iPod Classic Songs Recovery

“I had saved various songs and precious pictures in my iPod Classic and for transferring data to iPod; I have connected iPod to the system which helps to synchronize with iTunes. And while transferring songs and other files to iPod Classic I was encountered with various synchronization errors and due to which the iPod unexpectedly stopped working. After removing the iPod Classic, I was shocked to see that many songs and other files were missing from it. However, I need to recover lost songs and other very important files from iPod Classic. Can anyone advise me the correct solution to regain those data from iPod Classic?”

IPod classic is the best music player introduced by Apple Inc. preferred by many music lovers to play songs. It is one among the cool gadgets released by Apple in which user can listen to music, watch movies, capture pictures and can also watch TV shows. Its huge memory is sufficient to hold all these files without any problem. However, there are times that user might have to deal with loss of songs from iPod classic such as:

  • Restoring iPod classic to factory settings: It is one way to resolve errors and issues occurred with iPod classic like frequent freezing / hanging, sudden power off, etc. But by resetting iPod classic to default manufacturers settings user might have lose valuable files saved on it
  • Synchronization issues: After connecting iPod classic to Mac computer, synchronization takes place in order to allow user to perform read and write on iPod, However, at times when this is interrupted it can cause missing or loss of files from Apple iPod
  • Human mistakes: Accidentally erasing most important files from iPod, while doing the process of deleting unwanted files, user might select necessary files which results in deletion of essential data from iPod

In these above instances users will face severe data loss from iPod classic and lose hope. But, there is no need to worry because deleted or lost data from iPod classic can be recovered with the help of third party iPod classic data recovery tools. One such efficient program for Restore iPod classic songs lost after synchronization on system is Recovery My IPod. This excellent software is capable of restoring pictures, songs, videos, etc. of different file types from iPod models like Nano, Mini, Classic and Shuffle. Recovery My IPod helps user to recover songs from iPod Classic that are deleted or lost due to various reasons. This application also works brilliantly in extracting media files from different storage devices like hard drive, external hard disk, memory cards, SSDs, pen drive and so on with utmost ease. This program is compatible to rescue media files from FAT and HFS file system devices on Mac machines running with OS X 10.5 and above operating systems. Download the demo version of the software (free of cost) which helps user to restore iPod classic songs lost after sync and allows the user to preview the recovered files.

Working procedure of Recovery My IPod software:

After downloading Recovery My IPod software on your machine, install it. In order to restore iPod Classic songs lost after synchronization user needs to connect iPod to the system from which files have to be recovered, and now run the program. In main screen, click on either Deleted Photo Recovery or Lost Photo Recovery, according to data loss situation. Next, from the list of drives in upcoming screen click on the drive that represents iPod Classic. Program scans the iPod drive to get back the lost or deleted data within few seconds. Later, view the rescued files, it provides user with two view types. Preview recovered files to verify the content. At last save these files to desired destination location.