How to repair MP4 file

MP4 file is a one of the multimedia file and it is a container format, which stores audio, video and subtitle data and other information. In order to play these MP4 file, you need three things such as splitter, decoder and playback tool.  Is one of your MP4 file not playable on Quick Time player? If so, then need to worry, corruption or damage of MP4 files are common in hard disk, iPod and other storage devices due to virus malfunction, file system error, frequently changing file type from one format to other.  Thus, in such situation, no need file repair software to fix those corrupt MP4 files and get back to original state without damaging it. This tool is capable to repair MP4 file after being corrupted by virus attacks on Windows hard drive. Apart from MP4, you can also fix MOV file after damage due to frequently changing its type.

Various reasons behind corruption of MP4 file

  • File header corruption: A file header consists of crucial data information about a file such as type, size, modified date, created date and other information. In case these information is deleted or corrupted due to virus attacks then files stored on hard disk become inaccessible including MP4 file and results in loss of video files.
  • Virus attacks: This factor is one of the most dangerous in corrupting files, which are stored in hard disk even including your MP4 files. Finally, after being affected by these virus attacks severely, file become inaccessible and results in loss of files.
  • Incomplete download: Suppose while downloading MP4 video file from internet if you download file incompletely due to some problems like internet connection problem and other then that download file shows CRC error when you try to open it.
  • User mistakes: Whenever you are playing MP4 video file, which is stored in USB drive by connecting into PC’s USB port, that time if ejects, USB drive suddenly then are chances of file corruption and makes your file inaccessible.

Since, whatever be the reasons behind corruption of MP4 file, by using file repair software you can mend it and make healthy MP4 file. This tool also repair MP4 movie file that are not playable on VLC player due to codec error.  While playing video file if audio and video is out sync then this tool separates audio and video data stream and fixes them properly. Finally adjoins them to make that video as playable. Moreover, in order to check its efficiency exclusively you can use demo version, in which just you can preview repaired video but in order to save that file to your disk, you should purchase full version.

Special features of this tool are:

  • Efficient tool to fix corrupted or broken MP4 and MOV files that are not playable on QuickTime player
  • It also fixes video files that are captured by many digital captures after faulty firmware
  • This tool repairs lengthy sized audio and video MP4 format files in a couple of minutes
  • Best tool to repair corrupt MP4 file on Mac OS based machines in a simple way
  • Effective with user interface which helps a novice user to operate this tool without much effort