Software to retrieve files from storage media

The most effective software which can efficiently recover files on Mac OS X or Windows operating system files recovery tool. Files recovery utility uses powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire drive of the storage device to identify the file types and restores the lost or deleted files by making of file attributes. You can run the software all the versions of both Windows and Mac operating system.

In this technological era, computers and laptops have become an integral part of society with people depending on them to save their activities in both business and educational field. These devices use a hard drive with various operating systems such as Mac OS X, Windows OS, etc. in order to boot the computers. The hard drive of the computer contains file system which is used to keep the important data in a proper manner.

Based on the OS which you are using in your computer there are various file systems like for Mac OS X HFSX and HFS+ file system is used and for Windows FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT file system is used. But under some situations, the data stored in Mac or Windows hard drive may be lost due to various reasons like accidental deletion, emptying Trash (Mac)/ Recycle Bin (Windows), formatting and many more unknown reasons. Below are some of the data loss scenarios which are commonly faced by the regular users of the computer.

Reasons which are responsible for file loss from computer hard drive:

  • Unexpected termination of a computer when some of the applications are not closed properly leads to file system corruption causing data loss.
  • While trying to free up hard drive space you might accidentally delete files some of the essential files from Recycle Bin which in turn results in loss of files from Recycle Bin.
  • Any type of interruption during partitioning of a hard drive may cause loss of files from that particular hard disk partition.
  • Malware attack the computer can corrupt the files which are important for booting the OS resulting in loss of data.
  • Emptying Mac Trash without checking the contents stored in the files may make you suffer severe data loss.
  • People format their drive in order to remove viruses and speed up their system performance which erases the entire data and leads to loss of data stored in it.

It is always advised to create a proper backup of crucial files and store it in some reliable external drive so that when you lose your data it can be easily retrieved by making use of the created backup file. If you do not have a backup of the lost data then only files recovery tool will help you to get back your lost files. This software is easy to use, proficient data recovery tool which can recover files deleted from Recycle Bin, memory cards, USB drives, pen drives, external HDD and more just in few basic steps.

You can get the demo version of this software by simply clicking here. After downloading it install the software on your computer and start the recovery process by double-clicking on the desktop icon. In case you find that the software had restored all your lost files you can buy the licensed version of the tool and retrieve your data from Mac or Windows computer.


Free Download File Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

recoveryNow a day, people using computers for their professional and personal work. People save their every day work in the form of files. These files basically contain the information which is created by people and saves in system hard drive. Apart from computer hard drives there are a number of other storage devices which are also used to store these files. These external storage drives are available with different storage capacity, size, performances, comparability and durability. These portable drives are flash memory cards, pen drives, thumb drives, external hard drives, etc. These drives are most commonly used for saving files in order to carry files from one system to another.

Sometime people face some file deletion or loss issue from their storage drives. There are a number of causes behind file deletion or lost from storage devices. Once file get deleted or lost from external drives, it goes permanently. To recover these important deleted or lost files from storage device, people need an advanced recovery program which allows users to get back their deleted or lost files because there is no manual way to restore such deleted or lost files. Best File Recovery is one of the such efficient file retrieval program which is capable to get back files without any difficulty.

Before proceeding with the features of this application let us talk about some most common reasons which may lead to file deletion or loss from storage drives:

    • File deletion by using an untrusted third party software.
    • Malware and virus attacks on the system.
    • File system corruption of storage drives.
    • Volume map corruption due to improper system shutdown.
    • Incorrect formatting the storage drive.
    • Hardware malfunction or application conflicts lead to OS file corruption.
    • Occurrence of power outage at the time of working with system.

After deletion or loss of precious files from storage drive, firstly people should avoid to make the use of that storage drive because once the deleted files get overwritten with new one, then the possibility of file recovery is very less. Once the file gets deleted or lost from the storage drive, it does not delete permanently, only the pointer of that file gets removed from the memory and the memory location made free for new files. These deleted or lost files can be recovered by using Best File Recovery tool. It is such an efficient program which is capable to successfully carry out the files from various versions of Mac and Windows operating system.

