover deleted data.

You should take some precautions before installing the OS on your computer & while formatting partition on the hard disk drive. First, you have to take the complete backup of the important data on any removable storage devices. Secondly, check your hard disk drive to repair any bad sectors on hard drive. Still, if you find deleted or lost data on your own hard drive, then download this software.

Whatever may be the scenarios, we can easily recover lost data after format by using formatted data recovery software. This software can establish disk images to skip bad sectors. It recovers the data from formatted or re-formatted drives. It recovers the information from re-partitioned drives. It recovers the missing data from your deleted, lost and corrupt partitions. It recovers the missing data through the deleted, lost and corrupt partitions. This software also supports recovery data from external hard disk drives, USB drives, memory sticks, pen drives etc.