Importance of User Interface in Data Recovery

The success of a data recovery software depends to a great extent on the user’s feedback on usage of the recovery software. Along with this, the technology made use of in the data recovery software also plays an important role in increasing the market value of a data recovery software. Not only is the efficiency of the recovery software important, but the also the user interface.

There are few basic points that have to be kept in mind while designing the user interface for a data recovery software. Since data recovery might involve recovery of important and confidential data, it is important to make sure, that the user is guided in the right manner throughout the recovery process. This can be done by reducing the number of buttons on the Home screen and subsequent pages, subsequently reducing the complexity in each step.

The interface can be made interactive by providing necessary warnings and proper assistance in each step of the recovery process. This makes the recovery process that much easier for the user. Making use of a good combination of pleasant colors and simple design, makes the user feel comfortable to view the details clearly, and make it easy to use.

REMO Recover (Windows) Pro Edition software is a proficient data recovery software, that can be used to recover lost data from systems running on Windows. The interactive user interface provided by the software demands zero technical knowledge from the user. The onscreen page by page guide helps the user recover data from hard drive with ease.