Ways to recover DOC file using Word Recovery Tool

In this growing world, almost all the peoples are aware of MS Office suit which is best desktop software designed and introduced by Microsoft. This comes up with number of applications which are very much useful in the field of business, education, and also for personal lives. Various applications of Microsoft Office are Word, Excel, PPT, Access, etc. Microsoft Word is one such common and widely used tool in the package of Microsoft Office which can be utilized to create, save, edit and print electronic Word documents.

Microsoft has released different versions of MS word they are Word 2000, Word 2003, 2007 and 2010. Doc file is a default file format for Microsoft Word text editor starting from 2000 to 2003 and for Word 2007 and 2010 the file extension .docx was introduced. This tool facilitates the user to create variety of attractive looking documents by making use of different eye-catching features of Microsoft like themes, Smart Art, styles and more.

Even though doc file format provides essentials of data security but still there are several instances which make you to lose your vital information saved in doc file.

Consider a situation in which you created a detailed documentation of your business project by using MS word 2003 where the files are saved in .doc format. One file day, in order to modify some contents you opened your Word document and while editing your suddenly your computer was turned off. Later when you switched on your PC and tried opening the document you were not able to access the doc file. This must be one of the most unbearable situations as you were working on that file past many weeks and hence reworking the same file was much difficult. Thus you rushed out for a recovery program in order to recover doc file which is lost due to corruption. Word recovery tool is the among the best recovery tool which is highly recommended by skilled developers to retrieve lost or deleted doc files. This link http://www.word-recovery-tool.com/doc-file.html will help you to learn how word recovery tool restores doc files.

Apart from the above explained real life scenario, it is very much important for you to know few more reasons behind loss of documents from your computer.

Few possible causes for data loss:

  • By accident formatting the wrong the partitions with some important Word documents can cause severe file loss.
  • Deleting doc files by making use of “Shift+delete” operation on Windows PC will result in permanent loss of doc files as the deleted file will not be moved to Recycle Bin leading to data loss.
  • Improper ejection of secondary storage device like memory card with some essential Word files might result in device corruption. This causes inaccessibility of stored doc files leading to loss of data.
  • Re-installation of Windows OS or Mac OS X will make you to format your hard drive. Formatting the drive without backup of crucial files and folders will make you end up losing all your data.
  • Because of virus attack, Windows errors, invalid registry entries, etc. your Word application might crash which does not allow the user to access the components of files anymore resulting in data loss.

Precautionary steps to be used in order to overcome all these loss scenarios:

  • Always utilize good anti-virus scanning program in order to get rid of harmful viruses.
  • Maintain proper backup of your critical data.
  • Whenever you deleted any file ensure that the file is not important.
  • Close your MS Word application properly.
  • Save the Doc file properly before you shutdown your Word program.

Word recovery tool is there to help you to cope up with all the above discussed data loss scenarios. This tool can recover Word document Windows 7, XP, Vista and earlier versions with utmost ease. Visit here to know more details about Word recovery program.

Try the demo version of Word recovery program and install the software on your computer’s hard drive. After installation, you can run this recovery tool by simply double clicking on the desktop icon. Then choose suitable document recovery options which you get while working with the tool. As soon as the document restoration process gets completed you can check the performance of the software. In case the software recovers the lost or deleted documents as per your need you can get its complete version available on the internet.