Best File Recovery program supports file recovery from storage drives which having bad sectors by creating disk images. It also allows users to perform file recovery from hard drive partitions which supports various file systems including FAT, NTFS, HFSX, HFS+ etc. This app can identify the file type with the help of “Find” option and get back various types of files with the help of file attributes. This application provides all the necessary data recovery modules to retrieve files with complete folder hierarchy. Demo version of this application is also available by which people can check the performance and capability of this tool.

Tool to Recover Files Deleted from Windows 8 PC

Usually, all computer users want to work on latest platform, as it comes with new features. So, as soon as Windows 8 OS came to market, most of the user replaced their Windows 7 or older PC to Windows 8 PC. Though Windows 8 PC are considered safer and secure to keep important files on its hard drive in compare to older versions of Windows computer. Files may get deleted due to several reasons like accidental deletion, virus attack, third party application and many other factor. It came with lot of essential features but don’t have any manual method that can recover deleted files on Windows 8 PC which bypass the Recycle Bin.

So what if some important files are missing from Windows 8 PC?  Is it gone forever? If you are querying about such issues then don’t worry!!! Because you are not the one, searching solution for these kind of issue. Many people don’t know whether deleted files are recoverable or not and if it is recoverable, then how to recover deleted files on Windows 8 computer? It is not a big task, you can easily restore files from Windows 8 PC using reliable tool referenced as Recover Windows 8.

Recover Windows 8 utility is built with simple to use and graphical interface, so that you can easily get to know how to retrieve Windows 8 deleted files in an efficient way. Utilizing this tool, you will be able to recover deleted files on Windows 8 PC with utmost ease. Before going on features of this utility, let’s check some scenarios when files may get deleted from Windows 8 PC:

  • While deleting unwanted files using Shift + Delete key combination, you have deleted some folder without looking the inner data which contains some important files. As a result important files has been deleted from Windows 8 PC hard drive.
  • Sometimes, you may delete large amount of files on Windows 8 computer. In this case, if the deleted file size exceeds in compare to size of the Recycle Bin then it may bypass from it. So, if the deleted file is further required then you won’t be able to find it on Recycle Bin and lose it from the storage.
  • Virus infection is very common reason behind deletion of files on Windows computer. So, If Windows 8 PC get infected by viruses then there is a high chances of file deletion, which are saved on its hard drive.

There are more other factors like defragmentation failure, third party utility, emptying Recycle Bin and many other, which may lead to deletion of files from Windows 8 OS enabled computer. But whatever the reason is, no need to get worried. Just perform this reliable tool and recover deleted files on Windows 8 computer within couple of minutes. For more information about how to recover a deleted file you can refer this page.

Essential features of Recover Windows 8 tool:

Recover Windows 8 utility is capable to recover files like photo files, audio files, video files etc., which has been deleted unintentionally by the computer users. It is built with strong and fast scanning algorithm that can quickly scan the entire drive to recover deleted files on Windows 8 computer. This tool can also be utilized to retrieve deleted files from array partitions like RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5. It has a simple user friendly interface which will guide you to retrieve deleted files on Windows 8 computer in few simple steps. With the assistance of this perfect tool, you can also recover compressed files without losing any single file compressed on it.

How to Get Back Files from Dead Computer Hard Drive?

Within this modern era many individuals may rely on computer and it’s become part of the daily life. But what if their computer is denying to boot? Almost all of the computer users may face this issue by which they may go in the state of shock. However, you may discover the situation where you fail to fetch the all of your precious data from computer caused by hard drive is unable to boot or load. This catastrophic situation will result in user to feel restless because they may have stored the important files and could not be able to access files.

Computer may be become dead due to various reasons. Furthermore you can implement the Computer File Recovery software to extract files from dead computer disk drive without any trouble. With the help on this highly qualified tool it is simple to retrieve the dropped files from dead computer hard drive without any confusion since it has a efficient scanning algorithm and easy interface. There are a variety of possible reason which can cause to get computer disk drive dead and drop data from dead hard drive like software issues, severe virus attack, hard drive errors, etc. Computer File Recuperation Tool can usually retrieve files after occurrence of Blue Screen of Death, to know more click the link:

Reasons behind Computer Hard Drive Getting Dead:

  • Software Clashes: Sometimes your computer may neglect to boot or load due to software malfunctioning problems, software conflict may eventually end in dead computer hard disk.
  • Hard Drive Glitches: Power fluctuation ore sudden computer shut down could cause bad sectors and due to this computer hard disk become dead or even inaccessible. This above reason can bring about severe data reduction.
  • Virus Intrusion: Any virus or even malicious code will harm the whole computer system by means of altering or making the hard disk dead and inaccessibility to fetch files from dead hard disk. This is a frequently happened issue which normally caused by means of exposing the computer to any unauthorized web page or attaching virus infected device to the computer.

