Reparing Word File after Showing Unreadable Text

Recently I have created a word document in my Windows system, which is contained information of an application’s working procedure and steps. After a few days, I was about update the word document so I opened in my system but content was unreadable. I tried opening in other system too but the error I got.  Since that document is very valuable to me and I cannot create again which takes lot of time. How should I repair it? Is there any valuable tool to fix this issue? If so, please provide information in detail.

No need to worry this kind of error in word document is very common but you can easily fix this issue using built-in repair option is given an all versions of MS office i.e. while opening your word document use repair and open option instead of open. After following this option, still if you face the same issue in your word document then you have to get assistance from third party repair tool like Word Repair Recovery that can scan your word document very thoroughly and fixes all sorts of issues with it to give a healthy readable word document in few simple steps. Hence, it is one of the best applications to repair unreadable word document on any versions of Windows OS at your fingertips.

Before knowing more about the application, learn why word document shows unreadable text after opening on any versions of MS office

  • Virus attacks: Most of time word document become corrupt and leads to unreadable word document when file is severely attacked by virus attacks. Usually these virus attacks enter your system when you share infected files, connecting infected device, browsing infected sites, etc. After entering, starts corrupting files stored in a drive and finally makes them inaccessible.
  • User mistakes: Sometimes user trying to open a healthy word document in inappropriate office application may your word document lead to unreadable text.
  • Improper shutdown: At times, you are updating a word file if system suddenly shutdown due to power issues or due to any reasons even though word file is in use may result in unreadable word document.
  • Improper ejection: Consider you accessing word file that is stored in USB drive by connecting it to system. In such situation, if you eject the connected device out without using safe remove option and file is in open mode might result in inaccessible word file.
  • Header corruption: A file header hold a file’s information includes size, type, date, name, etc. All these information are needed to access a file. Suppose if your word file header gets damaged then it results in inaccessible word file.

All the above-mentioned reasons might make your word file unreadable and thus leads to loss of valuable word file from a system. However, if you have come across this kind of situation then no need to worry; since you can easily repair word document by recovering its contents, hyperlinks, images, format, font, etc  with the use of Word Repair Recovery tool in few simple steps.

Various advantages of using the application are

  • Repair word file shows unreadable text, which is created on various versions of MS Office
  • Fixes damaged, inaccessible, corrupted word file with safe and secure
  • Avoid further damage to your original word document since it takes duplicate file to repair
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 etc
  • Allows you to view repaired word file prior saving to your disk
  • Supports  word file created on MS Word 2013, 2007, 2003, 2000, etc
  • Supports both doc and docx word file formats
  • Restores text, formatting, OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks from corrupt word files

Special advantages of application are

  • Safe, secure and Easy to use
  • Quickly repairs word file documents
  • Provides free technical assistance via email and live chat applications
  • Application is completely free from all forms of threats

Safety measures

  • Install the best antivirus application in your system to kill virus threats
  • Do not store word file in infected storage devices
  • Always try to open file in supported MS office
  • Do not abruptly terminate the system when word file is in use

Note: Before using the application make use of demo version and test whether the application can fix your word document to give a healthy accessible file on both Windows and Mac system.