Seagate drive recovery software on Mac OS

In the present day we come across large number of hard drives for various storage purposes.  Seagate Slim is one among them that is used to store data on Mac systems. Mac systems are widely used for entertainment purpose rather than business purpose because of its user friendly features that focus on graphics, multimedia functions.

Seagate is a brand 1 backup storage device for Mac systems. While using Seagate drive with Mac system the data on the drive get lost or becomes corrupt due to various reasons. Assume that you accidentally formatted the drive while using it on Mac OS X. The problem raised is that you have no backup of files and the formatting process has erased all the data from the drive. In such situations of data loss you can recover deleted files using data recovery software on Mac OS X only if the drive is not overwritten. The data from Seagate drives can be lost because of the following numerous reasons:

  • Accidental formatting or re-formatting – When you accidentally format or re-format the hard drive, the data files on the drive will be lost i.e. will be made inaccessible and hence you lose the data. But the data is still present on the drive that can be recovered using recovery software.
  • Deletion of files using Command+delete keys – When you delete a file using command and delete key combination or sometimes accidental pressing of the key combination command and delete keys will delete the file that will not be stored in Trash instead it bypass trash and thus data may be lost.
  • Corruption of Operating system – If the Mac OS gets corrupt due to some false operations or if the OS suddenly crashed then the data on the drive may be lost some times.
  • Due to virus attack – If the Mac hard drive is infected by harmful virus then the data stored on the drive gets corrupt and hence it may be lost.
  • Improper interface of drives – When you are transferring files from the drive to the Mac OS, if the interface or the connectivity between both of  them is not proper then the file that is being processed may get corrupt.

In whichever way the data gets lost on Mac hard drive you need not worry at all unless the drive is not overwritten. To recover deleted files on Mac OS make use of this recover utility.The software supports on various versions of Mac operating system and also for various kinds of storage drives like Seagate drive, USB flash drives, etc and helps to recover deleted files. The software handles all the situations of data loss and easily recovers lost files on Seagate drives. The files that are deleted from Trash can also be recovered easily using this recover utility.

Some of the remarkable features of the software are:

  • Effectively recovers data from lost Mac partitions and volumes.
  • Restores data of all file types that include word file, documents, presentations and also media files.
  • Retrieves data from formatted or re-formatted drives on Mac OS.
  • Recovers data from corrupt drives and damaged hard drives of various types like USB flash cards, CF cards, etc.
  • Supports recovery of files that are corrupt due to virus attack or malware.

Here are the steps for how to use the software:

1. Connect the drive to the Mac OS from which you want to recollect the lost data.

2. Download the software from the given URL on the internet and install it on the Mac system to different location. (Not on the same location as of the drive.)

3. Now run the software, it asks you to select the drive from which you need to recover data. Select the drive and proceed.

4. The software scans for all the lost or deleted files on the drive and prepares a list of those recovered files.

5. Select those files which you need to recover and save it new location.

You can try the software for recovering lost data from any of the drives by making use of demo version of the software. Click here to download and check for its performance and if the software works effectively then you can purchase the complete software.