Even so, you can slow up the risk of information loss from computer hard disk by taking suitable backup of files from hard disk. Avoiding any unauthorized third party tools on computer system will duly lessen the risk of hard drive getting dead. You are able to restrict the virus or malicious code to enter in your system through installing the antivirus application.

Tremendous Highlights of Computer File Recuperation Software:

Computer Files Recuperation Tool is most recommended by various users to get back files from dead computer hard drive. This efficient software duly recovers files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXFAT, HFS, HFSX file system drives. Computer File Recuperation Utility has “preview” option which facilitates an individual to view recovery result previous to actual restoration of recovered files. It offers potent scanning algorithm which often recover the missing files in really short span of time. Computer File Restoration tool has very quick and easy user interface which guides an individual to complete recovery process with utmost easy and with least confusion. It supports retrieval process on nearly all hard drive kinds like SCSI, SATA, IDE, for example. This proficient instrument can recover files from various hard drive manufacturing brands like Seagate, Maxtor, LaCie, Hitachi, Toshiba, Western Digital, and many others.

Best Way to Get Back Deleted Files

It is very common that when you want to delete some useless and junk files from you desktop’s hard drive, and then by mistake you end up with some useful data deletion from your computer. If you find yourself in such type of situation then no need to worry, you can easily recover your files that are deleted by mistake. There is a very popular tool which can come handy to handle such type of situation. File Restore is one such type of tool which has earned much appreciation from industry experts. It has got a special algorithm by making use of which it scans the storage drive and recovers deleted file very easily.

There are many scenarios where you could end up in file deletion from your computer. Some of those which are most frequently occurring are as mentioned below:

Accidental Deletion:  This is one of the most popular and frequently occurring causes where you may end up in important file deletion from your desktop. Suppose, you want to delete some junk folder from your hard drive and during choosing files you by mistake you select some important files then it is deleted from your system. To know more about file restoration visit:

Emptying Recycle Bin: This is another possible scenario where your files from hard drive is get deleted. If you wish to empty your Recycle Bin folder, with the aim of freeing hard drive. Once you select empty all option then all the data residing in Recycle Bin is deleted, if there were any important files then that also get deleted along with this. Now to recover deleted files from desktop you can utilize file restore.

Recovery of deleted files from desktop is possible as long as you do not store new data on hard drive from where your valuable file has been deleted. Because, if you continue to store new data on this then due to overwriting of data, the chance of file recovery is completely reduced.

File Restore tool is capable to recover files from Windows different version including Windows 7, XP, Vista and many other external storage drive like flash drive, external hard drive and many more very easily. This tool has ability to recover lost and deleted files from desktop due to system crash, use of shift and delete command. It can easily recover files from formatted/ deleted partitions from a RAID5, RAID0 and RAID1 array in just a fraction of second. It has got an ability to identify all file types including office files, audio, video and other important file types. You can recover files or other useful data from FAT 16, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5and ExFAT formatted partitions or drives. It provides a way to sort recovered data on the basis of their signature, name, size, date of creation. Once the recovery is done you can preview recovered files prior to recovering them. It has a special feature called “Save Recovery Session” which comes handy to save scanning history of hard drive which can be utilized latter to avoid rescanning of hard drive.

Best software to get back deleted or lost files on Mac.

Macintosh Computers are produced and supplemented with a variety of user beneficial applications. You are able to preserve all your personal and official files on it safely. It’s easy to keep up files like important video files, music files, pictures, documents etc. But due to some unpredictable reasons, you are constantly at the edge of data loss from your Mac systems. In some cases years of collected music files might be deleted or become inaccessible, all important files could be lost due to human mistakes. After losing files, if you have to get them back, ten you need the best recuperation tool. Mac file recovery software is capable to beat all data loss scenarios and retain deleted files lucratively.  Then, what are the causes to lose files on Mac systems.

