Ultimate way to restore Outlook PST files data

Microsoft is a well-known company for producing variety of different applications and Outlook is one of the most effective products introduced by Microsoft. MS Outlook is the powerful email software program that is available with Microsoft Office suit. It is popularly used by most of the people since it provides better way to communicate by sending and receiving emails within an organization when compared to Web host service. The other attributes of Outlook are Contacts, Calendar entries, Tasks, Notes etc. All the emails including other items of Outlook are stored with the file extension of .pst.

PST means personal storage table that stores each and every item of Outlook. location of PST file could be changed and the file size of PST file will be different which vary based on the versions of Microsoft Outlook. There are circumstances in which you may lose your valuable data stored in these PST files because of PST file corruption or any other unexpected reason.

Consider yourself in a scenario where you decided to change your Outlook version from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007. Suddenly while upgrading the system got stuck in between the process because of virus attack. This infected the files of operating system and the only way to cope up with this situation is to format the hard drive of your computer. Therefore you formatted the hard drive unaware of the fact that formatting will erase all the data saved on the computer. After completion of formatting when you checked the formatted drive, to your surprise entire data including Outlook attributes were deleted. Now you must be tensed and thinking how could you restore lost Outlook PST file data after formatting?

Outlook PST file recovery software is the best solution for your problem. This software will help you out to recover Outlook PST file data lost due to formatting the hard drive of your PC. Apart from formatting the drive and losing data there are a few more data loss situations which you might face in your further usage of Microsoft Outlook.

Reasons behind losing data from MS Outlook:

  • Abrupt termination of your computer when you are still working on Outlook application which leads to data loss.
  • Any type of interruption while compacting the large emails before sending due to power outages causes corruption of PST files which in turn results in deletion of some of the Outlook data.
  • By mistake you might delete some of the Outlook attributes and also empty the “Deleted items” folder hence leading to loss of Outlook data.
  • Instead of deleting some unneeded emails you may delete some of the significant files by making use of “Shift+delete” keys combination which makes you to suffer severe loss of data.
  • Closing the MS Outlook improperly when it is still being used leads to data loss.

Just in case if you come across these data loss situations, then try Outlook PST file recovery tool which is a well-liked software reviewed by some skillful professionals.

This utility allows you to recover password protected, highly encrypted and compressed Outlook PST files. Outlook PST file recovery tool comes up with in-built scanning algorithm which can perform deep scan of the drive to restore deleted Outlook data at faster speed. This software can also retrieve deleted PST file created on all the versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. Employing this utility you can also recover data from different digital storage devices like USB drives, thumb drives, memory cards etc.

First you can evaluate the trial version of the software and install it on the hard disk of your computer and run the application. After that select appropriate recovery options which you face during the recovery process. Then after finishing the recovery process you can check the performance of the software and if you are pleased with the performance you can get its full version available online.