Learn How to Install the Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard In iOS

The personal computing of the oil and vinegar are going to be together and it is due to Word Flow keyboard of the Microsoft MSFT +1.94% has brought to iOS. According to the report by The Verge, Microsoft brings an excellent swipe-style keyboard as an addition and it will have an unique one-handed mode, the advantage of this mode is it will allow you to type using a keyboard and will fans out from either corner.
Most of the users don’t know about installing this new keyboard as an option. In the Swype you may be confused with sideways glances and you need to whip your index finger around instead of thumbs on glass or hunting and pecking.
In an iOS 9 the Apple has done an excellent job and there is nothing wrong with stock. In order to reduce fat fingering the wrong keys, the special tweaks are made and it is the predictive suggestions.
In the suggestions from many users, it is convicted that the Swype is one of those crazy things and it is going to be needlessly complicated and time will be consuming than whatever it worth’s. Once the Swype starts leaning your typing style, the text entry will get tear on your iOS device far faster.
The perfection is not good and the predictive algorithms are too clever in order to be good for them. Now the question arises is how to install a new keyboard in order to bring with. On the other side there are plenty of apps in the App Store and they all require some deep involvement in your iOS Settings, so that it can get up and running.
Here is a handy tutorial for settings, that can be used once you dint get any guide to follow this process.
In the Settings, click on to General and scroll down for some time until you get to Keyboard. Now select the Keyboards on the keyboards screen. Now the main thing you need to do is, you should click Add a New Keyboard. Now the newly-installed third party keyboard should be listed on the screen in the appropriate spot.