Software to Restore Deleted or lost files

Files are act as a container to store data in system. File system plays vital role in arranging these files in a particular order and providing random access to user.The main purpose to store files is to use and retrieve them in future. The files may be of different formats, such as text files, which helps you to carry your day to day official work, notes, documents, and the photo files of your memorable moments and your favorite media files etc. In Computer system hard drive is the main storage device to store data, memory cards and external storage devices are used to transfer and store data.FAT files system is used in these removable devices to organize files in proper way.

In day today busy, hectic schedules one may face frequent data loss scenarios, because of silly mistakes or by system failures. Let us consider an employee who is in hurry to attend meeting and want to restore some supporting files from systems temporary storage such as Recycle Bin, which are deleted. But something goes wrong instead of selecting restore option he pressed delete option. Thus he lost supporting files which are necessary to his presentation. In this real time data loss scenario becomes most depressing issues to that user.Instead of searching about how to find deleted files on your system or any storage device, it is suggested to use FAT Recovery software.  This is the one of the most used tool, designed by data recovery experts.  This recovery utility is best suited to restore lost or deleted files from hard drives, flash drives, and external hard drive etc. And this program supports different file systems such as FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 etc. If you eager to recover deleted or lost data click on following link:

General scenarios which leads to file deletion or loss:

  • Removing files using Shift + Delete keys: When any user use this key combination to delete a file then it bypasses the Recycle bin, thus there is no chance to restore those files. Using data recovery tool you can instantly recover these files and you can also recover FAT partition that accidentally deleted.
  • Malware or virus infection:This is one of frequently occurred cause to data loss, if PC user uses unsecured network to download any files may prone to virus. Thus it may corrupt entire file system or hard drive, this cause’s huge amount of data loss.
  • Installing multiple OS into system:During installing one or more operating systems into your system, if any interruption like power surge makes hard drive crash this leads to files inaccessible.
  • Corruption of file system: If you following wrong steps while changing file system on Windows OS, then this leads to loss of files stored in it.

Helpful instruction to be follow:

  • Keep backup of essential files before installing dual Operating Systems, while changing files system and upgrading any application.
  • Always recommended to install anti-virus software to protect from malwares, spy wares and Trojans etc. And use your PC in secured and authenticated network.
  • Use Data Recovery software to retrieve lost or deleted files effectively. To learn more about this application read its significant features.

Advanced feature of FAT Recovery utility:

The software is capable to restores all lost or deleted files from various files systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, ExtFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 of system hard drive, flash cards, external drives and so on. File recovery software retrieves lost or deleted partitions, and rescue files after formatting/ reformatting/ reinstalling the Operating system. And also recovers lost files due to journal corruption. This tool has a capacity to create disk images to bad sectors in systems hard drive, because of its advanced algorithms. It’s restores 300 diverse file formats. It retrieves media files (audio, video files), archives, images files, documents, PPT files and many more.

File Recovery tool also available in free demo version by this you can verify recovery results. Without any technological knowledge you can run this version and it provides preview of lost or deleted files.  This demo version has limited access; it does not allow you to restore files back to system. Once you had experience with demo version and impress by its functionality then you can purchase licensed version.