Best Way to Get Back Deleted Files

It is very common that when you want to delete some useless and junk files from you desktop’s hard drive, and then by mistake you end up with some useful data deletion from your computer. If you find yourself in such type of situation then no need to worry, you can easily recover your files that are deleted by mistake. There is a very popular tool which can come handy to handle such type of situation. File Restore is one such type of tool which has earned much appreciation from industry experts. It has got a special algorithm by making use of which it scans the storage drive and recovers deleted file very easily.

There are many scenarios where you could end up in file deletion from your computer. Some of those which are most frequently occurring are as mentioned below:

Accidental Deletion:  This is one of the most popular and frequently occurring causes where you may end up in important file deletion from your desktop. Suppose, you want to delete some junk folder from your hard drive and during choosing files you by mistake you select some important files then it is deleted from your system. To know more about file restoration visit:

Emptying Recycle Bin: This is another possible scenario where your files from hard drive is get deleted. If you wish to empty your Recycle Bin folder, with the aim of freeing hard drive. Once you select empty all option then all the data residing in Recycle Bin is deleted, if there were any important files then that also get deleted along with this. Now to recover deleted files from desktop you can utilize file restore.

Recovery of deleted files from desktop is possible as long as you do not store new data on hard drive from where your valuable file has been deleted. Because, if you continue to store new data on this then due to overwriting of data, the chance of file recovery is completely reduced.

File Restore tool is capable to recover files from Windows different version including Windows 7, XP, Vista and many other external storage drive like flash drive, external hard drive and many more very easily. This tool has ability to recover lost and deleted files from desktop due to system crash, use of shift and delete command. It can easily recover files from formatted/ deleted partitions from a RAID5, RAID0 and RAID1 array in just a fraction of second. It has got an ability to identify all file types including office files, audio, video and other important file types. You can recover files or other useful data from FAT 16, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5and ExFAT formatted partitions or drives. It provides a way to sort recovered data on the basis of their signature, name, size, date of creation. Once the recovery is done you can preview recovered files prior to recovering them. It has a special feature called “Save Recovery Session” which comes handy to save scanning history of hard drive which can be utilized latter to avoid rescanning of hard drive.