Easy Ways To Type Emoji On Your Mac

ios-9-1-emojiOn your smartphones typing emoji is very easy. But changing all the keys to symbols for an onscreen keyboard is always just a tap away. If you don’t do it also, accidentally you are probably switched to an array of smileys. Here are some easy ways to type emoji on your Mac.

  1. Use the OS X emoji keyboard

A built in emoji keyboard is available with the Mac that you can call up anytime. You just need to type Command-Control-Space and at the place of typing a small emoji palette should appear. Now you need to click on any of the symbols to type them.

Emoji keyboard can be enabled in two other ways:

Select Edit in the Finder, then select Emoji & Symbols and the emoji keyboard will get appear.

The other method is open System Preferences and Keyboard and on the box for “Show Keyboard, Emoji & Symbol Viewers in menu bar” should be clicked. By this emoji keyboard will be ensured which is available and can be accesses in menu bar that is present right next to the battery symbol.

  1. Copy and paste:

This solution is not the most elegant, but you can do the task with exact manner. You just need to navigate an emoji index to a web page, now select any one of them and go back to your app and do paste. The Get Emoji page is recommended which stays up to date and a handy search function is included where individual emoji is found by their name or description.

  1. Use an app:

In built keyboard is available with the Sherlocked emoji makers from the Apple to some extent, for OS X few emoji apps are still available and arguably better job is done by some of them. Quick access is provided by the apps like Emoji and Emoji+ to the symbols via menu bar, a visual clipboard is even provided to compose notes with multiple emoji, which leads you to copy and paste it when you are done. in the Mac App Store searching for emoji will call up several options that paid and free.