Possible causes of data loss: –

  • Inappropriate file system conversion: – If you desire to renovate the file system from HFSX file system to HFS+ or vice versa. During this conversion process if any obstacles are hit, then it is done inappropriately. Later on, there is a chance of data loss from Mac volumes.
  • Music files could be lost due to corruption: – Especially music files on Mac could be lost due to corruption, it usually happens due to sudden power loss, incomplete file transfer between systems or external storage devices etc are the reasons behind file corruption. Once the files are corrupted then they will be inaccessible.
  • Human regular mistakes: – Vital files from Mac systems could be mislaid due to human regular mistakes. The regular mistakes are like, pressing the Delete key mistakenly, improper usage of the system and unintentionally deleting significant files without taking the appropriate backup. These reasons may upshot in vital data loss.
  • Virus contamination: – There is persistently a chance of virus assaults to your systems, when you connect your system to unsecured internet, that time the virus could get into the system and it brings inaccessibility to all the content stored on it.
  • Defragmentation failure: – When the process of defragmentation is interrupted suddenly, then there is likelihood, that all files could be lost from that particular volume. Hence defragmentation break down will be strong reason for file loss from Mac systems.

No need to bother about lost files, this Macintosh file recovery software has the potential to recuperate all kinds of files on Mac resourcefully. This revival software is placated with revitalization of various file types from a variety of are drives such as SATA / SCSI / IDE etc. This eminent application is not only utilized for Mac computers, you can also employ to pick up files from memory cards, iPods, and flash USB drives.

Mac revival software can competently recover music files and other files which are bypassed the Trash folder. It includes an option that it adds or edits new signatures, which are not scheduled in appropriate order. You can simply preview all the retrieved files before to restoration. Universal Binary feature is helpful on both Intel and PowerPCs on Mac. It recuperates files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes and can be functional on 64-bit Mac OS X. It provides rapid scan option; you can identify the files which are lost using this can machine.  For more details, visit this link –

To evaluate its functions, you can get the demo version of this tool which is obtainable from internet. Simply run it, it scans the complete volume and detects the lost and deleted files. After the completion of scan all files will be retrieved. You can also use the option “Save Recovery Session” option to avoid repeated scanning. You need to purchase the complete version of this tool to save all files which are revived by demo version.


Software to Restore Deleted or lost files

Files are act as a container to store data in system. File system plays vital role in arranging these files in a particular order and providing random access to user.The main purpose to store files is to use and retrieve them in future. The files may be of different formats, such as text files, which helps you to carry your day to day official work, notes, documents, and the photo files of your memorable moments and your favorite media files etc. In Computer system hard drive is the main storage device to store data, memory cards and external storage devices are used to transfer and store data.FAT files system is used in these removable devices to organize files in proper way.

In day today busy, hectic schedules one may face frequent data loss scenarios, because of silly mistakes or by system failures. Let us consider an employee who is in hurry to attend meeting and want to restore some supporting files from systems temporary storage such as Recycle Bin, which are deleted. But something goes wrong instead of selecting restore option he pressed delete option. Thus he lost supporting files which are necessary to his presentation. In this real time data loss scenario becomes most depressing issues to that user.Instead of searching about how to find deleted files on your system or any storage device, it is suggested to use FAT Recovery software.  This is the one of the most used tool, designed by data recovery experts.  This recovery utility is best suited to restore lost or deleted files from hard drives, flash drives, and external hard drive etc. And this program supports different file systems such as FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 etc. If you eager to recover deleted or lost data click on following link:

General scenarios which leads to file deletion or loss:

  • Removing files using Shift + Delete keys: When any user use this key combination to delete a file then it bypasses the Recycle bin, thus there is no chance to restore those files. Using data recovery tool you can instantly recover these files and you can also recover FAT partition that accidentally deleted.
  • Malware or virus infection:This is one of frequently occurred cause to data loss, if PC user uses unsecured network to download any files may prone to virus. Thus it may corrupt entire file system or hard drive, this cause’s huge amount of data loss.
  • Installing multiple OS into system:During installing one or more operating systems into your system, if any interruption like power surge makes hard drive crash this leads to files inaccessible.
  • Corruption of file system: If you following wrong steps while changing file system on Windows OS, then this leads to loss of files stored in it.

