Steps to retrieve pictures from crashed hard disk drive

HDD (Hard disk drives) are the most popularly used data storage media across the globe to store or save their crucial information. Information contains precious pictures, video files, audio songs, movies as well as other data files. Hard disk drive allows customizing of information according to the need of the people. Pictures are highly preferred by the people to remember wonderful memories of their life time moments. They are captured by using different digital cameras and are stored in hard drives so that it can be retrieved whenever required.

However, if these hard drives are damaged or corrupted due to any logical or physical reasons then it will result in loss of all of your precious memories stored in the form of pictures. In case you are going through such data loss situations no need to be panic, it is simple to retrieve photos from crashed hard drive deleted or lost by making use of photo recovery software. This recovery tool scans the entire hard drive and recovers the deleted files by using its unique file signature. Just take a look on below mentioned some more scenarios which result in data loss.

Causes of data loss from hard drive are:

  • Hard drive crash because of virus attack corrupts the stored data and leads to loss of data.
  • Corruption of Master Boot Record (MBR) is the other main reason for hard disk drive crash.
  • Improper shutdown of the personal computer might lead to corruption of system files which also causes hard drive crash resulting in data loss.
  • Any kind of interruptions during re-partitioning of logical hard drives leads to loss of data.
  • Software malfunction of the computer as a result of some reason when the memory card is connected to it results in corruption of SD memory card and causes data loss.

Well, if you have a backup of your deleted or lost data then you’re lucky!!! You can restore the data with utmost ease. But, in case you don’t have a backup!!! Now you must be worried and thinking that data recovery is not possible? Just relax!!! This is not the case, when you delete any data from the hard drive; just the links pointing to the location of deleted files are erased from the file directory structure. You will be surprised to hear that the deleted files are still present on the same memory location until you store new files over that storage space. Thus, don’t use the crashed hard drive space before recovering all of the deleted data. This avoids overwriting of original data and makes the data recovery possible.

File recovery is possible with the help of some powerful data recovery tool such as photo recovery software. This utility is capable of restoring more than 300 various file types from different data storage devices. This software can successfully recover images deleted from SD card, MMC card, CF card, SDHC card and other types of memory cards without facing any difficulty. This tool can even retrieve files from formatted or missing partitions and from inaccessible hard drives in just a few basic steps.

First evaluate the trial version of the photo recovery software and install it on the hard disk drive of your PC. After installation of the photo recovery tool just double click on the desktop icon to launch the application and then choose appropriate recovery options. Once you are done with the photo recovery process you can preview the list of recovered files. In case you are pleased with the recovery results you can buy its full version available in the market.