Methods to recover MOV file from Mac

MOV file is a commonly used video file extension by Mac users. This file format is usually played on Quick Time player produced by Apple Inc. This file format is popularly known because of it is easy to use and fast streaming option for audio and video over the internet.

This video file type supports all the versions of Mac OS X like  Sierra, El CApitan, Ypsemite, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, lion etc. It is used in different electronic devices like iPods, iPhones, MacBook Pro laptops, digital cameras etc. However, the hard disk of your laptop or computer stores these MOV files safely but losing data from MOV files has now become a major problem. This is because of some unknown reasons and you may end up losing all your valuable data stored in it.

Look at a scenario where you recorded a video of your best friend’s birthday party by making use of professional DSLR camera. One fine morning, to view the video file with your friends you connected your camera to MacBook laptop through the USB port. But while viewing the videos accidentally you removed the camera without using safely remove hardware option. Later when you reconnected if you were unable to access the video file as the file got corrupted. Now you must be upset and wondering how to restore MOV files, Mac?

No worries, it is easy to restore MOV file Mac by making use of file recovery tool. The best data recovery software is Mac recovery tool which helps you to get back all your important files stored on the Mac computer.

Apart from the above loss scenario mentioned there are some more cases of data loss which you may come across while making use of Mac devices:

Common data loss scenario:

  • In case if the user plugs the data storage device improperly then it may corrupt the MOV file stored in it which results in loss of data.
  • In Mac computer, catalog file is used to store and manage the files in proper manner. If this file gets corrupted it damages the file header of your video file which causes huge data loss.
  • If you turn off your digital camera or laptop while transferring file then it may damage the files stored on it and you may lose data stored in it.
  • In the event, if the antivirus software is not updated on your Mac computer and you connected any of the data storage devices then the files may get infected by the malicious virus causing data loss.
  • There are situations where external data storage drives which are utilized to store video files malfunctions due to some unknown reason, this damages your video file resulting in loss of data.
  • Generation of errors while creating new partitions by using unreliable third party partitioning software also leads to data loss.

If you want to get rid of any of the data loss scenario described above then you need to follow some of the protective steps like Eject your data storage device using proper exit option, regularly updated your computer with antivirus software to remove deadly viruses, Take a regular backup of important Mac files.

Even after following the necessary precautionary measures there is an instance where you still come across data loss from Mac. Thus there are many data recovery software which is now available in the market to recover my files MacBook Pro with ease. This tool is specially designed to repair unplayable video file types like.MOV or.MP4 on Quick Time application and restore data from it.

This tool is capable of restoring deleted images from Mac computer of various file types like JPG, GIF, PNG and other RAW file formats. This software comes up with an inbuilt tool called “Find Tool” that allows the user to find the restored files in the recovered data list. It also helps you to retrieve important files deleted from Mac operating system like Leopard, lion, Snow leopard etc. This software identifies different file types and recovers them on the basis of their unique signature. This utility can also restore data from lost /deleted volumes, formatted or reformatted volumes and re-partitioned drives. This software helps you to recover files from a variety of secondary data storage devices on Apple Mac.

Following are the few simple steps which you need to follow in order to use the software effectively.

Install the demo version of the Mac file recovery software on the hard disk of your Mac computer. Now run the tool and select the appropriate recovery options which you face while using the software. When you are done with your recovery process you can judge the functionality of the recovery software and if it meets your requirement then you can purchase its full version available online.