Helpful instruction to be follow:

  • Keep backup of essential files before installing dual Operating Systems, while changing files system and upgrading any application.
  • Always recommended to install anti-virus software to protect from malwares, spy wares and Trojans etc. And use your PC in secured and authenticated network.
  • Use Data Recovery software to retrieve lost or deleted files effectively. To learn more about this application read its significant features.

Advanced feature of FAT Recovery utility:

The software is capable to restores all lost or deleted files from various files systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, ExtFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 of system hard drive, flash cards, external drives and so on. File recovery software retrieves lost or deleted partitions, and rescue files after formatting/ reformatting/ reinstalling the Operating system. And also recovers lost files due to journal corruption. This tool has a capacity to create disk images to bad sectors in systems hard drive, because of its advanced algorithms. It’s restores 300 diverse file formats. It retrieves media files (audio, video files), archives, images files, documents, PPT files and many more.

File Recovery tool also available in free demo version by this you can verify recovery results. Without any technological knowledge you can run this version and it provides preview of lost or deleted files.  This demo version has limited access; it does not allow you to restore files back to system. Once you had experience with demo version and impress by its functionality then you can purchase licensed version.


How can you restore deleted Word files?

Due to tremendous aspects, Windows systems become the crucial part of our life. We require computers at every moment of our life to deal with our personal and official related information. We collectively desire Windows Systems to attain our necessities. Windows system has many beneficial applications which user may apply to preserve their information using Word file application. Word file’s application provides textual technique to uphold our data. Word files that are formed by you could enclose much desirable information associated with your official or personal info. When you encounter with a data loss cases in Windows systems, you might certainly go for third party recovery program.  Windows recovery tool is capable to beat all data loss circumstances to restore deleted Word files. This recovery tool not only recovers Word files and also has the competence to pick up more than 300 file types on Windows systems. This recovery utility can be used on all data loss scenarios on which you may come across.

Common Windows system’s data loss circumstances:-

  • Lose data from Outdoor drives: – When you deleted any files from external drives when associated to Windows computers using “Shift Delete” keys then it would directly bypass the Recycle Bin folder. Hence you might be helpless to re-establish it.
  • Fortuitous human faults: – You might erase any preferred files unpredictably, you may perhaps format the drive unsuspectingly or sometimes stored files may turn into inaccessibility due to any system logical errors.
  • Virus bothers: – Your whole stored data from Windows system might be vanished due to virus attack. It could go on when you connected your system to server.
  • Partial Upgrading: – You may possibly desire to update your system switching from lower version to higher version, in such a case you might forget to keep proper back up. If upgrading process stops swiftly due to power loss or any other reason could make it to stop, and then there is likelihood to mislay data.

You can frequently come across above listed errors; you might drop data including valuable Word files. Once you miss data means attempt do not overwrite it with fresh data to turn away from permanent miss. Constantly keep up the back up of much required files.

It’s easy to restore all deleted files on Windows XP and other versions of Windows systems using this recovery software, basically employ this recuperation tool to bring back all deleted and omitted data. This software is much capable to recover all type of data. It helps you to refurbish deleted and disappeared files from inaccessible drives and supports recuperation of data that is vanished from different storage devices like flash hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, iPods etc.  All recovered files are sorted on the basis of their inimitable signatures. It has the capacity can return back all files deleted from above stated real life errors and arrange them with other file type. You can use this software regardless of different versions of Windows computers to secure all deleted files. This software lets you to scrutinize all recovered files previous to re-establish them.

This revival tool is offered generously in trial sort to evaluate its recovery aptitude. Just download and run the trial sort, it scans complete drive of your computer to convalesce all deleted and vanished files. Once scanning process is over means all files will be pretend a view. In order to save all these recovered and files, you have to buy complete version of this tool.



The Most Effective Media File Recovery Tool

Many of you loved to record videos, photos by using digital devices like cellular phones and cameras. Mostly memory cards are utilized in these digital devices to keep data. You may face a situation that your favorite video file get deleted or lost from these storage devices like, memory card, camera, system hard disk drives etc. because of some reasons. To be able to recover lost or deleted videos, you should perform video recover file. So it is suggested to utilize the most effective computer file recovery software to execute video recover file because this software has the capacity to recover other lost or deleted data like, photos, music file etc. including video clips of varied formats.

