Document recovery from hard disk

Almost all users who are purchasing PC from the major brands like Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo then they will be using windows as their OS. And with all the stuffs they are providing also include one disc which is known as recovery disc of Windows. And if you are not provided by the DVD which contain the setup of windows by the manufacturer that might be because you doesn’t want to increase user’s expense by providing him the installation DVD of windows.

Window 7 is the latest OS which was launched by Microsoft. As there are many new features were included in the software as the new user interface, new and enhanced tools, some removal of features are also there like media player, window movie makers and many more applications were excluded from Windows 7.

Whatsoever the OS you are having but you need to use hard disk to keep the data safe in it. Most of the times these hard disk gets corrupted and corruption of files is the resultant. But any ways you can use best file recovery program to recover the files.

For example if you want to recover documents from hard drive then you can use particular software and can retrieve the files even after corruption you can do the repairing of files.

What this CD can do: The windows recovery disc which is available with the purchase of system can be used for recovering menu, it will also give you the option to use antivirus, restoring system option, option to create PC Backup, automatic system repair, and also it will facilitate you with the command-line prompt for manual advanced recovery.


But the thing is you cannot reinstall on windows again you only can repair it and if only the file is lost then this disc won’t work. The thing to know is how one can reach to that particular stage.


  • Hard drive crash or crash due to some file will definitely restrict your system from booting.
  • Partition if become inaccessible or lost in which your OS was installed.
  • System bootable part caught from virus attack.
  • Third party tool usage in the system can delete your file tools like antivirus, cracked version of the software.
  • Unsecured network can be the reason for corruption, if your system is connected to that particular network that can easily transfer the virus to the system.
  • Abrupt visibility of blue screen due to boot failure or some hardware failure.

But as every problem have a solution this problem can also be resolved by using download link from internet but rather using the software for recovery of Windows 7 we can use restoring points, backups, (restoring points and backups have to be created earlier), or by using bootable disk, but if any of the source is not present from above mentioned source then you can go for the third party tool usage as this is not reliable but will complete your work.