Undelete files from formatted NTFS drive

NTFS is the “New Technology File System”, this file system is supported by windows – 2000, windows-2003, windows-XP, windows- vista, windows-7 operating systems. Some times, you may accidentally format your NTFS partition and then realize that you have lost valuable data or files, which are stored on it. Before trying to recover files from formatted NTFS partitions, you have to take certain precautions so that the files / folders are not lost forever and can be retrieved with ease using various data recovery softwares.

The precautions to be taken are – Avoid using the system any further for writing / saving any new data as it may over write the previous contents or files. In fact, files are not deleted / lost when you delete them or format the drive, the link to the particular file is removed from the address table. After deletion the space in which the deleted / lost file was stored is just marked as “available” or “free space” until or unless this free space is overwritten by new data, previous files can be retrieved back, if these precautions are not taken it becomes difficult to recover formatted NTFS files from the drive.

Formatted data recovery software allows the user to recover your valuable data from formatted NTFS partitions, memory cards, USB drives, external hard disk drives etc. instantly. Formatted data recovery software helps to undelete SD card files, corrupted hard drive data. This software is capable of recovering and restoring data from formatted SD cards, XD cards, CF cards, MMC, FireWire drives and iPods quickly and efficiently.

It will allow you to recover office files, photos, email archives, audio and video files from corrupted or damaged NTFS partitions / drives, corrupted / formatted SD cards, formatted memory cards, USB drives etc. The recovered files can be stored to the hard drive of the laptop or PC, to another removable storage device or any accessible drive or can be burnt to CD / DVD.