Look at a scenario; you’d stored your entire wedding pictures and vides on your Windows OS. But due to virus attack your video files get deleted including few photos which are very essential. In such situation, you need recovery software that may perform both photo and video file recovery. Don’t Worry!!! here is a tool called data file recovery that can recover various file formats including both photos and videos with utmost ease.

Possible scenarios that triggers loss or deletion of video or another files

• Accidental deletion of knowledge through the use of shift+ delete mixture of keys.
• Virus or malware infection on system hard drive, storage device, or another hard drive.
• Abrupt removal of memory card without the need for proper method of removal.
• Interruption inside the read / write process
• Accidental formatting with the memory using “Format” option or by utilizing “Delete All” Option
• Capturing photos or recording videos when camera battery is at low condition.
• Unexpected system shutdown while transferring video clips or other files from memory card to system.

All of these would be the common reasons which explain the causes whenever you lose your videos or other information. But don’t get panic; you can avoid these issues by utilizing some easy precautionary techniques like,

• You will keep updated antivirus in your system.
• You can change off your system in proper way so you can remove storage device in the system after you switch them back.
• Avoid usage of camera when its battery condition is low.

After following these methods, if you’re still facing loss of data or video loss then you have to execute video recovery and for which you can use the most effective data file recovery software. This can be among the powerful software helps you to recover all kinds of video file formats as well as helps you to recover these lost or deleted videos from different storage media.

Computer file Recovery Software supports following file types, storage devices, brands or models and Systems

Video file formats: AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, RM etc.
Storage device: SD, XD, SDHC, MMC, Memory Stick, iPods, USB drives, hard drives (SATA /ATA/ IDE etc.)
Software supported Models: SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony, Lexar, PNY, iPod shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Mini etc.
Software compatibility: MS Windows XP, Windows, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 as well as latest versions of Mac Operating System.

This can be among the best and efficient recovery software enables you to recover lost video file, audio tracks and photos within short period of time period through the use of its powerful algorithms. You can download its free demo version and preview recovery results.


A proper approach to recover files from flash drive

Formatting is the procedure of creating a new file system on the hard disk drive and erasing the present content of your hard drive. But we occasionally experience data loss situations because of various reasons. You could have find composite data loss situations due to formatting or reformatting external hard drive with no an appropriate data backup. In these disastrous scenarios very important data may be lost just in a couple of seconds. Some individuals might imagine that lost data in such cases is not recovered in any way. Nevertheless the simple truth is that you can recover data from formatted hard drive by using any superior removable media recovery software.

Some data loss situations through which hard disk may be formatted by accident are briefly described as follows.

  • Unintentional or accidental formatting: There are numerous solutions to format hard disk. While following any one of them data could be lost due to simple human error like unknowingly formatting a wrong drive or other storage device in error while trying to format a few other drives. Besides this data could be accidentally formatted while reinstalling new operating-system not having a proper data backup.
  • Improper or incomplete formatting: Loss of data could be occurred because of incomplete or improper formatting of the hard disk drive. This situation can cause corruption of your hard disk drive resulting in data stored on it becomes inaccessible.
  • Reformatting partition: If you are looking for conversion of one file system to another then you need to reformat the hard drive. However, encountering of the error during file system conversion will cause hard drive get corrupt and also this situation can result in making the data stored in it inaccessible.
  • Formatting of a hard disk with all the disk management utility: On Windows systems, a disk management utility allows you to perform several disk related tasks like format a drive, delete a previous partition, modify existing partition, and make up a new partition. Suppose you have accidentally formatted a single drive or complete hard disk simply by using a disk management utility, it might lead to the data loss.

It is suggested to avoid installation or storage of any other new program or file into the formatted hard drive. This avoidance will decrease a few chances of permanent loss of data and make your lost data resistant to getting overwritten. Anyhow, you will need to be worried about loss of data since you can completely recover files from flash drive even after accidental formatting through the use of Windows data recovery software. It really is specially designed for recovering your data which can be lost due to any of these data loss scenarios. This utility could also be used to recover data from flash drive, flash memory card, compact flash card, and portable hard disk drive after formatting them by mistake. Demo version of this file recovery software program is available for download on the net; with the aid of this you are able to preview the recovered data. After getting satisfaction with the trial version, you can go for purchasing the complete version software.