How to Unerase Deleted Files?

Windows is the widely used operating system across the world and many applications are exclusively designed for Windows OS. Windows Os uses two major file systems namely FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) to hold files on hard disk. Information is generally stored in form of various file types like docx files, PPT files, excel files, Zip files, photos, audio files and lot more. You might lose these files in different data loss scenarios, out of which mostly users press “Delete” button to erase files. However, there is no problem as files that are deleted by using Delete button will be saved in Recycle Bin which are restored back to their normal state.

Deletion of files happens when you use “Shift+Delete” key combination or by emptying files from Recycle Bin. Accidental deletion of files might happen from Windows command prompt or by improperly using cut and paste commands to move the files. When you re-size or use some inefficient partitioning utility to create new partitions on hard drive could cause partitioning errors as a result of which file can get deleted from existing partition. When you use Windows Disk Management utility to delete partition from hard drive, files may get deleted from existing partitions. Accidental formatting and reformatting of hard drive partitions could erase files from computer hard drive.

Additionally, crash of hard disk due to bad sectors present onto it, file system corruption, improperly turning off the computer because of power failures or operating-system crash might lead to loss of valuable files from Windows. Files which are deleted due to previously mentioned scenarios can’t be unerased using any of manual methods; you should employ some good file recovery utility like unerase erased files to get back lost files with ease. You will need to take few precautionary measures to prevent files loss from Windows PC. Don’t use inefficient tools to create or delete partition on hard disk drive and avoid using “Shift+Delete” button to prevent accidental deletion of files. Stop accessing files when there are constant power variations or when file system is corrupted to stop loss of data.

Whatever may the reason behind loss be of files on Windows OS, you can obtain back your deleted files with the use of unerase erased files software. This best software has ability to unerase files from FAT and NTFS formatted drives and from drives having RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array. It has the special in-built algorithms to find and recover more than 280 file types by using their unique file signatures. You can comfortably employ this effective file recovery tool to unerase files from Recycle Bin without damaging the structure of file system. It extends its help to unerase files from flash memory cards, external USB drives, various iPod devices, etc. It restores all sorts of text files, multimedia files, and animation files. It works compatibly on all recent versions of Windows operating systems viz, Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Download the trial version of unerase file recovery utility and estimate its performance over the recovery results you obtain at end.