How to Perform Windows File Recovery?

Hello everyone, I am using Windows PC which holds 500 GB hard disk drive. Then, I have divided my hard disk into 4 partitions i.e. C, D, E and F drives. Yesterday, I decided to create one more new partition from my existing F drive using Diskpart command, to make it unallocated space and later shrink a partition or volume. I was slightly bit confused which drive to delete and made a massive error. Instead of deleting F drive, I have deleted E drive, which was containing my important personal data. It’s very important for me to recover data from deleted partition and I cannot sustain to lose it. Is there any technique for partition recovery windows? Any kind of assistance will be valued a lot.

In a computer, hard disk partition is made to store the OS files as well as user data which includes documents files, videos, audios and any other information. Partitions are helpful for users to organize files in a proper way. They can keep there personal data on separate drives according to there requirement. Even if one partition gets damaged or corrupted user still can access other partition. In hard disk partitions, user can store data permanently. So whenever user wants can access the data, even after PC is turn off data remains securely stored on partitions. Despite these advantages, users may lose or delete their hard disk partition which leads to data loss circumstances.

Have you lost your Windows partition accidentally or due to any reasons? Do not panic, there is a method for partition recovery windows, using that you can easily retrieve data from lost or deleted partition. And the tool which makes it possible is named as Windows Partition Recovery Software. This software is proficient in restoring partition from various Windows OS version such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP, etc. Before going into further in details, let’s see some scenarios which cause deletion or lose of Windows partition.

What circumstances make Windows user lose their partitions?

  • A user wants to change present partition to increase the size of partition by repartitioning if the user utilizes unreliable third party tool due to this repartitioning process is stopped or interrupted in the middle which results in loss of files from existing partition.
  • While converting file system of a partition to another i.e. from FAT to NTFS file system and a user may make mistake when doing this, causes corruption of file system. The data stored in that partition will become inaccessible.
  • Due to severe viruses and malware attacks on the PC which can damage or corrupt the Master Boot Record of hard drives. Since it is the key data structure element to access the partitions and which lead to loss of all partition.
  • There are other reasons for losing or missing of Windows partition like corruption in the partition table, operating system crash, unintentional system restore, etc.

Unique functions of Windows Partition Recovery Software:

Windows partition recovery software is a powerful recovery tool that can restore your files from missing or lost partition, repartitioned the disk, and formatted / reformatted hard drive partitions. Using this software Windows partition recovery can be done in a smart way. It can recover data when the hard drive does not boot, crashed and from partitions formatted with RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partition. It will sort the recovered data according to the size, file type and date. The hard disk drives which have bad sectors can also be recovered using this partition recovery software.

This utility facilitates partition recovery windows from different hard drives interfaces such as IDE, SATA, and SCSI and from MMC flash cards, external USB drives, SD, XD, etc. The retrieved data can be previewed before recovering it and can save files to any accessible disk or CD / DVD. It can also help to save space in a hard drive by creating compressed zip archive for restored data. It has the ability to regain data from file system like FAT, ExtFAT, NTFS5 and NTFS hard disk partitions.